How many things can Mrs. Alfred Wells stuff into her station wagon?

1959 VW Station Wagon a smarter way to go!

Vintage adverts are just beautiful.  I can’t wait to have these printed for myself.  Why don’t ads look like this anymore? I would love to see a video of the process of making these ads, I am not sure I get the full effect just by watching Man Men.  If you know where to find such a video feel free to send me a link 😀

Love the very retro colors, and I just love those levitating people there.  The dog, a St Bernard no less, these dogs were very popular way back when, the nannynun type person, the one hundred children that Mrs. Alfred could clearly afford to feed and house and the friend.  Implying any friend wants to jump into a car with all those kids/dog/nannynun and picnic baskets.  Ah it was a simpler time.  Rather quaint though.

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1959 VW Station Wagon a smarter way to go.

Elvis; One Night

Okay so it has been a while since I had an Elvis post, well, probably since Elvis month (August).  You know the month where I watched every single Elvis movie and concert and reviewed/research them…probably a month my family is not likely to forget any time soon.  How much Elvis is too much?  I don’t think I will ever know.

Just wanted to share this rare little find.  One Night Of Sin, a little sexier than the one we are all used to.  But if you are always interested in hearing something “new” from Elvis, you may not have heard this one.  Hope you enjoy.

Courtesy of Adem Presley YouTube Channel.  It’s worth subscribing if you are a fan 🙂

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ELVIS MONTH Day 31 Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii (1973)

Year:  1973

Age:  38

Movie:  35th

Morse code starts this concert.  For about 15 or so seconds, morse code and when I heard that sound I would come running to see…Aloha From Hawaii.  Elvis arrives in a helicopter greeted by fans and leis, leis that almost cover his head.  While waiting for the concert to begin you see footage of the entrance to the concert with a little bit of entertainment, dancing girls and a robot, the look on the little girls face seeing that robot is classic.

The iconic outfit, the bejewelled white jumpsuit with the eagle on the back.  Elvis is a little fuller in the face for this one…the last one…  😦

Some of the music is a little more mellow, and some not so much.  We have the pleasure of An American Trilogy during this concert, and Steamroller Blues my favourites.  Beautifully done, and the power in his voice is amazing to listen to.

This concert is very well organised.  I have spent this month watching all the movies and this is the forth concert, but there is something missing here, something within Elvis is missing.  He doesn’t look like he’s having fun at all, compared to Elvis: That’s The Way It Is, Elvis’s mood is just not right.  However, having said that, it was a wonderful concert.

Co Stars Alive:  James Burton  YEP

                             Ronnie Tutt  YEP

                             Joe Guercio  YEP

My Favourite Song:  American Trilogy

Most Popular Song:   American Trilogy

Stay tuned for Day XX of ELVIS MONTH 


Back to the art side of things next week, I’m looking forward to that.  See you next week 🙂

ELVIS MONTH Day 31 Elvis On Tour (1972)

Year:  1972

Age:  37

Movie:  34th

Not the best documentary out of the four (68, that’s the way, aloha).  It’s a mix of concert footage, behind the scene footage and old stuff from the beginning.  We see Elvis hanging out with his buddy’s and with his Dad.

Fills in a few minutes with photo’s of Elvis and his family, and a few words with Vernon.

The fashions are very seventies with the ruffles and great prints.  Elvis is usually seen with his trademark sun glasses on and wearing the leather cuff/watch, lots of jewelery and big fancy belts.

The is also a few shots from the movies worked into Love Me Tender.  That chick with the 20’s bob hair cut is just a riot.  She is just sooooo happy she saw him and cries for ages.

The greatest version of An American Trilogy is performed.  Just fab.

Elvis is presented a little guitar with flowers all over it, on a plane, as it is handed to him it breaks and it’s really quite funny to see the look on his face.

After the end song we see Elvis rushed to his car and bundled in.  I just find this a bit sad actually.  I couldn’t imagine living like this.

I really don’t know what else to say, it was okay, but, for me, such a let down after Elvis: That’s The Way It Is.

Co Stars Alive:  Joe Esposito  YEP

                             Lamar Fike  NOPE

                             Vernon Presley  NOPE

My Favourite Song:   An American Trilogy

Most Popular Song:   An American Trilogy

Stay tuned for Day 31 part 2 of ELVIS MONTH


ELVIS MONTH Day 30 Elvis: That’s The Way It Is (1970)

Year:  1970

Age:  35

Movie: 33rd

Concert and rehearsals.  We get it all, including a few bloopers.  During the first rehearsal footage Elvis looks ike he needs a good rest.  He doesn’t look bad, quite the opposite actually, he just looks like he would really appreciate a good holiday.

I am watching this with my daughter, who is not a huge Elvis fan…in fact she describes Elvis as that crazy uncle she never sees, but just knows really well.  Anyway, we are watching this together (for a little while…she just left) and she is watching the rehearsal and she says “gee, that’s really cute, he looks like he would have been a really nice guy”.

Love Ronnie Tutt on the drums, keep an eye on him.

The rehearsals move from Culver City LA to the Las Vegas Showroom, with the full orchestra, the band and the back up singers.  Oh and of course the Memphis Mafia.

Concert’s about to start…Oh yeah the break out the white jump suits, my favourite.  The Fringe Suit!!! Yeah baby!  Unreal banana peel. Mega stars in the audience, George Hamilton, Cary Grant etc.  That’s All Right mama, a song he has had to sing for many many many years, is still so fresh and relevant, love the arrangement.

Hound Dog so entertaining.  Love the launch of that song.  James Burton’s collar is ever so impressive.  Love Me Tender  is the song that gets played when Elvis runs the gauntlet of the (what seems like) the entire audience.

Just Pretend is fantastic.  Listen to it full blast with a bucket of wine.  The Wonder Of You is so powerful.  Patch It Up oh yeah oh my God those moves and that drum, holy moley!


OKAY Polk Salad Annie.  If you haven’t seen this doco, and you really are only reading this post to kill time, I need to tell you one thing, you can not adequately complete your life without watching this.

During One Night watch out for the funny backwards shuffle.  The audience are fully entertained for the entire concert.  This man knows how to entertain people.

Suspicious Minds, everyone knows this one, particularly funny when he sings close to the back up girls and gives them a scare.  The ending of the song, spectacular, watch Ronnie Tutt behind on the drums.

The way the girls in the audience are looking at Elvis during his performance is to be seen to be believed.  But THAT’S THE WAY IT WAS.

Co Stars Alive:  Glen Hardin  YEP

                              Charlie Hodge  NOPE

                              Jerry Scheff  YEP

My Favourite Song:   Polk Salad Annie

Most Popular Song:   Suspicious Minds

Stay tuned for Day 31 of ELVIS MONTH

ELVIS MONTH Day 30 Change Of Habit (1969)

Year:  1969

Age:  34

Movie:  32nd

We start this movie in a convent. Three nuns are chosen to travel to New York to try to mingle and live like normal people.  Change Of Habit is sung over the credits…lead straight into Rubberneckin’ oh yeah!!!  And Elvis’s hair is not combed back, we’re headed into the seventies kids!

Dr John Carpenter mistakes the nuns for women in trouble needing a fix (they’re undercover nuns)…which I find the topic quite amusing for an Elvis movie, so much new ground to cover.  Such a shame that this is the last movie.  Then the nuns which are actually Dr Carpenter’s new nurses, are mistaken for prostitutes (“I hear they’re calling them a masseuse now!”).  Such a grown up movie with grown up content.  I’ve only been watching it for 15 minutes and I heard about abortion, prostitutes, theft, rape, sexual harrassment…it has it all.

It also approaches the subject of autism, very unusual subject for a movie from way back when.

Dr Carpenter starts hitting on Sister Michelle (Mary Tyler Moore).  He is a little weirded out by all the praying, but it’s quite cute.  Dr Carpenter jams with the nuns, he plays Lawdy Miss Clawdy on the piano and continues to hit on Michelle, and continues to get rejected 😦

Dr Carpenter and Michelle take little Amanda to get and Ice-cream after the touch football game.  Then onto the carousel.  Elvis sings Have A Happy while riding the carousel.  Things happen and the nuns are ordered to wear their habits in public again…much to Dr Carpenters disappointment.

Side Story: There is the bad guy, called the banker, he has loaned $100 to one of the nuns and she has no intention of paying it back, stuff is about to hit the fan.  And it hits the fan at the street festival.  Then the nuns are ordered back to the convent.  Before they return there is a rape (attempted) scene, it’s pretty dramatic. I was completely invested in these characters and was on the edge of my seat.

Dr Carpenter and Sister Michelle have fallen in love and he asks her to marry him.  She rejects him for the church.  However in the final scene you kinda get the feeling that she is going to change her mind.

This makes 2 great movies in a row.  Go Elvis, you’re on a roll…but it’s the last movie he made…sad face.

Co Stars Alive:  Mary Tyler Moore  YEP

                                  Barbara McNair  NOPE

                                  Jane Elliot  YEP

My Favourite Song:  Rubberneckin’

Most Popular Song:   Rubberneckin’

Stay tuned for Day 31 of ELVIS MONTH

ELVIS MONTH Day 30 The Trouble With Girls (1969)

Year:  1969

Age:  34

Movie:  31st

(I don’t really understand this movie poster as the movie was set in the twenties and I don’t recall Elvis having a gun in the movie at all).

The Trouble With Girls (and how to get into it) starts off in black and white then changes to colour when the manager of the Chautauqua steps of the train…Walter Hale (Elvis).

There are so many recognisable stars in this movie it’s ridiculous…Dabney Cole, John Carradine, Susan Olsen, Joe Esposito, Jerry Schilling, Anissa Johns and Vincent Price.  Elvis seems very comfortable in this role.

Two little kids (Carol and Willy) are waiting to audition to entertain at the Chautauqua.  The little girl is very familiar to those of us that were TV addicts in the seventies…Loved loved loved Family Affair, however there was not a happy ending for young Buffy…moving on.

Oh I love the way they are making those snow cones, hhmm shaved ice and cordial! Carols Mum is fooling around with the shop owner while his wife is out, if you listen to the song Clean Up Your Own Backyard it tells the story quite well.  Nicole Jaffe is such a goofy looking gal, but completely wonderful she plays Betty a great character, she also happens to be the voice Velma in Scooby-Doo.  The local band perform an audition on the street for Walter, and it is filmed, partly from the view of the kids and the view that the kids would have if they were looking through their fingers, just brilliant!

Dabney Coleman plays Harrison Wilby, the store owner.  The kids visit the store and he sells them ALL the fireworks for just a dollar!! On parting he tells the kids not to tell anyone where they got the fireworks from as they are illegal ya know!  This news kills the kids excitement and they literally run into Vincent Price and they shit themselves even more,  Vincent Price is Mr Morality and just preaches to everyone, which I assume is his job.

Elvis is not in every scene of this movie, but it leaves room for this movie to develop nicely.  Man oh man Elvis is looking fine.

Swing Down Sweet Chariot is sung to perfection by Walter, as a fill in.  Love the finish.  Hmmmm.  After the performance, Harrison Wilby shows up to harass the lovely mother of Carol.

The scene with Sharlene is nicely done, Sharlene keeps talking and Walter just keeps laughing…I don’t know but it looks to me like that was a bit of a outake that was just edited in as part of the scene.  Later on when Walter is seducing the lovely Sharlene, a cigar that Walter had is tossed into the kid’s giant box of fireworks and all hell breaks loose.

There’s an altercation between Nita (little Carole’s mum) and Harrison at the shop which is witnessed by Sharlene.  He really is a douchebag!  And he turns up dead.  Good riddance.

Walter realises that Nita was probably the murderer and organises a confession on stage.  However, she gets drunk and doesn’t show up for a while, so fortunately Walter has to stall by performing, which is just how we end up with the wonderfully filmed and beautifully sung, Clean Up Your Own Backyard.  This is a pretty good movie actually, and this song really tops it off.

