10 Tips to help your New Etsy Store grow.

10 tips to help your new Etsy store grow.



I have been selling on Etsy now for 2 years.  For the first 8 months I wasn’t really serious about it and was trying to find my place, my customer and my product.  The one thing I do remember about the first few months was that it took me hours to do a listing.  So if it’s taking you an hour or more to do a listing, you aren’t alone.  Actually any problem you are having most of us other Etsy sellers have experience that same problem.  I have Googled the weirdest things to get answers about my Etsy listings.

I’ve learnt a few things in the last 2 years, but this certainly doesn’t make me an expert.  I have a lot of improvement to make as well.  But Etsy is a never-ending lesson in adjustments.  So here are a few tips to get your shop moving.

tip 1



Fill out the store policies.  Shipping, refunds, FAQ’s, and payments.  Have a real think about your policies.  Have a look at other stores, I usually go to stores that have lots of sales, as they have lots of experience with sales and customers, but please NOTE,  when looking at stores make sure you check their reviews as well.  Any stores with regular bad reviews should really be given a wide berth.  When you find a store that looks good and feels good, have a look at their policies; which you can find when clicking on any listing and then clicking on the shipping and policies button.

Shipping and policies

When you have got a good feel of other stores policies you can form your own to suit your Etsy store.  Try not to just cut and paste all your information, put your own spin on it and make it your own.





Oh my…I cried at the post office one day.  Yep.  I surely did.  I had sold a small item, which I was very excited about, made the product, packaged it up beautifully, drove to the post office and was very happy to send it.  I am in Australia and this package was being posted to New York state.  It was a small package of cup cake toppers, made with paper and toothpicks, and I was charged $14.20 to send this parcel to America.  I charged my customer $2.75 for the postage 😦 and the value of the goods was a whole $8, so when I had to pay $14.20 I felt like my business was no longer viable and shed a tear as I was paying.

The problem was that I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, and sometimes the people at the post office don’t know what they are doing either.  I found out later I could have sent it as a letter if I hadn’t wrapped it in brown paper, then tied twine around the order and then added a cute little button…which all added to the weight of the order.

So some of the things you will need is:

  • Postage app for your region, I have the Australia Post app and love it! And it’s free! and essential!
  • Digital scales; you can get digital scales for around $15-$20
  • Source a good supplier of envelopes or other packaging you need.  When buying envelopes ect have a think about how you want your shop to look when the customer receives your item.  I have recently switched to Kraft brown envelopes to fit in with the style of my shop.  Previously I used whatever I had on hand, which was not always ideal.  You can get really nice envelopes from Kmart and Target now, great prices too!
  • Packing tape, just plain old packing tape and a packing tape dispenser which is around $10-$15
  • Label maker (a great investment I have just made and should have done long ago!) retails around $90.  I was actually hand writing the addresses on the envelopes and boxes, which again was not ideal and I can’t believe how good the new labels are.

Try to set up a small area for all your postage and packing, if you don’t have room just made do with what you have and hit Pinterest for a few ideas on how to set up your work space effectively.

Packaging should, again, reflect your store.  I package each order like it was bought in an actual store front instead of online.  I am also trying to make my packages a little different.  I really wish I had done all this at the very beginning but I have learnt a lot in the last 2 years.

Ruby Canoe Design Etsy Packaging




Just because you know how to do lots of things doesn’t mean you should make them all available.  This is something I have to take note of myself, it’s so easy to get carried away.  And when you’ve got confidence with your first shop you can always open another one.  All you need is a different email account and a new shop title and away you go.  I have plans to open my third Etsy shop which will be digital downloads only.

When you do have your store stocked make regular checks of your products and any products that aren’t getting any views or aren’t getting favourited (not sure it that is officially a word?), just deactivate them or try to revamp them a little to make your product more appealing.  See Tip 4 Tags, Titles and Photos





If you read any tips about Etsy you will always read that your PHOTOS are very important. For good reason too.  Shoot your photos in natural light.  I got myself a big sheet of white poster board for backing and I take it outside (Caution: this poster board acts as a sail on windy days!) put my product on a table that is waist or chest height and take photos.  I am currently in the process of retaking all of my photos because I just didn’t take this advice.

TAGS TAGS TAGS, use all 13 tags available.  And make sure you don’t overlook the obvious tags, for example, I have a line of paper butterflies and I neglected to add the word BUTTERFLIES OR BUTTERFLY to my tag list!  It took me months to even notice!  That was a big derr moment for me!  You can also take a look at similar products in other stores, go to the bottom of their page and you will see all the tags they have used.  Have a look at the image below, this is the bottom of my Lego Blueprint (Big Blue Canoe) which appears on the first or second page of a search for blueprints.

