A List Of People I Would Like To Have Dinner With…

(dead or alive) (fictional or non-fictional) Elvis...Just had to get that one out of the way... My Grandfather Einstein Capt Picard Capt Janeway Wonderwoman Nathan Fillion Amelia Earhart My Grade 7 teacher Mr Mac Cary Grant John Wayne Maxwell Smart Don Adams Mel Brooks Doris Day Katherine Hepburn Audrey Hepburn Wash and Zoe Jimmy Stewart… Continue reading A List Of People I Would Like To Have Dinner With…

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Hit 3000 views, Celebrate with Andre 3000.

Just a quick little post in celebration of hitting 3000 views 🙂 Yay.  So here is a few pic of Andre 3000.  What a dapper guy he is.  Like the lyrics or hate them you probably know them. OutKast Hey Ya. And from the soundtrack to The Great Gatsby is Beyonce featuring Andre… Continue reading Hit 3000 views, Celebrate with Andre 3000.

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Fashion Sketches From The 20’s and 80’s.

  Oh I had to laugh the other day, going through some old school stuff and found my sketches from the subject loosely titled "Fashion".  I'm guessing it is aprox 1985.  I'm sure we could probably guess just by looking at these two pics. This one is my favourite.  I was a little put out… Continue reading Fashion Sketches From The 20’s and 80’s.


Hump Day Funny…

Now, this is a great life lesson people.  Always wear undies, and you get bonus points for clean ones.  I really can't confirm if this is a true story but is bloody hilarious.  I must say, what a lovely, caring wife she was...was...I don't think, even if her husbands bits have neon arrows and a… Continue reading Hump Day Funny…


Ooo Arrr Fashion

I have had a Project Runway overload. Love Mondo, Michael, and Tim. I have been watching the last 3 series for the last 3 weeks and now I have moved on, even though I know the winner, to Project Runway Allstars...Now everything I see I want to make into something.  I put new flyscreen on… Continue reading Ooo Arrr Fashion


ANZAC Day 2013, Lest We Forget.

Lest We Forget. Noel Arthur Pracy.  Remembered this ANZAC day.  My Fathers best mate.  My Dad still talks of Noel, and will always be remembered by our family. Onya Sapper! ❤ I am one of two proud daughters of Sapper Bryan J Ingram, who survived two tours of Vietnam.  Love my Dad with all of… Continue reading ANZAC Day 2013, Lest We Forget.

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Hello Charlie. The Kid.  1921. Charles Chaplin and Jackie Coogan (Uncle Fester). Just thought I would share this movie great.  Love the locations and the acting, the cinematography, just a great movie.  Even though it is a silent movie you should have a look at this great movie.  I think this is the edited version.  Charlie… Continue reading Hello Charlie.

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Where Are My Kangaroos?

So disappointed this morning 😦  Where are my kangaroos?  My big mob of roos? Maybe it was just a little chilly for them this morning.  Every morning, on the school run, we drive past a big mob of roos.  Probably about 40 or 50ish.  I drive down the hill and off to the right is… Continue reading Where Are My Kangaroos?

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A Giggleworthy List From A Mother’s Dictionary:

Having been a parent for quite some time now, I know exactly what I am doing...not at all.  Because with each passing month something changes.  You hit a new and unusual problem.  Stages aren't just for the little ones...IT NEVER CHANGES...STAGES...EVERY YEAR... UNTIL...THEY... MOVE OUT.  Sorry if I've burst anyones bubble there.  Anyway, these stages… Continue reading A Giggleworthy List From A Mother’s Dictionary:

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Make Memories, Make Art, Make, Make, Make

Or even something not so good.  Just something.  I'm planning to continue with a drawing of a geisha, I estimate another 6 or 7 hours worth of work. So what are you going to create today...will you be creating at home or creating at work?  What will it be? Oh you could create memories, that's… Continue reading Make Memories, Make Art, Make, Make, Make

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Awesome Facts?

I have recently been nominiate for the "Epically Awesome Award Of Epic Awesomeness" try sayin that a few times.  I was nominated by the lovely Michelle at Many Cha Cha So here are the guide lines: 1. Write ten awesome facts about yourself. 2. Nominate ten other bloggers that you think are awesome enough to… Continue reading Awesome Facts?

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You are not normal!

When I grew up I didn't think I was a normal girl.  But I believe all people must think that at one point or another or all the time. I could throw a base ball like a boy.  And almost take their heads off. I could hit a golf ball like a crazy person, straight up the… Continue reading You are not normal!