Well it has taken 31 movies but this is the best.  The cinematography is so different from anything we have seen in the past and you can actually see that Elvis is playing a character and not playing Elvis The Movie Character.  Probably the most shocking part of this, and unexpected, was when they were trying to sober up Nita, Walter just walks up to her a slaps her across the face.  The Signs Of The Zodiac performance is great fun, just watching Walter and Sharlene dancing and singing together is hilarious.

Nita finally sobers up and confesses, to murder in self defence…ah it solves all the problems.

Walter sings Almost in the tent while Sharlene watches on.  Ha, the last scene is amusing.  Poor Sharlene is destined to be travelling with the Chautauqua, whether she likes it or not!

Co Stars Alive:  Sheree North  NOPE

                             Marlyn Mason  YEP

                              Nicole Jaffe  YEP

My Favourite Song:  Clean Up Your Own Backyard

Most Popular Song:   Clean Up Your Own Backyard

Stay tuned for Day 30 part 2 of ELVIS MONTH

ELVIS MONTH Day 29 Charro (1969)

Year:  1969

Age:  34

Movie:  30th

The armed stranger rides into town, and straight into your standard Mexican cantina.  Jess Wade is tricked into coming to the cantina by those no good Hackett boys.  Shots are exchanged and Jess takes cover behind you standard armoured card table.  Jess is also wearing those leather cuffs/watch from the 68 Comeback Special which look very manly I must say 🙂

The bad buys end up riding into the desert with Jess.  All because of a woman and a cannon a gold and silver cannon at that.  It turns out they have framed Jess for the theft of the cannon, jeez they really are bad guys.  God I hated this scene when I was a kid…the branding scene!  Ouchy.  Gets beaten up and left in the desert with a saddle and no horse.  He does manage to capture a wild horse and break it in, with Elvis actually sitting on a bucking horse, not the wild bucking scenes, cause you don’t want the star of the movie breaking his neck do you?

Ends up in a salloon in a little town, looking for a woman and naked woman… Crazy Billy Roy turns up and wants a bit of Marcy and shows her his gun (his actual gun) and on the holster is a big set of boobies! Boobs in an Elvis movie. what?  Crazy Billy Roy goes to directly to jail (no $200 for him).  Jess becomes a Deputy and all is well in the little town.

The bump on the head scene is short but funny.  Vince finds out Billy Roy is in jail and he’s a little pissed.  Oh and the Mexican army are in town looking for Jess and the cannon, confrontation imminant.  Things start blowing up in the town.

Jess takes Billy Roy to Vince and there is a gun/dynamite/cannon fight.  Ending in the runaway cannon squishing Crazy Billy Roy and Vince loosing his shit and gives up.  Towns people forgive Jess and he leaves town with the cannon and Vince headed for Mexico to right all the wrongs.  The End.  Really good movie, very underated.

There is a rumour of a cut nude scene.  When Tracey is in the bath and Jess walks into her room, apparently there is a scene of her getting out of the bath…and I just found the photos from that scene, I can’t find the screen version however.  EDIT: I FOUND THE CUT SCENE…AND THE CUT SONG:

Co Stars Alive:  Ina Balin  NOPE

                                  Victor French  NOPE

                                   Solomon Sturges  YEP

My Favourite Song:  Charro  (only song)

Most Popular Song:   Charro  (only song)

Stay tuned for Day 30 of ELVIS MONTH

ELVIS MONTH Day 29 ’68 Comeback Special (1968)

Year:  1968

Age:  33

Movie:  29th

From the opening scene this is something you want to watch.  Elvis standing there guitar in hand with the back drop of Elvis’s in silhouette, belting out Trouble/Guitar Man.  Pull out to the long shot of Elvis playing the guitar and finishing the song while standing in the iconic ELVIS sign, is amazing.

I think most people will agree, Elvis looks goooooooood.  Elvis is sitting around with a few of his band members jamming, surrounded by audience members…girls…lots of screaming girls.  First up Lawdy Miss Clawdy, just who is Tarnell (?) Elvis sits with the guys reminiscing about the old days and tells a few stories, nice to hear them from the horse’s mouth.  Heartbreak Hotel is sung standing on the stage, and this is where we get a really good view of that outfit.  Top to toe in black leather.  This is the start of the high collar phase.  He sounds awesome and looks, probably, better than he ever has.

This special was sponsored by Singer Sewing Machine, the actual title is Singer Presents Elvis, and Tom Parker actually only intended it to be Christmas songs, the world can thank Steve Binder for having other ideas.  Where Tom Parker saw a quick buck to be made, Steve Binder saw an opportunity, an opportunity to re-establish Elvis’s career.

Many stand out moments in this special.  One of the truly greatest moments is the gospel number, starting with Sometimes I Feel LIke A Motherless Child.  The costumes, the dancers and the choreography are great and memorable.  “Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child” / “Where Could I go But To The Lord” / “Up Above My Head” / Saved.  I am sure these day this scene would have been filmed and edited until it was completely perfect, this is not perfect and you just gotta love it for that.  Slightly out of sync singing and dancing, ah who cares if it’s not perfect, life just isn’t perfect.

Jamming with the guys, I’m Going Up, it’s just so simple and so damn good.  Nice to see Elvis enjoying himself, even if he is sweating heavily, “Man, this suits hot, I’m telling ya!”  Blue Christmas is working into the special, I’m guessing just to shut Tom Parker up, and the girls go wild…I think it is Charlie Hodge that yells at the girls to “give it up!” I guess they get sick of getting yelled at all the time.  The guy playing the tambourine next to Elvis is Lance LeGault (also starred in the A-Team), who often doubled for Elvis in the movies and had bit parts as well.

“I think I’ll put a strap on this and stand up…” then he launches into the made up song, to the tune of One Night With You…fan-bloody-tastic (that’s Australian for: really good.)  Seriously, if you haven’t seen it…why? and you should!

Now I could spend the rest of this post just naming the next song and telling you how great it is…let’s just assume that I love them all and you should too 🙂

Nothinville…kinda reminiscant of Roustabout (to me anyway).  Leads into the bordello scene…Let Yourself Go.  This scene was not aired and only release in 1981.  Amazing and amusing.  Very raunchy stuff, and boy oh boy does he look like he is enjoying himself.  The outfits that the girls are almost wearing are great, all in pink, then the funny little dance that the girls do in the style of the 1920’s is so well done, all this while Susan Henning (she was also the mermaid in Live A Little Love A Little) and Elvis are playing around seductively, until the cops raid the place.

Big Boss Man number, really have to say that the people who produce and wrote this special really did a great job.  Elvis had never done anything like this, it works so well.  Three different shots of Trouble edited together, is so right.

Elvis ends the special with If I Can Dream…Unbelievable way to finish this iconic piece of television.

Now seriously, if you haven’t seen this special, you really need to go out and buy a copy for yourself.  Watch it watch it watch it.

Co Stars Alive:  D.J. Fontana  YEP

                              Scotty Moore  YEP

                              Charlie Hodge  NOPE

                              Lance LeGault  NOPE

My Favourite Song:   Let Yourself Go/Tiger Man

Most Popular Song:   If I Can Dream

Stay tuned for Day 29 (part 2) of ELVIS MONTH

ELVIS MONTH Day 28 Live A Little, Love A Little (1968)

Year: 1968

Age:  33

Movie:  28th

Wow, a very different feel straight away.  We are heading into the 70’s here.  Elvis plays Greg Nolan, a newspaper photographer, and the first scene is Greg driving along the road and then the beach in his dune buggy.  Hair all messed up, not something you see in many movies.

In this one his co-star is Michele Carey, a more mature co-star, and a little wacky.  She really suits this movie.  No teeny boppers in this one.  But we do get a great dane by the name of Albert.  The story is that it was Elvis’s dog Brutus…but, Priscilla says it wasn’t, and I think she would know wouldn’t she?

Michele Carey plays Bernice, and Alice, and Betty, and Susan and whatever else she feels like being called.  She is very beautiful and a natural in front of the camera, and seems to be my husbands favourite co-star so far.

Albert chases Greg into the ocean and he gets a fever.  Bernice gives Greg a magical tablet that knocks him out for four days, he wakes needing a shave and still looking very sexy.  Dick Sargent (do I really need to tell you…Darren from Bewitched) shows up and Bernice kisses him too.  Greg can’t wait to get away from the crazy gal.

So, being as a person can’t go missing for four days, he goes to work, loses his job and has a fight in the newspaper room…with Red West and Joe Esposito and a few other guys.  Well, Greg goes home and Bernice has moved him out of his apartment and into her house.

He stays at her place in Albert’s room, and then a dream sequence.  One of my top 5 best songs ever…Edge Of Reality complete with Albert the talking dog.  Watch it! It’s an awesome song.

Greg is off to look for a job at an advertising agency manned by girls in bunny outfits.  There’s one big cardboard bunny as he gets of the elevator, close up of the name of the magazine and then the long shot, but it doesn’t have the name of the magazine displayed that we just saw 2 seconds ago.  He meets with Mr Lansdown and gets a job offer…in the sauna, as you do.  Starts tomorrow, “if your late your fired”.  Greg then proceeds to another floor and gets a job there as well, and he starts tomorrow…same time.

Greg drives over to Bernice’s place, stops forgets to put the hand brake on then remembers and is “persuaded” to take Albert for a drive to his new home.  Which contains Harry and Bernice.

Greg’s first day at work, would be every guys ideal first day, (I’ve never seen a topless girl in an Elvis movie before…almost topless) well for a while anyway.  He spends the day going from floor to floor changing clothes in between floors, to attend both jobs.

Greg goes to a very cool party and bumps into Bernice, who he is desperately trying to get rid of, and he sings the newly famous song “A Little Less Conversation”.  Even the lyrics of the songs in this movie reflects the different more mature direction this movie is taking.  I would have like to see more movies in style of this one.

The shower scene is amusing and both stars look like they enjoyed it too.

Greg has two outdoor shoots to film and rushes to the second one, with a police escort.  Makes it to the shoot and who do I see in the back ground sitting at the table…Vernon Presley.

Almost In Love, last song, and a beautiful one at that.  One difference is that the leading lady is playing the guitar.

Greg gets busted doing both jobs, and then gets fired and resigns and gets his salary doubled??  He goes back to his apartment where he sleeps with Bernice and then poor Greg wakes up and she’s gone back to the beach.  Which is where the movie ends…in the ocean, kissing, with Albert growling at the camera.  Great movie.  Really enjoyable and nothing stupid at all.  Perfect co-stars, made this movie even more enjoyable.  Highly recommended.

Co Stars Alive:  Michele Carey  YEP

                             Dick Sargent  NOPE

My Favourite Song:  Edge Of Reality

 Most Popular Song:   A Little Less Conversation

Stay tuned for Day 29 of ELVIS MONTH

ELVIS MONTH Day 27 Speedway (1968)

Year:  1968

Age:  33

Movie  27th

Strange beginning, in that, there is a scene before the opening credits.  The title track is really good, love it.  The opening credits shows, what I presume to be, cameos by actual speedway stars (actually, I do recognise Richard Petty).  Love the cars they are about to race.  If you’re interested in old cars you’ll like them too.  Wow, how things have changed.

A shot from Speedway was used for this Christmas Album.

Unfortunately they have included the silly sounds that the spinning cars make in Hollywoodland (old school Hollywoodland I suppose) really could have done without that.  Other than that this race is much improved compared to the race in Viva Las Vegas.

Steve Grayson (Elvis) wins the big race then spins out, but never fear he is fine, well of course he is, otherwise it would be a very short movie.  After that Nancy Sinatra shows up at the boys (Elvis and Bill Bixby) trailer.  This is Nancy’s final movie before concentrating on her musical career…her album Nancy Sinatra’s Greatest Hits is my absolute favourite album…other than an Elvis album.  Give it a listen!  Highly recommended.

So in this movie we are back to your stock standard Elvis type of movie, after a small break in formula with Stay Away, Joe.  The set where Steve Grayson sings Let Yourself Go, kinda looks like a Batman set.  Let Yourself Go is a fantastic song and makes an appearance in the 68 Comeback Special, a spectacular version set in a brothel or bordello.