When you have listed and published your item, search for your own item and see what page it comes up on…if you are on page 10 or more try changing some tags until you can get a lower page number.


Don’t use fancy TITLES.  Use titles to tell it like it is!  Again with my paper butterflies…I have named my range of paper butterflies “SCATTERFLIES”  I love the name but I wouldn’t use it in the title as no one will search specifically for Scatterflies.  If you have a colour specific item, mention the colour and add the colour to the tags also.  Again, look at someone elses store, take information you learn from them and change it to make it your own.





You set what kind of payments you accept.  I strongly advise you accept all types of payments.  My sales increased after I accepted all payments.  Previously I only accepted PayPal, now I can take your money any which way! And up go my sales!





When listing your product you can list variations.  For example I sell paper hearts for weddings, the variations I offer are different pack sizes and different colours.  When my customer chooses to buy the heart pack, they pick the pack size and they are then charged accordingly.  Below is the Extra Large Paper Heart listing showing what the variations look like.



Not every listing requires a variation, but if customers are messaging you asking how much it will be if they purchase 50 of such and such thing, maybe you do need to add a variation.  Listen to your customer, they always tell you what they want.





The first thing I do in the morning is check my stats.  As I’m in Australia I get most of my views when I am asleep.  80% of my buyers live in the United States, so I usually wake up to a sale or two or a conversation (message) from a customer asking a question.  You’ll get to know the average views you get in a day.  If you’re not getting enough views or sales there may be many factors that can come into place.  believe it or not the weather plays a part, when the US are experiencing massive winter storms my sales dip a little, when it is a bit warmer more weddings take place, therefore my sales rise.  When your store has been open for a few months you can go back a few months and look at your stats and see a pattern forming.  This is also good to set realistic goals too.





Search for items that you personally love.  Like items, favourite shops and some people will favourite your shop and like your items in return.  So when you add a new item to your shop, that item will appear on their news feed = instant prospective views!  The more people who favourite your shop the more people might just see your items.







Plan your day:  At the beginning of each day (10am most days, sometimes earlier) I write a list of things I want to do and things I need to do.  Then work through them.  I know it sounds simple but it really works for me.  If this isn’t you, do something you know works for you.

Plan your year:  Yes plan your year.  I have a list of each month and I have written what section of my shop I need to work on.  I know I will be busy making Teacher Thank You gifts in October and November and December so I make sure in September I work on these products and have them all ready for my customers to buy.

Customers don’t want to struggle to buy stuff from you, so be prepared for whatever busy season suits your product.





Making money takes time, a whole lotta time.  Promoting yourself takes time.  Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter ect ect takes time.  Unless you put in the time you won’t magically earn a $1000 a week on Etsy but you will learn as you go so don’t get disheartened and just work on your business.  Your business isn’t just craft, it is so many other things too, and you control it all.

So that’s it, 10 tips to help you and your shop along a little bit.  If you get stuck, and it’s really easy to get stuck on Etsy, just google it, that’s what I did and that’s still what I do.

If this post has inspired you to open an Etsy shop click HERE and use the link then you and I both get 40 free listings.  That’s enough to have a nicely stocked Etsy shop!!

Good luck and feel free to comment with the name of your Etsy shop and/or a link! And don’t forget to check out my Etsy Shops:





Thanks and goodluck! xx Ruby

What To Draw and How To Draw It.

Ruby Canoe Design


A little discovery I made on http://www.archive.org This is a small selection of the book, What To Draw And How To Draw It by E.G Lutz.  I think these illustrations are just fantastic.  If you have kids, these illustrations would be great for them to follow.  I remember those “easy” to follow “how to” instructions, you know the ones, the ones with all the bloody circles.  I’m sure they were great for most people but I found them very confusing.

So give these little beauties a shot.  Just love the hummingbirds and the owls!


So cute!


Just love the tails on all of these bird illustrations!


Things just don’t really change much, do they?  Even a hundred years ago, people liked to draw owls.  Ya can’t go wrong with owls, right?


Whereever you are in the world, have a great day/night.

(Tuesday morning for me.)

♥Ruby RubyRuby♥


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Psst! Have You Heard Of Scatterflies?

