Ipad Owl.

Sorry for so many posts today…last one until Monday I promise (unless something really interesting comes up)…This Owl is another example of the app Paper for Ipad.   Refer to previous post.  Just having a heap of fun with the Ipad and Paper…

So have a great weekend all.  (I really wanted to say all y’all, cause I really love that, and I say it in Paula Deens voice…in my head…okay not really in my head, out loud,  just so my family fear me a little cause they think I might just be a little crazy).  See you Monday! xx Ruby xx

Paper 53.

I have just discovered an app called “Paper” on the Ipad.  It might take a bit of practise but I am really enjoying it.  The basic app is free with additions available…the additions start at $1.99 and go up to $7.49.  Really worth a look and a play.  Have fun people…if you do have Paper 53 or get it, why not post your creation onto my facebook page 🙂

10-4 good buddy! xxxRubyxxx

Fun With Animation App

So I was a little bored late last night and decided to have a little play with the Ipad, specifically the apps: Animation HD and Moquu (to create the GIF).  It has such potential that I really must put a day aside to create a decent cartoon to animate.  I seem to remember defacing the school library books (only one or two) with little animations drawn on the corner of each page.  You know just the standard stick figure doing cartwheels across the page.  And I know I wasn’t the only one, so I suppose this is the updated version.

If you have an Ipad and already have these apps or get them, give it a try and let me know how it turns out, I would love to add your GIF’s to this page.

Ruby Canoe