The little girl who is stealing the hot dogs is supa dupa cute.  She takes them outside and is followed by Steve.  Where he sees that she is feeding her 4 little sisters.  What a lovely scene.

Nancy Sinatra sings Your Groovy Self, she can really hold her own in this movie in relation to singing.

Steve’s manager, Kenny (Bixby) is a sleazy character, his behaviour is borderline (when I say borderline, I am being polite) illegal.  He has lied on his taxes and Susan (Sinatra) is an IRA agents sent to investigate.

Another cute scene with all those little girls, Your Time Hasn’t Come Yet Baby, after Steve buys the family a new car.  Steve wins a race again, so it’s off to the Drive In A-Go-Go where the girls are dancing in bird cages, and the waitress is crying because her boyfriend can’t afford to marry her…so…Steve pays for everything, again.

Here comes a song, at the IRS, He’s Your Uncle, Not Your Dad, not my favourite song but it does fit the scene.  And we get to see Gale Gordon do some high kicks during the dance, before he takes Steve and Kenny into the office for an audit.  Where it is found Steve owe $145 000.

All the gifts that Steve has given to everyone has been repossessed by the IRS. Steve goes to see Susan and plead for more money because his manager took all of his money (sounds familiar), an amusing scene from her apartment to the lobby.  The janitor has been in absolutely everything even playing Agent #8 in Get Smart.

Steve qualifies for the big race then blows a motor in a crash, cue the fixing car scene…reminiscent of the one in Viva Las Vegas…only lots cuter with those little girls helping by filling their little red cart with car parts.

Car fixed, races car, crashes car just before finish, but manages to get everyone’s presents back to them.  So all in good in Elvis Movie Land…The End…after a song…There Ain’t Nothin Like A Song.

Co Stars Alive:  Nancy Sinatra  YEP

                              Bill Bixby  NOPE

                              Gale Gordon  NOPE

My Favourite Song:  Let Yourself Go

Most Popular Song:   Speedway

Stay tuned for Day 28 of ELVIS MONTH

ELVIS MONTH Day 26 Stay Away, Joe (1968)

Year:  1968

Age:  33

Movie: 26th

Ok, so Stay Away Joe, is a very different movie from the get go.  Opening scene is Joe (Elvis) chasing cows with his car, and boy does he look like he is enjoying himself.  This movie doesn’t really get good reviews and I don’t think I have ever really watched this movie all the way through.  But having watched an Elvis movie a day all this month, I am enjoying it so far.  It’s really quite amusing.  There’s lots of shouting and ye-harring and chasing cattle for no real reason but I am really enjoying it.  I hope it lasts.  Just recently I have really been getting into the sound track of this movie.  Elvis is having a ball, looks like portraying a real person agrees with him.

There’s a big welcome home party and a fight which Joe wasn’t even involved in, shocking!  I think this is the first time I have seen Elvis smoking (cigar) in a movie too.  The party scene is a little too long and not much is going on but they do eat the only bull of the herd. One other thing I have enjoyed, so far, about this movie is it is shot on location and not at the studio with obviously fake movie sets.

Joe visits the local car dealership and buys himself a red convertible and isn’t that Mamie one strange idiotic gal.

Well they end up getting another bull, Dominic XII, the only bull that’s not interested in a pretty cow.  Elvis sings the song Dominic, to two gals.  Sounds like it’s just a filler song really.

This is a very different movie.  Joe’s step mother starts selling off the cows to buy a toilet and tv ect,  Joe starts selling off parts of his car to buy things too.  And they’re still attempting to get Dominic to show some sort of interest in the cows.   Nothing is going right.  Joe ends up with a motorbike after selling off too many bits from his new car.

They find out that Dominic is in fact a rodeo bull and not a breeding bull, they ride him, win the money, buy lots of new cattle and all is well.  Big fight scene at the end that destroys the house and the whole scene would have been improved greatly if there were no sound effects provided and if they had halved the scene as well.

This movie is in the bottom three for me.  Stay Away, Joe then Harum Scarum and then Double Trouble.  But even if it is on the bottom three I still enjoyed it cause it was just a little different to the stuff of recent years.  The End.

Co Stars Alive:  Burgess Meredith  NOPE

                               Joan Blondell  NOPE

                               Katy Jurado  NOPE

My Favourite Song:   All I Needed Was The Rain

Most Popular Song:   Stay Away? (maybe?)

Stay tuned for Day 27 of ELVIS MONTH

ELVIS MONTH DAY 25 Clambake (1967)

Year:  1967

Age:  32

Movie:  25th

Clambake we’re gonna have a Clambake!  Mega soon-to-be-richer Scott Hayward just wants to be loved for who he is, poor Scott, it’s not enough to be super sexy and have a great voice but he wants love too?  So he comes up with the age-old trick of swapping places with the poor guy…just give him a suit and a car and away he goes.  Shelley makes, yet another, appearance in this one as does one of everyone’s favourites…Bill Bixby.  Gotta love that white suit with the black trim.

Scott becomes Tom and Tom become Scott.  The new Scott is quite funny but the silly music that accompanies the antics don’t really help.  Bill (James) plays the rival to Elvis’s Tom, and Shelley is only interested in the rich guy… She gets Tom to take her out for some ski lessons so she can get the rich guys attention.

Elvis looks great again.  And the sets don’t look too bad, a huge improvement over Double Trouble.  I love Shelley’s (Diane) hair in the pic, it’s a little darker and longer and doesn’t look as much like a good girl hair do.  Tom tries to romance Diane but she makes it clear she’s only interested in the rich boys.  But he sings to her anyway, a song which is really nice…A House That Has Everything, it’s pretty and cute and sweet.  After the song they jump back on the motorbike and drive off on the beach…but I think they forgot the guitar and most importantly, they forgot to put the fire out!

The skiing shots are amusing.  And Diane looses her top and gets a date with James Jameson, and gets Flipper’s blessing too.  Then Scott and Tom drop into a kids playground and sings Confidence, (I learned how to spell Confidence from this song).  This scene strikes me as…they had a song and needed a scene to put it into, so this was it.  I really enjoy it, even if it makes no sence being here.  It’s just a bit of fun…oh and Corbin Bernsen is one of the kids., and Red West is the ice-cream vendor.  LOL, I love the graffiti in the back ground…Paul and Robbie are creeps…ah so innocent.

Clambake time.  Some really groovy dancers too.  Yep the actual movie is called Clambake and that was it…all done.  Well the Clambake’s all done and now it’s back to work.  Tom starts working on a speed boat and don’t ya just know it, Tom knows how to fix it, with Goop.  You Don’t Know Me, is a fabulous song.

I do love all the songs in this movie, and particularly love Hey Hey Hey, Tom sings with all the girl, I love it when he sings “I’m gonna tell you what you’re gonna do”  song a little differently and super sexy.

There’s one little problem…the real Scott (Elvis), well his Father shows up.  They have a father and son heart to heart, and all is good.  His father continues to keep the secret.

James proposes to Diane and they are interrupted.  She leaves and then I feel like there is a fight coming on…James calls Karate, Tom punches him once in the face and the fight is over.  Shortest Elvis fight ever.  And amusing.  Also amusing is the scene when the new Scott meets actual Scotts father.

The big race begins.  Jameson is in the lead and Tom’s boat is making some strange sounds.  I used to love the sound of the boat hitting the water when I was a kid.  And Tom wins! Yay!

Diane attempts to leave and Tom picks her up in the very expensive car he actually owns.  Then proposes.  She then accepts without knowing anything about just how rich he is.

Okay all in all, this is an awesome movie.  Really nice and entertaining.  Not silly at all.  I think it might have cured me after my Double Trouble experience.

Co Stars Alive:  Shelley Fabares  YEP (STILL)

                                   Will Hutchins  YEP

                                   Bill Bixby  NOPE

My Favourite Song:   You Don’t Know Me

Most Popular Song:   Clambake

Stay tuned for Day 26 of ELVIS MONTH

ELVIS MONTH DAY 24 Double Trouble (1967)

Year:  1967

Age:  32

Movie:  23rd

(I’ve posted this one a little early…about 2 hours early, to sleepy to wait…I’m going to bed)

Set in London and  filmed in Hollywood.  I was looking forward to this as much as Elvis was.  I just find this movie has really missed the mark.  I love some of the songs in this one, particularly Long Legged Girl With The Short Dress On, all be it one of the shortest songs as well.  However it also possesses the song Old MacDonald, more on that later.

The scene back at Guys place is cute, she asks “do you have any biccies?” as in biscuits.  Elvis looks like he just doesn’t want to be there, can’t really blame him though.  Jill eventually leaves and after Guy gets changed there is a knock at the door, he opens it and gets punched in the face and dramatically and in a sped up scene falls onto the breakfast bar…dumb, then the man says something dumb too.

And they’re off to Brussels or Bruges.  On a very foggy boat.  With Crazy Jill in hot pursuit.  Guy launches into Long Legged Girl, I am not sure that the band has ever held any musical instruments in their lives.

Guy is encountering Double Trouble with those two crazies…hot lady in white and Crazy Jill.  And someone is trying to kill Guy.

This movie, in my personal opinion, is annoying the crap out of me.  There is diamonds hidden in a suitcase, Chips Rafferty following them shots fired, chickens on a pick up truck OMG  leads to, yep Old MacDonald Had A Farm, Oh God make it end.  Well I give Elvis a heap of credit, he sung it like it was fun.  Apparently he cracked the shits when given this song to sing yelling “It’s come to this?”  Yep it sure did come to this.  Crazy Jill is attacked and Guy rescues her with his impressive Karate moves.

There is always something on the walls to let you know just which city or town they’re in.  The three bumbling detectives are annoying and not at all entertaining.  I’m sorry I really can’t be bothered explaining any of the rest of it, rest assured that all works out in the end after some stuff happens.  The End, I’m done.  I am looking forward to the rest of the movies though (well, apart from Stay Away Joe)  , only 7 movies and 3 docos left.

Co Stars Alive:  Annette Day  YEP

                                   Yvonne Romain  YEP

                                   John Williams  NOPE

My Favourite Song:   Long Legged Girl With The Short Dress On

Most Popular Song:   Double Trouble

Stay tuned for Day 25 of ELVIS MONTH

ELVIS MONTH Day 23 Easy Come, Easy Go (1967)

Year:  1967

Age:  32

Movie:  23rd

The songs aren’t nearly as good as in the last film (Spinout), we are heading into the last quarter of the 60’s and things are starting to change.  The fashions, the outlook, the music, the people, the everything.

I have alway adored the title song, and I don’t have a clue why.  it’s pretty catchy though…can everyone say biased?  Well Love Machine will proove that I’m not biased (much), it’s a pretty lame song, I’m not saying that I don’t sing to it when it gets played, it’s just blah.  Elvis plays a frogman in the Navy, and they get notice that there is a possible mine for then to do whatever frogman do to mines.  Hmmm it’s actually ticking, strange.  So whilst deactivating the mine Ted (Elvis) gets distracted and follows the chain to the bottom, where he finds a shipwreck of course, and what do you suppose is in the shipwreck? TREASURE! Hahaha and a locked treasure chest.  Not to self: Never board a seagoing vessel that has a locked treasure chest aboard because you just know you’ll be meeting up with old Davey Jones (not the Monkee, cause that would be awesome).

The shop fronts actually look like they come from the local amusement park.  Ted meets up with Captain Jack, played by Frank McHugh, he is such a cute character.  Ted need some information about the treasure he found so he is sent to see Jo Symington and we also meet Elsa Lanchester as Madame Neherina  who is very recognisable from Mary Poppins.  Then we get the abomination Yoga Is As Yoga Does, followed up by some performance art.  The world of film, indeed the world itself, could have done without that scene.

You Gotta Stop, very groovy song, with a funny close up of not Elvis’s fingers playing that beautiful red guitar.  He takes Jo home from the club and she is wearing a sexy red dress, by the time she gets home she is wearing a very funky plastic jacket (very wearable these days too) and white pants.