So, have you heard of Scatterflies?  Probably not, cause I just made it up.  I decided to do a new line of products for my Etsy shop.  Complete with proper big girl packaging. And here is the completed product.

Scatterflies.  Hand punched paper cutouts of butterflies, dragonflies, and hearts…so far.  There are currently 27 in the range, but I do take requests…not to sing, cause nobody wants that! So if you are interested in Scatterflies or the concept of Scatterflies, but don’t see one in the colour you like or don’t see one in the shape you would like, just ask me!  🙂  You could also request a custom order from Etsy just by clicking HERE

So remember SCATTERFLIES by Ruby Canoe Design  $5 (Australian Dollars).  Tell your friends!!  xxx

Easy Do It Yourself Pet Bed

Easy Do It Yourself Pet Bed Tutorial Included. Ruby Canoe Design

***I originally posted this in June 2013.  However due to its popularity I have decided to repost this one.  I made one for one of my cats, she knows it’s hers and everytime I look at her curled up or sprawled across it it makes me smile.  So here it is…give it a shot, it’s very easy and lasts for quite a long time, I have added a little bit of stuffing in the last month but that’s it. Easy 🙂

The above picture is actually from a McCalls pattern.  I saw this picture on Pinterest and had a good look at it, sorted it out in my cluttered brain and then proceeded to make one pet bed complete with a top blanket…and I did it in about 15 mins for about $8.

I just know you wanna know how to do it…it is soooooo simple.  So I am going to show you how to make a cheap and easy, no sew, pet bed.

  1. Grab yourself 2 contrasting coloured fleece blankets, I got mine for about $4 each.
  2. Lay them on top of each other on the lounge room floor, making sure you haven’t attracted the attention of pets, because they WILL try it out by sitting right in the MIDDLE of your material.
  3. Cut an appropriate sized circle…mine was about a metre across (3 feet) I just sketched mine with a black marker.
  4. Now cut fringes all around the fleece circle.  Make sure they are about 4 cm (about 2 inches) wide and  I cut about 10cm (4 inch) in from the edge.  Be sure to keep both pieces of material together, they pretty much stick together anyway, so I didn’t even pin them.
  5. Now tie almost all of the fringes together, leave about ten untied.
  6. Find an old cheap pillow laying around and cut it open and stuff that stuff into the pet bed.
  7. Tie up the remaining fringes.
  8. I also added an extra bit of material on the top to act as a little blanket, cause it has been cold and I feel bad about them being cold.  So,  I cut a semi-circle from the left overs and gave it a fringe and tied that on too…I just have to lift up the little flap and Maat The Cat jumps on in.

Da daa, easy peasey!  Seriously it is so very easy to make.  This is something you could make with a very young child as well (supervision is essential, scissors: Ouchy mama).

I have also, previously, made a scarf with this tieing technique…so I suppose you could also make a reversible scarf with the two different colours tied together.

Anyway give it a shot and let us know how you did.  Please feel free to share this post or reblog if you would like, we don’t want our furry children to miss out! xx

PS Have you seen some of the lovely new additions to my Etsy shop, the listings might have changed quite a bit since last time you were there, so why not have a look 🙂 Click here.

And Happy New Year! xx

ELVIS MONTH Day 20 Frankie and Johnny (1966)

Year:  1966

Age:  30

Movie:  20th

Set on a paddle steamer.  Johnny entertains on the boat with Elly May Donna Douglas and Col. Sherman T. Potter  Harry Morgan plays piano.  Johnny just can’t stop gambling and visits a fortune teller.  She tells him his gal is bad luck and to try a red head.  They all sing the little known song, Chesay.  Elvis’s voice is just getting better and better.

Nancy Kovak, a red head, turns up playing Nellie Bly, and Frankie is not gonna be happy about it.  They act out the song Frankie and Johnny on stage, while singing a version of Frankie and Johnny.  It turns out that Nellie is actually the girl of the river boat owner.  Keep an eye out for the drunk red head girl helping Johnny win at the tables, she’s hilarious.  Oh there’s a dream sequence, which is nice enough.  The costumes in this movie are just beautiful.  When The Saints Go Marching number is nicely done for the budget given.  Elvis looks like a tin soldier…in good way.

All the lead girls go shopping for Mardi Gras costumes and they all pick the same, one of a kind, dress.  Johnny is dress as a cowboy with lots of fringe and sings Shout It Out, which is quite upbeat and really enjoyable.  And three girls are all dress as Madam Pompadore, and they all swap places and confusion reigns.  Johnny gets caught with Nellie, river boat owner cranky, Frankie cranky.