So Ted has quit the Navy so he can salvage the treasure for himself but it seems that he isn’t the only one with that idea.  Ted partners up with Jo and Judd to try to find the treasure before the other blonde dummy finds it.  Zoltran the artist reminds me of Ben Stiller.  They borrow Zoltans car which looks like something Matchbox has made.  It also is The Joker’s car from the Batman series.

So they end up at sea to fight over the treasure.  Some decent underwater photography too.  And we are witness to the very first underwater Elvis fight scene, complete with a crow bar and a knife. Then an underwater argument with signals.  Ted and Co. end up with the dough (read it again, it ryhmes) and no hard feelings, even after a knife fight.

Well, it turns out that the coins are only worth a few thousand and they decide to open the art house.  A strong finish with I’ll Take Love…a good strong groovin’ song.

Co Stars Alive:  Dodie Marshall  YEP

                                   Pat Harrington Jr  YEP

                                   Pat Priest  YEP

My Favourite Song:   Easy Come, Easy Go

Most Popular Song:  Easy Come, Easy Go

Stay tuned for Day 24 of ELVIS MONTH

ELVIS MONTH Day 22 Spinout (1966)

Year:  1966

Age:  31

Movie:  22nd

In the titles you even get a section called “The Girls”, well I suppose most Elvis movies could have one of these sections for convenience.  It starts with Mike racing through the country side and being passed by, another Elvis movie regular…Shelley Fabares.  Unfortunately their relationship gets off to a rocky start, when she runs him of the road.

The music in this one is starting to change…I don’t know how to describe it…maybe a bit more rockin.  The Stop, Look and Listen number is pretty awesome.  Man that green guitar he has is just fantastic.  Adam and Evil is next up, good stuff.  This movie is so easy to watch, the rest of the cast are fun and are a strong back up to the main character.  My particular favourite is Deborah Walley who plays the drummer Les.

Rich Howard Foxhugh wants Mike to sing at his daughter’s birthday party and is refused.  He promises that Mike will indeed be playing at his daughter’s birthday party.

The group leave for their next gig, followed closely by Diana St Clair, Mikes resident stalker.  Mike starts romancing his stalker and Les is a bit pissed because she, of course, is in love with Mike too.  He sings All That I Am to Diana.  It’s such a lovely ballad, it’s not just one of those Elvis movie songs, it is really worth a listen if you aren’t that familiar with it.

Never Say Yes…the guitar budget for this one was fairly good, with lots of different funky guitars making cameo appearances.  Elvis sings Am I Ready at Foxhugh’s daughter’s birthday who happens to be Shelley Fabares, finishes the song, then bails out…but before that he makes Shelley (Cynthia) cry.  However a kiss makes it all better, while kissing Cynthia Mike hears wedding bells then makes a run for it.  Mr Foxhugh calls the police in an attempt to keep Mike in the area, by ordering them out of town, and Les and the officer seem to bond over food.  The whole band manages to move in next door to Mr Foxhugh and Cynthia.  As the band are about to go back inside the house Les and Mike have a cute moment between friends.

Cue the poolside party full of many bikini clad girls and about 3 guys.  After all that kissing is done, they’re off to the race track to get Mike to drive the Fox 5.  Foxy informs Mike that he can drive the car but he isn’t allowed to marry his daughter.  Well, it’s just a challenge now!

The boys in the band are very at home in this movie, they all seem to be a really good combo, probably because they have all worked together before Curly (Jack Mullaney, Tickle Me) and Larry (Jimmy Hawkins from Girl Happy, as was Shelley Fabares) and Officer Tracey will be in Clambake shortly…OMG Rita Wilson is in this movie…she plays a bit part and she is about 10 years old at the time…but I didn’t see her…does that mean I have to watch it again…NO NOT THIS MONTH I’M NOT!

Diana lays her eyes on Foxy and changes direction.  Les is falling for Officer Tracey and Elvis is singing Smorgasboard…Okay I know it sounds like a dumb name for a song, but it’s a pretty good song.

Cynthia is involved in a car race, well at least her stunt double is.  The car the Mike hi-jacks is being pushed by Red West and Joe Esposito.  Well this is another one of those funny movie car races with lots of skidding sounds and lots of sliding into hay bales and dare I say it they all Spin Out at one time or another.  There seems to a bit of vision that is used more than once as is a few of the corners.  They also use the same bridge that Cynthia and Mike had an altercation at in the first scene of the movie.

Red and Joe

Red and Joe

And Mikes marries them all…Les to Tracey, Cynthia to Phillip, Diana to Howard.  A really great movie, very entertaining and watchable, great songs, great fashions and a really nice bunch of people to watch on screen.

Co Stars Alive:  Shelley Fabares  YEP

                                  Deborah Walley  NOPE

                                  Diane McBain  YEP

My Favourite Song:   All That I Am

Most Popular Song:   Spinout

Stay tuned for Day 23 of ELVIS MONTH

ELVIS MONTH Day 21 Paradise, Hawaiian Style (1966)

Aloha, Hawaii USA!  Love that song and I love this movie.  Elvis plays Rick a pilot this time.  He has been fired again, all because of a woman…what a shocker.  He is off to see he old buddy, Danny, and asks for a job, which he gets.  We then get to meet the fabulous Donna Butterworth who plays Jan.  This is Donna’s last film.  The chemistry between them when they are singing Queenie Wahine’s Papaya is just so much fun to see.  They both are having heaps of fun.

Then Rick and Danny go to see a few helicopters and to try to set up their own helicopter tourist service.  The double in the outdoor helicopter shot is so obviously not E.  Elvis island hops and predictably girl hops too.   When I was a kid I just loved watching that cable car scene.  Lani’s singing is not the best but Rick steps in to finish the song.  The actual song that was released didn’t include Lani’s singing.  Good move.

Drums of the Islands is such a beautiful song.  Elvis is so obviously older in this one compared to Blue Hawaii (1961), his voice better (it just keeps getting better) but you can start to see the difference in his face too, not that there is anything wrong with that, and a bit of a tummy there too.

A Dog’s Life is a funny scene with all those dogs crammed into a helicopter.  Not very realistic, because I think the flight would have ended a lot differently if they had all of those dogs in a helicopter.  The shots of the helicopter look fairly dangerous too even for the stunt guy to do, almost hitting the car on the highway.  And look Rick and half-naked woman managed to bandage all the dogs before landing.  Then off they go for a steak at the Colonel’s Steakhouse (a shout out to Tom Parker maybe?) and a fight ensues, well they did offend a woman and Rick needed to defend her honour.

Rick takes Danny’s daughter Jan on a flight in the helicopter, Jan just wants to spend some time with her Uncle Rick, but he stops off to pick up a girl and they fly to a remote beach for a picnic, where Lani would like to stay longer.  She hides the key and then no one can find it.  They have to stay overnight, but Danny doesn’t know where they are and boy is he mad.  Danny picks up Jan and they fly back to base…but they don’t arrive and Rick has to rescue them.

There doesn’t seem to be much chemistry between the other staring women and Elvis.  They all seem a little lost.

Jan sings Bill Bailey Won’t You Please Come Home, man that girl is such a natural.   Elvis sings Stop Where You Are, complete with the footage actually stopping, and Rick has to run because all of the women, he has been running around with,  show up at the same time.  Wow those blue pants are tight!  Who doesn’t love the Hawaiian performance, those slapping guys are awesome.

Co Stars Alive: Donna Buttersworth  YEP

                                  James Shigeta  YEP

                                 Suzanna Leigh  YEP

My Favourite Song:   Drums Of The Islands

Most Popular Song:   Paradise, Hawaiian Style

Stay tuned for Day 22 of ELVIS MONTH

So put this full album on and go and do the housework while listening to it, or alternatively…grab yourself a glass of red or white get some cheese and biscuits and go and have a sit down and enjoy these great songs.

ELVIS MONTH Day 20 Frankie and Johnny (1966)

Year:  1966

Age:  30

Movie:  20th

Set on a paddle steamer.  Johnny entertains on the boat with Elly May Donna Douglas and Col. Sherman T. Potter  Harry Morgan plays piano.  Johnny just can’t stop gambling and visits a fortune teller.  She tells him his gal is bad luck and to try a red head.  They all sing the little known song, Chesay.  Elvis’s voice is just getting better and better.

Nancy Kovak, a red head, turns up playing Nellie Bly, and Frankie is not gonna be happy about it.  They act out the song Frankie and Johnny on stage, while singing a version of Frankie and Johnny.  It turns out that Nellie is actually the girl of the river boat owner.  Keep an eye out for the drunk red head girl helping Johnny win at the tables, she’s hilarious.  Oh there’s a dream sequence, which is nice enough.  The costumes in this movie are just beautiful.  When The Saints Go Marching number is nicely done for the budget given.  Elvis looks like a tin soldier…in good way.

All the lead girls go shopping for Mardi Gras costumes and they all pick the same, one of a kind, dress.  Johnny is dress as a cowboy with lots of fringe and sings Shout It Out, which is quite upbeat and really enjoyable.  And three girls are all dress as Madam Pompadore, and they all swap places and confusion reigns.  Johnny gets caught with Nellie, river boat owner cranky, Frankie cranky.

Frankie inadvertently suggests shooting Johnny on stage and the Boss’s right hand man decides it will solve everyone’s problems if Johnny is shot with real bullets while acting out the title song on stage.  Frankie throws a vase and it smashes in Johnny’s face while he’s trying to apologise, looks like that one could have gone wrong.

All the confusion has resulted in the boss proposing to Nellie.  Nellie goes to start the performance of the title song Frankie and Johnny, but the fake bullets have been replaced with real ones.  Will Johnny survive?  Frankie’s lucky cricket saves the day and they’re all back in love.

We could have probably lived with out the last song.  I think it would have been better replaced with When The Saints Go Marching In.

Pretty good movie, likable cast, good script, a few good songs.  Definately worth watching.

Co Stars Alive:  Donna Douglas  YEP

                                     Harry Morgan  NOPE

                                     Nancy Kovak  YEP

My Favourite Song:   Frankie and Johnny

Most Popular Song:   Frankie and Johnny

Stay tuned for Day 21 of ELVIS MONTH

ELVIS MONTH Day 19 Harum Scarum (1965)

Year:  1965

Age:  30

Movie:  18th

Really was not looking forward to what I can safely say is the bottom of the barrel.  Starts off with Elvis playing an actor/singer at the premier of his movie, Sands Of The Desert.  Even that movie looks unappealing.  He sings Desert Serenade, sounds a bit too fast and not really a good song.  At the premier he is asked to sing a song just for the guests, one of whom looks very much like Eva Mendes.  Go East Youngman, it’s okay.

The King invites The King (E) to his Kingdom…but there’s bad guys lurking in the bushes, it’s pretty funny.  And then Johnny (E) is poisoned and he is transported to another place, cue the harp (OMG!).  Johnny Tyrone has been kidnapped by……….The Assassins!

Seriously…did she just kiss him out of unconsciousness? and he instantly starts singing??  SERIOUSLY!!  Then almost falls into unconsciousness again…what!  Then he gets dragged off to see…ba ba baaa…The Lord Of The Assassins.  The Lord would like Johnny to kill off people he doesn’t like…what is he going to do? Sing the victims to death?  Oh lordy, however The Lord Of The Assassins needs Johnny’s karate skills, because no one else in the kingdom know any martial arts.  Dig the funky threads Johnny.

Okay now Johnny and his new friend hide in a pond with reads to breathe through.  Then karate chops a guard and scares a peacock and climbs a wall.  Oh lordy the assassins are shooting at them OMG so funny.  He finally lands in the arms of a beautiful woman…”Who are you?” she asks.  He says “I’m Johnny Jerome” um no you’re not…your Johnny Tyrone.  Cue the weird horse riding scene, complete with the same white horse that was in the fake movie at the beginning.

Market place scene:  Apparently everyone has a whistle in their pocket just in case a pick pocket gets their money bag.  Oh so bad, chase in the market place, ah two kids with sling shots to the rescue.  Hey Little Girl as a stand alone song is nice, but add in a dance number by a little girl and it’s just weird.  I feel this movie is about an hour and a half too long…when will it end?  I don’t believe that I have every suffered through this one before…and it’s a struggle.  The all of a sudden it becomes so bad it’s good.  As an Elvis fan you just can not miss out on this one.  After reading the script to the movie, they had already signed up for, Tom Parker thought of adding a talking camel just to make sure that the audience knew it was a comedy.  I feel a talking camel would have certainly been a memorable addition, but even without it you will definitely laugh out loud.

Elvis sings as a reflection in a pond, to Mary Ann Mobley, who spends the whole song sucking in her tummy.  The dancing girls solo dance is making this movie go on longer than it should.  How does no one suspect the guy in the hooded black floor length coat, and is that meant to be Elvis screaming as he’s being dragged out???  Another laugh out loud moment is when Johnny stands infront of the King just before being captured.

Johnny escapes prison, drops into the Princesses room and they hatch a plan.  Johnny and his merry band are masters of diguise…a blanket will suffice.  And 50 000 coins can fit in to a really small bag…OMG the bells OMG it is so stupid.  Walking through the city making dog sounds attracts a hell of a lot of helpers to help destroy the assassins.  Not very stealthy.  Fight scene with circus music.

The King breaks in to his brothers room (AKA the bad guy) and messes up his chess game, dramatically, oh lordy.  Then, all is well, and back to the US!   THE END.


Co Stars Alive:   Mary Ann Mobley  YEP

                                      Fran Jeffries  YEP

                                      Michael  Ansara  NOPE

My Favourite Song:   Shake That Tambourine

Most Popular Song:   Um…—Your Pick Here—

Stay tuned for Day 20 of ELVIS MONTH

ELVIS MONTH Day 18 Tickle Me (1965)

Year:  1965

Age:  30

Movie:  18th

Ah Tickle Me, I’m so torn with this one, it has some really great songs, but it’s a bit silly, but fun silly…soooo I enjoy it.  Elvis starts off by singing Long Lonely Highway, which I think was actually meant for Roustabout and was cut.  Very cool song that one.  Elvis was 30 when filming this one, and you can see a tiny bit of weight when he gets off the bus.  But that’s what happens when your 30.  He plays Lonnie a rodeo rider, out of work he sings to earn a crust.  The girls love it and their guys hate it, you know how that goes…fight (with Red West)  fired, hired by a gorgeous lady…and off to the Circle Z Ranch.  The boys will enjoy this movie a fair bit, starting with the girls doing their stretches.  Oh so many shapely girls!!

Haha just watching the scene in the pool with Brad teaching a lady to swim, remember those swimming caps with all the flowers on them.

Lonnie keeps singing, and the girls are all very distracted.  Lonnie is singing I’ve Got A Dirty Dirty Feeling, oh look the first use of the Gangdam Style dance, another Elvis first.  Oh Lol this scene is hilarious, complete with the horse sing at the end of the song.

Elvis didn’t record a new album for this movie, instead he sung songs that had already appeared on earlier albums and previously unreleased songs.

Lonnie rescues Pam from the hooded bad guy, in a very dramatic fight scene.  The hooded man demanded the letter that Pam’s grandfather left her…the directions to a stash of gold…cue dramatic music!

Pam goes to the nearest deserted ghost town to attempt to find the treasure, with Lonnie attending uninvited.  The one of the strangest scenes…dream sequence back in the wild west, it’s quite funny though.

Apparently they have the same pay phones at each different rodeo.  Pam won’t take Lonnie’s calls.  They all end up at the ghost town where it is very sunny and there’s lots of thunder???  Moving on…they’re stuck there because of the thunder storm, then it becomes an episode of Scooby Doo…people in masks and an old lady in a rocking chair that keeps disappearing, fake exits, secret compartments…you get it?  Stanley accidentally finds the treasure, of course.  Lonnie and Val get married and drag Stanley off to their honeymoon.

Co Stars Alive:  Julie Adams  YEP

                                  Jocelyn Lane  YEP

                                  Jack Mullaney  NOPE

My Favourite Song:   It’s  A Long Lonely Highway

Most Popular Song:   Such An Easy Question

Stay tuned for Day 19 of ELVIS MONTH

ELVIS MONTH Day 17 Girl Happy (1965)

Year:  1965

Age:  30

Movie:  17th

Starts off with the four boys in the band all dressed in Yellow, looking oh so cool and oh so 60’s.  Cliff Richard could have driven into this movie on his Summer Holiday and you wouldn’t even notice.  Rusty (Elvis) is assigned to look after the daughter of the night club owner, in Fort Lauderdale during Spring Break, yeah good luck with that.  On the way to FL each of the 2 groups of kids sing parts of Spring Fever, which sounds quite nice until the girls chime in with their shrill and grating voices, which are all screaming out we are singing in an Elvis movie and need to compete…no you don’t, just don’t sing again…if you can help it.

Rusty’s tactic to keep an eye on Valerie is to get her hooked.  The song Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce just sounds strange, not that it’s a bad song but to sing about the Chamber of Commerce just isn’t right.   They loose Valerie, she gets drunk, and hooks up with an Italian, the boys steal the boat that she and her Italian are on and drop it into the set pool, cause just about everything is filmed on a set in this one.

The longer this movie goes for, the worst the acting gets, or should I say the over acting.  The over acting is by the boys in the band.  And saved by a great song, a beach song, Do The Clam, just listen to the music and try not to judge it by the dancing.  And during the song they kidnap or roll up the Italian in a carpet, which happens to be on the beach of course. The get back to the fake hotel and one of the girls gets picked up by a guy named Charlie, who just happens to be Dan Haggerty…Grizzly Adams!!!

I feel like we are heading to disaster with this movie.  It feels like a rollercoaster ride of Elvis’s career.  The carriage is heading to the very bottom of the dip with Girl Happy.  The rollercoaster kinda bottoms out within two movies…the very bottom being Harum Scarum.  It would have been a whole different story if he had of chosen his own movies, but, unfortunately Tom Parker chose them and also chose to take 50 % of everything too.  What he maybe didn’t consider is that if he had of chosen wisely he would have made a heap more money.  Even the costumes in this movie bug me, Elvis in long sleeves for most of the movie at the beach, what’s that all about eh?  Elvis skiing with a long sleeved jacket on, it makes no sense.

So I have about half an hour left of watching this movie and Mary Ann Mobley is finally growing on me.  Shelley Fabares is always nice too… back in Spinout and Clambake too.  And the stripper is hilarious and is very familiar to children of the sixties and seventies.  Oh I don’t have a clue why they are playing Three Blind Mice…just strange.  And a lot of the songs were release in a weird sped up version, making Elvis’s voice quicker and higher.  This movie just confuses me.

Val ends up in jail after a bar fight and The sheriff, who is Uncle Fester and The Kid from the movie The Kid, anyway the sheriff he has little screen time but it’s good screen time.  The college kid from Roustabout shows up to be a college kid in Girl Happy to break into jail.

They break out of jail, I rolled my eyes so many times, what are they thinking?  Val’s father reveals that he didn’t pay Rusty to do all the things that Rusty did, and they lived happily ever after…maybe.

Co Stars Alive:  Shelley Fabares  YEP

                                   Mary Ann Mobley  YEP

                                   Gary Crosby  NOPE

My Favourite Song:   Girl Happy

Most Popular Song:  Do The Clam

Stay tuned for Day 18 of ELVIS MONTH

ELVIS MONTH Day 16 Roustabout (1964)

Year:  1964

Age:  29

Movie:  16th

Sooo many fights in this one.  Charlie is decked out in leather on a motorbike…I know nothing about motorbikes, but this one doesn’t look real tough to me, anyway Charlie gets into his first fight at the teahouse.  There are a few regulars in this one, Kenneth Barker, G.I Blues, Loving You, Raquel Welch(in the tea house scene),  Terri Garr, Lance LeGault (usually is E’s double and stunt man) .  The pink shirt that the waitress is wearing looks familiar…looks like the one one of the girls from Blue Hawaii was wearing towards the end of the movie at breakfast…just sayin…

So the college boys fight Elvis and then he gets fired, cause he is a cranky trouble maker.  And off he goes to find employment elsewhere.  Driving down that ever familiar piece of road that was in every 60’s and 70’s show.  So we had the song, the fight and now there’s an accident,  Charlie crashes spectacularly through a fence, oh weee thank goodness, he’s alright, but his guitar is all broken.  Anyway it turns out they are carnival folk, and he has found his employment, ah the old day it was so easy to get a job.  Barbara Stanwyke owns the carnival and Joan Freeman plays Cathy, the romantic interest, one of the romantic interests anyway.  And so Charlie is the newest roustabout, he starts off by working on the little ferris wheel (which, I read a while ago, actually still exists and resides in South Australia).  Second love interest is Madam Mijanou, Sue Ane Langdon (you can see her again in Frankie and Johnny).  Ahh look, Charlie is wearing the Elvis uniform, denim and black boots.

One gal sees the other gal kissing Charlie.  Gal cranky, but don’t worry too much.  Charlie is bringing in a lot of customers for the carny, but it may not be enough to save the carny from financial ruin.  The carnivals local rival is lurking about and offers Charlie a job, he declines for the time being.  Charlie takes up Maggie’s offer of a contract with her carnival…for the time being.

I love Barbara Stanwyke, she is simply awesome.  Her raspy voice really contributes to her character.  I think that the guy that caused the fight with Joe was the same guy that caused a fight in Blue Hawaii.  Anyway Joe got arrested and spent the night in jail because of the fight.  Charlies bike is all finished being fixed so he no longer has any ties to the carny, oh apart from the contract he signed.    He takes the bike for a spin…on dirt…and makes screechy sounds with his tyres…on dirt.  Then Charlie enters the Dome of Doom or the Tunnel of Terror ah there it is The Wall Of Death. He stacks it right at the end, and this causes a huge problem with Cathy.  Maggie verbally breaks the contract then Joe comes along, just as Charlie is about to leave for the other Carnival, and proceeds to punch Charlie a few times, right in the kisser, or in this case the money maker.  And off runs Charlie straight to Carvers Carnival (Harry Carver {Pat Buttram} was also in Wild In The Country) and he sings the very very famous Little Egypt.  Little Egypt is wonderful during this song, when she sings (not really her) goochy goochy goochy, this didn’t make it to the album, good reason for that I suppose, it is a bit weird, but I love it.

During another number (Big Love Big Heartache) Cathy shows up because Maggie’s carnival is facing bankruptcy and she realises he isn’t such an arse…and she apologizes.  Cathy mentions the dilemma that the carnival is facing.  Charlie is off to the rescue, a knight in shining armour.  A few bad stage shots later and Charlie arrives back at Maggie’s, after a few songs all of Maggie’s problems are solved, and that, my friends, is the power of Elvis Presley.  🙂  Kisses the girl.  THE END!

Co Stars Alive:  Barbara Stanwyke  NOPE

                                 Joan Freeman  YEP

                                 Sue Ane Langdon  YEP

My Favourite Song:   Big Love, Big Heartache

Most Popular Song:  Little Egypt

Stay tuned for Day 17 of ELVIS MONTH

A different and unrelease version of the title song^


Well today is the day.  The 16th.  Yep the 16th of August all Elvis fans know too well.  16th of August 1977 was the last day of E’s life.  I don’t want to rehash the details, cause I’m not really interested in the details of how or where, all I know is it was the end.  I was all of 6 years old when Elvis died, and I don’t even know why, but it still upsets me…maybe I’m a bit lame, ah well, call me lame cause I JUST LOVE ELVIS…still, after all these years.


ELVIS MONTH Day 15 Kissin Cousins (1964)

Year:  1964

Age:  29

Movie:  15th

Well E is in the armed forces again, but this time we are going to mix it up a little for the audience…he’s in the Air Force.

The Army/Air Force want to build an ICBM base on Josh’s kins mountain.  They don’t take kindly to their type up in them there hills.

This movie was filmed in about 17 days and from here on in that was pretty much the standard.  I really like this movie, just cause it’s fun and the songs are Elvis movie songs.  But those mountain girls really start to give me the shits after a while.

Double Elvis and Double the trouble.  Played by Lance LeGault.   I think blonde Elvis is growing on me.  When he has the blonde wig on he talks like I imagine Elvis talked, with that fantastic Mississippi accent.  When Josh and Jody are wrestling Josh looks around to make sure he is in the correct position to fall onto the tree stump.  Josh starts romancing 2 girls, hhmm, I know your shocked, but yes 2 girls.  I always found this strange when I was a kid.  What girl would find this acceptable?  Apparently most of the Elvis movie girls.

After a song we meet Ma.  Both Ma and Pa are fantastic characters.  (Master Sgt William Bailey and Ma Tatum are Mother and Son) and so the bloody Kittyhawkes show up, apparently mountain folk only have girl babies.  Pappy shows up to save all the men from those darn Kittyhawkes.  Salbo (Jack Albertson…Grandpa Joe, from Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory…you know…the good movie) and Josh go to have dinner with Ma and Pa…and turns green, that shot was just unnecessary, looked pretty dumb.  Ah Pappy steals the scene, he is such a lovable character, I could watch him in more movies, I must see what else he has been in and give it a go.

The costumes in this movie are very well chosen to say the least.   When we do see scenes shot on location, the shots are really beautiful, I could certainly spend a night or two in the old wheel house, going fishing during the day and sitting by the camp fire reading at night…

I always forget just how endowed the Kittyhawkes leader is, always surprises me.  The girls go to town, literally and buy a heap of city type things.  They turn up wearing some interesting bikinis.  And blonde Elvis is super cute when he meets the typist.  I’m beginning to prefer blonde Elvis 🙂  The local journalist (how does one get hair to go that colour?)  turns up and takes a few shots of the gals in their bikinis.  One of the Kittyhawkes name is Lorraine, played by Maureen Reagan, daughter of Ronald Reagan.

Jody sings Tender Feeling to Midge Riley.  It really is a beautiful song too.  Then we cut to see Ma with the howling dog, Pappy is lost and the Army has to find him.  Ma sings P-A-P-P-Y.  The army boys start disappearing, courtesy of those dang Kittyhawkes, every time one of them captures a male they play this stupid sound, Oh God it is so annoying.  They all team up to rescue Pappy and distract the visiting General.  The back of Jody’s head looks strange in the Pappy rescue shot.

The final scene is a celebration for Pappy’s safe return.  The Barefoot Ballad, very country and hillbilly, reminds me of the barn raising scene in Seven Brides For Seven Brothers.  Jody and Josh take turns singing the final song, Kissin Cousins,we see  the back of Jody’s head with Josh singing then the back of Josh’s head while Jody sings.

The next half a dozen movies are not going to change the world, but there are quite a few good to great song in them and sometimes you just have to take it for what it is…an bit of light entertainment, an Elvis movie…unlike the first few movies where he was playing his character, now I just feel like he is playing a screen version of Elvis (I don’t know if that makes sence?).  Towards the end of the month there is some really great acting again, but in the meantime we’ve just got these light entertainment movies.  I hope you stick with me until the end of the month.  I kind of regret starting this, cause it is a hell of a lot of work and soooo many Elvis movies…anyway gotta fly, Roustabout is just about to start in my house, my daughter can hardly wait…NOT.  🙂

Co Stars Alive:  Pamela Austin  YEP

                                    Yvonne Craig  YEP

                                    Cynthia Pepper  YEP

                                    Jack Albertson  NOPE

My Favourite Song:   Tender Feeling

Most Popular Song:  Kissin’ Cousins

Stay tuned for Day 16 of ELVIS MONTH

ELVIS MONTH Day 14 Viva Las Vegas (1964)

Year:  1964

Age:  29

Movie:  14th

Welcome to Viva Las Vegas.  If you’ve only seen one Elvis movie it may just be this one.  Probably the most quoted and watched Elvis movie ever made.  For good reason too.  Ann-Margret is the co-star in this one and holds her own opposite Elvis.  Known as the female Elvis she matches him in looks, talents and sex appeal.  There is a number of duets in the movie, and, apparently Tom Parker was unimpressed with the amount of screen time that AM received.  Due to multiple camera angles and multiple takes the movie went substantially over budget, and Tom Parker compensated this by cutting the budget of several upcoming movies.  Most future movies were completed within three weeks with the majority of filming done on sets or back lots.

Viva Las Vegas is great fun from the beginning.  Cue the title song…yay.  Cue sexy Elvis in black and red.  Lucky (Elvis) is lucky at the tables in the casino and can now afford the new motor for his race car, so that he can race in the Las Vegas Grand Prix.  He meets The Count at the garage and The Count offers him a car to drive in the Grand Prix.  Declined… but this sets The Count up to be the rival…and then Ann-Margret’s legs show up….and then her butt, and the boys are falling over themselves to help her.  But The Count lets her slip away and now neither of them know where to find her.  So they embark on a tour of all the shows in Las Vegas in hopes of finding that girl.

Apparently Teri Gar plays a dancing girl in this somewhere…I’ll keep looking…oh and she was in 5 Elvis movies.

Welcome sons of the Lone Star State, that rowdy lot.  The can only be calmed with a song…one of my favs…The Yellow Rose Of Texas.

Lucky and The Count are staying at a hotel where AM is the swimming instructor,  Lucky spots her first and borrows The Counts guitar to serenade her…by the pool.  The Lady Loves Me (My daughters fav Elvis song) is a fun song.  The girls behind Lucky and Rusty at the bar are enjoying being in the movie.  Somehow they end up on the high dive platform, and Rusty pushes Lucky into the pool where he promptly loses all of his money he had save for the new motor, and has to take a job as a waiter at the hotel.

Rusty spends the day with Lucky and they start off with Elvis singing and Ann-Margret dancing, man the girl can wiggle, then they fall at the end, it’s really cute.  They go shooting, riding motor bikes (which they both know how to do quite well in real life), dueling in the old west, and helicoptering.  Then they go fake waterskiing.  Then they meet Rusty’s Dad (William Demerest).  At this point Lucky mentions he was in the Armed Forces (Air Force this time) again.  Today, Tomorrow and Forever, such a nice slow song. Then a few more songs back to back, very groovy songs too.  They do look really cute in yellow.  Very enthusiastic dancers in this number.

Rusty get cranky with Lucky and then Lucky sends Rusty a tree.  Then she’s all good.  Then she’s not.  You know how that is.  They both have entered the talent competition and both intend to win.  Lucky needs the money to buy a motor so he can race.  Rusty accepts a dinner invitation with The Count and guess who is there waiter for the night?  Strange this movie doesn’t have 2 women fighting for Elvis but has 2 men fighting for Ann-Margret.

Ann-Margret’s number is just awesome, she gets rid of the fur coat and she has a little lavender outfit on, to me it demonstrates how much the materials have changed since then.  My son was questioning what this message was sending to young girls…ah well it was a different time, nice to know he thinks this way though.

Then Elvis performs Viva Las Vegas in one shot.  Very unusual to see this, but it ends a bit weirdly.  Rusty and Lucky tie for first then they flip a coin to determined the winner and he wins…a honeymoon, and no money.

Rusty and Lucky resolve their issues and Rusty’s dad buys Lucky his motor.  Let the race begins.  Probably the cheesiest race ever to make it to film, it goes into the category of “it’s so bad that it’s great!”, complete with the fake helicopter scenes.  And the crash scenes seem very dramatic, and a bit scary.  It looks like someone could have been seriously injured during this race.

Co Stars Alive?  Ann-Margret  YEP

                                     Cesare Danova  NOPE

                                      William Demarest  NOPE

My Favourite Song:   If You Think I Don’t Need You

Most Popular Song:   Viva  Las Vegas

Stay tuned for Day 15 of ELVIS MONTH

ELVIS MONTH Day 13 Fun In Acapulco (1963

Year:  1963

Age:  28

Movie:  13th

We open the title song, Fun In Acapulco, such a great feel already.  Elvis is working on a boat with a troublesome young lady, (bum close up) when a band of seafaring mexicans happen to show up…I don’t know why.  E goes into town to visit the bar in which the Mexicans work.  His voice is perfect from the start.  And get this…Mike meets a beautiful girl.  The lady bullfighter.

They start doing tequila shots and all is good.  Until Mike gets fired.  His little mexican friend is pretty cheeky but really likable.  He goes to see his cousin and when he is at the front desk it looks like there is a model of the pink car from Blue Hawaii is sitting on the desk.

  The outside scenes are a little distracting because we can clearly see Elvis isn’t there.  And the standin riding through the streets looks weird, he appears to be a bit taller than Elvis.  He meets Alejandro Rey by the pool, very recognisable from The Flying Nun.  Mike takes a job as a life guard, and part time singer, and is upset at the thought of the high dive platform at the pool, due to an earlier trapeze accident.  I feel really bad about saying this, but the stand in for Mike’s shots in Acapulco has a much bigger butt than Elvis’s.  (Sorry standin guy!)  The desk girl is eager to help Mike with his problem…it’s an amusing scene.

When we first see Ursula Andress she is in a bikini, it seems to fit her well…She plays the social director and the daughter of the very entertaining head chef.

El Toro, OMG the outfit…  He takes Margarita (Ursula) outside, kinda looks like a kidnapping really.

And of course Elvis is working two girls at the same time, and we just have to wait to see who wins.

Not my favourite song…There’s No Room To Rhumba In A Sportscar, they’re not all gems.  But then you get  Bossa Nova Baby my all time favourite.

I was just reading that Elvis was declared a persona non grata (unwelcomed person) by the Mexican government due to unruly (riots) behaviour at the showing of G.I. Blues.  this is the reason why a standin was used.

The strongest memory I have of watching this movie is the cliff diving scene.  When I was a kid I was completly enthralled by this scene, I watch it now and…what can I say…not much has changed for me.  And I’m happy about that too.  Mike finally dives, waves to the audience and climbs back to see his manager, apparently visiting the hair and make up department on the way up the cliff.

The movie finishes with another of my favourites (I use this song to torture my children) Guadalajara.

Co Stars Alive?  Ursula Andress  YEP

                                         Elsa Cardenas  YEP

                                         Alejandro Rey  NOPE

                                         Larry Domasin  YEP

My Favourite Song:   Bossa Nova Baby  (one “s” on the poster 2 “s’s” on the album cover?)

Most Popular Song:   Bossa Nova Baby

Stay tuned for Day 14 of ELVIS MONTH

ELVIS MONTH Day 12 It Happened At The World’s Fair (1963)

Year:  1963

Age: 28

Movie: 12th

Mike and Danny fly a crop duster and thanks to Danny (not Elvis) they loose the plane, not that they can’t find it, a bad bet lost the plane for them.  So they start making their way to Seattle, hitching a ride with a lovely man and his neice played by Vicky Tiu (Vicky is the sister of the little Chinese girls that appeared in Girls! Girls! Girls!) and she is just as adorable as her sisters.  Later in life Vicky married the 5th governor of Hawaii.

This movie is quite famous for featuring a very young Kurt Russell, you can’t miss him at all.  He looks almost the same as he does not, just a little shorter.  He is the kid that Elvis pays to kick him in the shins, and he really does, and it looks like it hurt too.  Later in life Kurt played Elvis in Elvis the movie, which I remember seeing at the movies, when I was 8,  with my Mum, presumably after I begged her to take me.  Then he played an Elvis impersonator in the seriously great movie 3000 Miles To Graceland.  In the movie Mike offers Kurt a quarter to kick him and Kurt didn’t want to kick The King, so Elvis paid him $5 to do the scene, then Kurt did the scene…money talks I suppose.  Kurt only had a few minutes screen time.

The first song is Beyond The Bend, sung in a plane with very limited wind in their hair.  Crop dusting and girls, just goes hand in hand,  ah the 60’s you can practically fly on the road to pick up a few girls…or is it only Elvis that can do that?  They finish crop dusting and get paid stows the money in the plane and his mate goes and steals it for gambling purposes.

Meanwhile let the seduction begin, beginning with Bat Girl (or is that one word?) Yvonne Craig.  (You’ll see more of her in Kissin Cousins)Man she fills out a dress well.  During said seduction, Mom and Dad arrive home and Mike gets comically chased with a shot gun.  From one crappy situation to another.  His buddy now owes $1100.  “Fight Scene!”  Sherriff impounds the plane due to owed debts and they hit the road Jack…

Take Me To The Fair, as sung to Sue-Lin.  She is lovely, have I said that yet.  With her little white gloves on…nawww. And so they arrive at the fair, The World’s Fair Seattle, where Mike gets volounteered to take Sue-Lin to the fair.  So much great footage of the World’s Fair.  The dream car is dreamy and completly impractical for the future.

And there’s the Army reference, so Mike did 3 years in the Army in case you were wondering.  Sue-Lin is feeling sick so off they go to the nurses station and he meets Nurse Diane Warren, and he falls for her, but has to leave as Sue-Lin is all better.  At the end of their very long day they take a monorail ride and we get “They Remind Me Too Much Of You” such a beautiful ballad.

Mike and Danny are staying at Century 21 Estates (for 2 weeks), which looks like a mobile home caravan park.  Elvis sings Broken Heart For Sale, with a heap of men from the Estates.  Next scene at the Fair involves Kurt Russell and Diane feels so bad about not beleiving Mike was injured that she pedals him around the Fair on or in a three wheel bike…on a set, Alot of the patrons of the Fair look at the camera that filmed the scene live.  Up to the restaurant at the Space Needle (I’ve been there!) and sing randomly at the dinner table, as you do…I’m Falling In Love Tonight.

Poor little Sue-Lin can not find her uncle so she finds Mike and she stays at his place until they find her uncle.  So cute when she says “you’re the only friend I have in Seattle”.  He sings her to sleep with Cotton Candy Land.  They still can’t find her uncle and Mike and Danny have an argument outside of the trailer.  Notice the great retro colour of the trailers and their awnings, God I love the 60’s colours.  Sue-Lin fakes being sick so Mike can call Diane, she is still so cute…Sue-Lin that is.  It’s Mikes opportunity to make Diane fall in love with him, by singing A World Of Our Own.

I really have to say that Mike could really do without friends like Danny, what an arse.  The next song Mike sings to Sue-Lin is How Would You Like To Be, I used to love this song when I was a little kid, it’s lots of fun, and the break towards the end where Sue-Lin does the twist and then waltzes is so much fun for a kid to watch, cause you pretend you are there.  Child welfare show up to take Sue-Lin away, so they can look after Sue-Lin…except…the child welfare lady drives away with Sue-Lin in the front seat practically standing up waving goodbye to Mike and with no seat belt…so we’ll look after you Sue-Lin except on the way to the child welfare home…or at all, because Sue-Lin runs away and Mike finds her in the dream car at the Fair.  Oh LOL when the run out of the pavillion Mike puts her on the ground and runs like a monkey, really funny.  I think we could have re shot that one eh?

Get to the airport fight off a gun whilding bad guy and we get A Happy Ending.

Co Stars Alive?  Joan O’Brien YEP

                                Gary Lockwood  YEP

                                Vicky  Tiu  YEP

My Favourite Song:  They Remind Me Too Much Of You

Most Popular Song:   One Broken Heart For Sale

Stay tuned for Day 13 of ELVIS MONTH

ELVIS MONTH Day 11 Girls! Girls! Girls! (1962)

Year:  1962
Age:  27
Movie:  11th
The only one of Elvis’s feature films to be nominated for a Golden Globe award.

Sun, surf, summer days and Girls! Girls! Girls!  Groovy, catchy, and a load of sax.  Fantastic title song.  Elvis is on a charter boat with some clients pulling in a stock footage marlin.  This movie is the most played movie of all the Elvis movies.  And I can see why.  This formula just works perfectly.  Songs+Girls+Fights=A Classic Elvis Movie.   Elvis plays Ross Carpenter, and he is in love…with a yacht and will stop at nothing to buy it, insert obstacles here.

OMG I just realised that there is 13 songs in this movie.  I will add them at the end of the post this time, for my convenience really… 🙂

So Ross really wants to buy the yacht and that’s when his arch nemesis turns up in the form of Jeremy Slate (he played Turk in G.I. Blues) who plays Wesley Johnson.  From the beginning they butt heads, over a boat then over a girl.

Stella Stevens hated this movie and hated being in it, and she looks like she hates it too.  She just sounds sarcastic most of the time.  At the other end of the spectrum is Laurel Goodwin, she is a nice girl and looks like she is really enjoying herself too.  Elvis and Laurel seem to really click.  The scene at Mama and Papa’s place is really sweet with Papa stealing the scene.

Ross and Laurel end up on the island where the Yung family live and those super cute little girls.  This is one of my favourite things about this movie.  Soooooo cute!  and they sing too.  They sing Earth Boy in chinese and then act it out with Elvis.  The little one gets really mad in Chinese and it is hilarious.

When they get back to the marina the yacht has already been sold to…yep…Wesley Johnson.

Back to the night club where Robin (Stella) works.  The place where the waitresses all look like they are part of a giant Where’s Wally (or Waldo) game.  He is then hired to sing at the club and Robin is unhappy with this.  Ross sings the world-famous Return To Sender.  Laurel runs off, Ross chases after Laurel, they have a chat infront of a theatre, which has movie posters on display out the front.  The movie is Blue Hawaii.

A few songs on the tuna boat…

And off to Laurels apartment.  Laurel costumes for this movie are great, so 60’s.  Those high-waisted pants are awesome.  And Ross all in black is okay too!  I have just read some facts about this scene and the dancing but I won’t elaborate.  You can search for it if you would like… 🙂

Another tuna trip and this time they catch a ship load…When Ross return from the trip Wesley Johnson is waiting for the boat.  They argue over money and stop in a convenient area with some convenient stunt props to land on during a fight.

Ross then finds out Laurel has bought his boat, The Westwind.  He decides to run off to Paradise Cove and Laurel chases after him on The Westwind.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t know how to sail and has to get Wesley to sail it for her.  And this is where the stunt people almost get killed.  Watch the scene as Wesley is all over Laurel and a small boat, with stunt Elvis in it, goes out to pick her up to rescue her.  The smaller boat is along side the yacht, after picking up Laurel and it moves away, however it hits a wave and the smaller boat is tossed in front of the yacht.  The yacht actually runs over the boat, you can see the stunt people panic and try to protect themselves.  It really is very dramatic.  Very lucky, still looked like it hurt though.

Final scene.  Bring out those cute Chinese gals!  Now sing a really cute little version of the title song…Girls! Girls! Girls! but it’s Dainty Little Moonbeams and Girls! Girls! Girls!  Geez those girls really throw everything into that twist!

Cut songs:

Sung by The Amigos in the movie.  This version is Elvis and The Amigos.  Nice.

As the poster suggests, lots of girls, lots of songs and a lot of Elvis.  All in all it’s a fun movie and really easy to watch and listen to.  My favourite scenes, of this movie, are always the ones filmed on location in Hawaii.

Co Stars Alive?  Laurel Goodwin  YEP

                                 Jeremy Slate  NOPE

                                 Stella Stevens  YEP

My Favourite Song:  Earth Boy

Most Popular Song:   Return To Sender

Stay tuned for Day 12 of ELVIS MONTH.

ELVIS MONTH Day 10 Kid Galahad (1962)

Year:  1962

Age:  27

Movie:  10th

So guess who’s out of the Army again?  You guessed it…Elvis AKA Walter Gulick AKA Kid Galahad.  Still looking pretty damn fine in his uniform and singing some pretty cool songs.  Most people won’t know them but lots will.  Opening scene, Walter hitching a ride on the platform of the back of a truck…doesn’t look real safe, but I would expect Walter to be invincible for the next hour or two.   Kid Galahad is a remake of the 1937 film of the same name, the director of the 1937 version was Michael Curtiz (director of King Creole).

King of the whole wide world

Off to a picnic.  To sing I Got Lucky, I’m pretty sure that half way through the song Elvis is looking at Joan’s boobs, amusing.

I Got Lucky

Walter and Rose decide to get married and Willy is not very happy about it.  Dolly sees how love is meant to be and give Willy her final ultimatum, he says all the wrong things even though he does love her and she packs up her stuff and leaves.

A Whistling Tune

A Whistling Tune was originally set to be in Follow That Dream, but was cut.  If found a place in this movie and there are two different recordings floating around.

Poor Willy really misses Dolly and hangs out at the local Bar/Restaurant (what ever) and spies on her, ah so sweet…we call it stalking.  Then Willy returns to the homestead to find that the gangsters have broken the hands of Lew (Charles Bronson) to convince him to make Kid Galahad throw the fight.

The gangsters think they have won, but Willy and most of the towns people bet on The Kid to win and the gangsters loose, Rose and Walter kiss, Dolly and Willy kiss, and Lew’s hands are still broken.  Apparently it always works when you double cross gangsters… NOTE:  Do not try to double cross gangsters kids.

Co Stars Alive? Gig Young NOPE

                                Charles Bronson  NOPE

                                 Joan Blackman  YEP

My Favourite Song:  King Of The Whole Wide World

Most Popular Song:  King Of The Whole Wide World

Stay tuned for Day 11 of ELVIS MONTH.

ELVIS MONTH Day 9 Follow That Dream (1962)

Year:  1962

Age:  27

Movie:  9th

I love this movie.  If you want a feel good fun movie to watch one afternoon while consuming a bowl of popcorn and having a dance around the lounge room, well this movie is IT!  Follow That Dream has 5 good songs full of fun and innocence.  So easy to watch and enjoy.  Just some country people having a bit of a “holiday” by the water, including a few interruptions.  We meet Arthur O’Connell for the first time, playing Pop Kwimper, and in a few days time we meet him again in Kissin Cousins.  He is fantastic as Pop, and extremely lovable.  There is also a few mentions that Elvis’s character, Toby, was in the army.  (In the army in G.I. Blues, return home from the army in Blue Hawaii, was in the army in Follow That Dream…there’s a few more yet).

What a Wonderful Life

The family are travelling through Florida when poor old Pop Kwimper drives onto an unopened stretch of highway, (it has since been named, officially, the Follow That Dream Parkway) after a bit of uninterrupted driving they run out of gas, and I suppose they figure it is as good a place as any to live.  In fact I completely agree, it looks fantastic!  No people anywhere…for a little while anyway.  What a beautiful setting.  Bet it doesn’t look like that now.  This family should be on survivor 1960’s edition, they would have won it hands down, they have been on the beach for half a day and they already have coconuts, fresh water, a shelter and even a swing for the baby.

There is one particular scene, the first scene, that taught me so much when I was a kid.  I will never forget it.  The kids are in the back of the car and are told to share a piece of candy, one child breaks it in half and one side is longer than the other…so said child then bites off the longer end to make it even…I tried this on my sister when we were kids…apparently she isn’t as gullible as that kid, cause she crack the shits at me 😦 Ah well I gave it a shot, you can’t blame a kid for trying…

I’m Not the Marrying Kind
The government officials aren’t exactly happy about the family homesteading, as so the trouble starts.  Toby and Holly start up a fishing business and start raking it in.  Oh and Old Pop Kwimper has built a house and a loo.  I’m not sure where the furniture and curtains came from, but just go with it.
Sound Advice, apparently Elvis didn’t want this song in the movie, but it is, and it’s just a bit of fun.  Pop Kwimper plays the guitar for this song, and looks like he is impersonating Elvis with a little wiggle at the end.

Co Stars Alive? Arthur O’Connel  NOPE

                               Anne Helm  YEP

                               Joanna Moore  NOPE

My Favourite Song:  Angel/Follow That Dream

Most Popular Song:  Follow That Dream

Stay tuned for Day 10 of ELVIS MONTH.

ELVIS MONTH Day 8 Blue Hawaii (1961)

Year:  1961

Age 26

Movie: 8th

Oh thank God for Blue Hawaii, something a little more upbeat…we had Elvis committing manslaughter in Jailhouse Rock and Wild In The Country, assault with a deadly weapon in Love Me Tender (shot his Brother), was responsible for his Father’s near death experience in King Creole (not to mention the leading lady was shot and killed too), murder (justified?) in Flaming Star and quite a number of minor (depending on your perspective) assaults in G.I. Blues and Loving You…To my knowledge there are no deaths or near deaths in Blue Hawaii and I am ready to sit back and sing along to some fabulous and very well known songs.  Angela Lansbury is a crack up as Chad’s (Elvis) Mum (even if she was only 10 years older), “Oh Chadwick!” her most memorable phrase.

The opening scene is of the beaches of Hawaii with the title song, Blue Hawaii.  The song Blue Hawaii was first recorded by Bing Crosby for the movie Waikiki Wedding (1937). so I have attached both versions.

I don’t really know why I can’t find a clip of Blue Hawaii from the movie.

Chad has just gotten out of the army and Maile is on her way to pick him up from the airport.  She is speeding and a police office on a motor bike spots her and races of after her…in the process his bike has a bit of a wobble, close call, almost had to film that one again.  Turn the volume up when Chad is leaving the plane…you can hear fans screaming.  Chad hasn’t changed at all and is already kissing another girl when he is leaving the plane.  Maile is a little cranky but she gets over it real quick.  Apparently this is normal behaviour (huh?).

On the way to the beach… Almost Always True.

Joan Blackman plays Maile.  They get to the beach and change into their togs, bathers, swimmers, bikini, swimming costume, what ever you call it in you part of town… and they bump into Chad’s mates, singing a beautiful song, Aloha Oe. As you do.

And Maile looses her bikini top, weird acting there, she looks for it while Elvis sings to the boys.(?) Don’t worry too much, she didn’t do the rest of the movie topless, the dog found it of course.

Chad goes to visit his folks “my boy’s home from the war!” at which point his mother continues to smother him and they expect him to take over the family business.  Angela Lansbury has a very amusing Southern accent.  She was pretty awesome and still is.

Can’t Help Falling In Love With You

Chad decided to enter the tourist industry instead of the family business.  The first group of clients is a good looking teacher and a group of teenage girls (hhmmm).  Chad has to attend his Mother’s party and Chad and the boys perform…

Rock A Hula Baby

I really love the feel of this movie.  Seeing Hawaii in 1961, the cars, the old hotels, even the people walking in the back ground, love their clothes and even their hand bags.

And so off the tour group go with The King…to a pineapple plantation.  A convertible full of girls, and one cranky little wench (Ellie){Played by Jenny Maxwell, who was murdered in 1981}.

A beautiful song…so sweet, the girls singing back up to Chad, I even love the way it fades out..Moonlight Swim

Maile is getting very jealous of Miss Prentice {Nancy Walters} (the school teacher), and completly gets the wrong idea, you know how us girls can be? Sometimes!

Man he looks good in those shorts…Ku-u-i-Po

A fun song…Ito Eats

Closely followed by a very 60’s beach song…Slicin’ Sand.  Love the outfits and the groovy dancing, looks like a heap of fun.

Hawaiian Sunset, one word…NICE.

There is some loud mouth and his wife in the audience.  And Ellie is about to cause a wee bit of trouble and a…wait for it…fight…surprise.  A few karate moves in the fight sequence too.  Off to jail with you young man…’cause someone shovel his face against your hand…Gee he sing pretty when he is in jail.

Beach Boy Blues

Horse riding with the tour while Island Of Love (Kauai) is sung over these shots.  Looks like just a filler of time, cause there is no real point to it other than to sing Island Of Love, which is a good enough reason really.

So Ellie tries to seduce Chad and it doesn’t go as well as she expected, as half the cast file into Chad’s bedroom. Ellie takes a car and drives away with Chad in hot pursuit.  Unfortunately or fortunately Chad captures her and gives her a good spanking…spanked the cranky out of her maybe…  🙂

And then all the girls are fine by breakfast.  Everything is sorted out…almost…then the Maile jealousy issue get sorted out and now everything really is sorted out.  Oh love love love the pink top with the ruffles that one of the girls at the breakfast table is wearing.

The closing scene, where Chad and Maile are getting married by the pool, was shot at the Coco Palms Resort on Kauai, where Elvis was staying when filming the movie.

And they live happily ever after.

Hawaiian Wedding Song

Blue Hawaii is the most successful soundtrack Elvis ever released.

Juliet Prowse was set to become Maile, however after the studio received her demands they decided against it.

Elvis appeared at a charity event to raise funds for the Arizona Memorial a few weeks before filming.

Miss Prentice (Nancy Walters) was only 18 months older than Elvis.

I really enjoyed watching this again, great songs, some sweet, some rockin, some slow.  A little bit of E for everyone.  Watch it on a Friday night, with some chips and dip and a nice scotch…you know you want to!

Co Stars Alive? Joan Blackman  YEP

                               Angela Lansbury  YEP

                              Nancy Walters  NOPE

I wonder how long it is going to take before we get a movie where the main co stars are still alive???

My Favourite Song:    Rock A Hula Baby (♥)

Most Popular Song:  Blue Hawaii/I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You

Stay tuned for Day 9 of ELVIS MONTH.

ELVIS MONTH. Day 7. Wild In The Country. (1961)

Year:  1961

Age:  26

Movie: 7th

OMG a fight scene in the first 3 seconds?  Really?  Well I must say he is getting better at fighting.  More believable too.  So when the fight is over he runs off and then he is in trouble with the law.  I don’t know what age he is meant to be playing here but it must be under 21 as he is release into the custody of his Uncle Rolf (William Mims, who has been in every TV show that ever aired in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s).

Okay, so I have to admit that I don’t remember watching this whole movie, I always remember it as boring, but I am writing this as I am about 15 mins into this movie and the acting is really good.   Irene Sperry (Hope Lange) is assigned to give him psychological counselling.  I am seriously surprised with this movie.  The last dramatic role until Charro! in the late 60’s.  The scene where he is talking about his Mother is very nicely done, however I find the ceramic chicken distracting 🙂

He meets up with Betty Lee and they go driving and he sings I slipped I stumbled I fell…

They end up at a club and they have a run in 2 bozo’s and their gal (Christina Crawford of Mommie Dearest fame), probably not the last we see of them.

He continues visiting Irene Sperry his therapist, who gets him to start writing things down as he has a way with words.  Wow Hope Lange’s hair just doesn’t move at all…just an observation.

Elvis sings to Noreen(Tuesday Weld, have you seen Heartbreak Hotel? Worth a look for a bit of corny entertainment) on the stairs and it’s really sweet and natural.  In My Way is the song.

Irene tries to convince Glenn to go to college and his is very much against it, which resulted in another dramatic scene.

Glenn gets very drunk and drives to Irene’s house to demand the return of his story.  Playing drunk isn’t  Elvis’s forte,  however it is quite amusing and made, both Hope Lange and myself, laugh.

He has a fight and shoves his Uncle and runs again, to avoid possible jail, but he is convinced to stay by Betty Lee.  And continues to visit Irene, where she continues her encouragement of his writing talent.  Of course Glenn falls in love with Irene, well, what’s not to like really, she is lovely.  (Remember the old series The Ghost and Mrs Muir…yep Mrs Muir).

Man there are so many statues of chickens and rosters in this movie.  When you see one you start seeing them everywhere.

So anyway Irene knows that love isn’t possible between them, even if she does have feelings for him.

So Cliff spread some rumours about Glenn so Glenn punched Cliff and Cliff died, Glenn gets done for manslaughter.  Then the inquest begins infront of, what seems like, the whole town.  And Irene testifies.  Which didn’t go well.  She returns home, unfortunately to attempt suicide…Yay Glenn is found to have no case to answer to and runs to Irene’s bedside.  He leaves for college to find himself and maybe just maybe he returns to Irene’s arms…but you will never know will you?

Closing song is Wild In The Country.

What a surprise! Great movie! You should watch it…surely it is on You Tube.

Co Stars Alive?   Tuesday Weld  YEP

                                  Hope Lange  NOPE

                                  Millie Perkins  YEP

My Favourite Song:    In My Way

Most Popular Song:  Wild In The Country (not really popular…)

Stay tuned for Day 8 of ELVIS MONTH.

ELVIS MONTH Day 6. Flaming Star (1960)

Year:  1960

Age:  25

Movie: 6th

I have been looking forward to seeing this one again.  It has been a few years.  I’ve always loved this one, mainly because it’s a western, it has E in it, and he is shirtless for quite a bit of the movie.  In my opinion, this is Top 2 of best acting efforts by Elvis.  The other being Charro! another western.  More westerns should be in his library of work but we get what we have been given (by the Colonel).  Elvis looks very comfortable in this role.

The original title of this movie was Black Star, and originally set to star Frank Sinatra and Marlon Brandon.  Elvis recorded Black Star and Flaming Star, however Black Star was not released until the 1990’s.

Elvis doesn’t actually sing the song Flaming Star in the movie, it’s just played during the opening credits and it also finishes the movie.  The only video I could find of Flaming Star is an edit, with bits from the movie.

Opening scene…A surprise party for Pacer (Elvis), not advisable to surprise a fully armed cowboy, however they all survived.  Straight into a song, there is no mucking around with this movie, Elvis movie, here sing a song.  That song Cane And A High Starched Collar.  This video is also an edit with clips of the movie.  Just can’t find these clips…

But…that’s the first and the second last song of the movie.  Having broke that news to you, I know of three others that related to this movie; Britches, which was cut from the movie, as was Summer Kisses Winter Tears and the original title song “Black Star”.

Elvis  plays Pacer, the son of a Kiowa mother (Elvis’ Great Great Great Grandmother was full Cherokee) and a Texas rancher father. His family, including a half-brother, Clint, live on the Texas frontier. A nearby tribe of Kiowa begin raiding neighboring homesteads, and Pacer is, apparently, also to blame as he is half Kiowa.

Publicity shots of Elvis in this movie was famously used by Andy Warhol.  I saw the originals a few years ago at the Andy Warhol exhibition.

The Kiowa chief wants Pacer to join him against the whites.  Pacer and his Kiowa mother travel to the Kiowa’s camp to try to come to a peaceful resolution.  This, of course, doesn’t happen.  And his Mum gets shot.  Stand off with the cranky towns people.  Kidnaps towns Doctor followed closely by Roslyn (Barbara Eden). Mother sees the flaming star and we say bye to Pacer’s Mum.

In his grief, Pacer joins the Kiowa tribe, feeling as though he may be accepted by his mother’s people and blaming the white man for her death.  The Chief promises that Pacer’s remaining family will be safe, however his Father is killed by a Kiowa warrior.

Then, pretty much your standard cowboy versus indian fight and Pacer rescues his brother.  The blood on Clint (Pacer’s brother) looks extremely fake, and off comes the shirt.

Clint returns to the town, badly wounded and the next day Pacer shows up to tell Clint he has seen the flaming star of death and then rides off into the hills to die, while tears well up in my eyes…damn you Elvis!

Co Stars Alive?  Barbara Eden  YEP

                                 Steve Forrest  NOPE

                                 Delores del Rio  NOPE

My Favourite Song:     Summer Kisses, Winter Tears.

Most Popular Song:   Flaming Star

Stay tuned for Day 7 of ELVIS MONTH.

Spectacular!  Waiting for his scene.

Spectacular! Waiting for his scene.

The board states the title of the movie is Flaming Lance, which is the title of the book upon which the movie is based.

The board states the title of the movie is Flaming Lance, which is the title of the book upon which the movie is based.