Frankie inadvertently suggests shooting Johnny on stage and the Boss’s right hand man decides it will solve everyone’s problems if Johnny is shot with real bullets while acting out the title song on stage.  Frankie throws a vase and it smashes in Johnny’s face while he’s trying to apologise, looks like that one could have gone wrong.

All the confusion has resulted in the boss proposing to Nellie.  Nellie goes to start the performance of the title song Frankie and Johnny, but the fake bullets have been replaced with real ones.  Will Johnny survive?  Frankie’s lucky cricket saves the day and they’re all back in love.

We could have probably lived with out the last song.  I think it would have been better replaced with When The Saints Go Marching In.

Pretty good movie, likable cast, good script, a few good songs.  Definately worth watching.

Co Stars Alive:  Donna Douglas  YEP

                                     Harry Morgan  NOPE

                                     Nancy Kovak  YEP

My Favourite Song:   Frankie and Johnny

Most Popular Song:   Frankie and Johnny

Stay tuned for Day 21 of ELVIS MONTH

ELVIS MONTH Day 6. Flaming Star (1960)

Year:  1960

Age:  25

Movie: 6th

I have been looking forward to seeing this one again.  It has been a few years.  I’ve always loved this one, mainly because it’s a western, it has E in it, and he is shirtless for quite a bit of the movie.  In my opinion, this is Top 2 of best acting efforts by Elvis.  The other being Charro! another western.  More westerns should be in his library of work but we get what we have been given (by the Colonel).  Elvis looks very comfortable in this role.

The original title of this movie was Black Star, and originally set to star Frank Sinatra and Marlon Brandon.  Elvis recorded Black Star and Flaming Star, however Black Star was not released until the 1990’s.

Elvis doesn’t actually sing the song Flaming Star in the movie, it’s just played during the opening credits and it also finishes the movie.  The only video I could find of Flaming Star is an edit, with bits from the movie.

Opening scene…A surprise party for Pacer (Elvis), not advisable to surprise a fully armed cowboy, however they all survived.  Straight into a song, there is no mucking around with this movie, Elvis movie, here sing a song.  That song Cane And A High Starched Collar.  This video is also an edit with clips of the movie.  Just can’t find these clips…

But…that’s the first and the second last song of the movie.  Having broke that news to you, I know of three others that related to this movie; Britches, which was cut from the movie, as was Summer Kisses Winter Tears and the original title song “Black Star”.

Elvis  plays Pacer, the son of a Kiowa mother (Elvis’ Great Great Great Grandmother was full Cherokee) and a Texas rancher father. His family, including a half-brother, Clint, live on the Texas frontier. A nearby tribe of Kiowa begin raiding neighboring homesteads, and Pacer is, apparently, also to blame as he is half Kiowa.

Publicity shots of Elvis in this movie was famously used by Andy Warhol.  I saw the originals a few years ago at the Andy Warhol exhibition.

The Kiowa chief wants Pacer to join him against the whites.  Pacer and his Kiowa mother travel to the Kiowa’s camp to try to come to a peaceful resolution.  This, of course, doesn’t happen.  And his Mum gets shot.  Stand off with the cranky towns people.  Kidnaps towns Doctor followed closely by Roslyn (Barbara Eden). Mother sees the flaming star and we say bye to Pacer’s Mum.

In his grief, Pacer joins the Kiowa tribe, feeling as though he may be accepted by his mother’s people and blaming the white man for her death.  The Chief promises that Pacer’s remaining family will be safe, however his Father is killed by a Kiowa warrior.

Then, pretty much your standard cowboy versus indian fight and Pacer rescues his brother.  The blood on Clint (Pacer’s brother) looks extremely fake, and off comes the shirt.

Clint returns to the town, badly wounded and the next day Pacer shows up to tell Clint he has seen the flaming star of death and then rides off into the hills to die, while tears well up in my eyes…damn you Elvis!

Co Stars Alive?  Barbara Eden  YEP

                                 Steve Forrest  NOPE

                                 Delores del Rio  NOPE

My Favourite Song:     Summer Kisses, Winter Tears.

Most Popular Song:   Flaming Star

Stay tuned for Day 7 of ELVIS MONTH.

Spectacular!  Waiting for his scene.

Spectacular! Waiting for his scene.

The board states the title of the movie is Flaming Lance, which is the title of the book upon which the movie is based.

The board states the title of the movie is Flaming Lance, which is the title of the book upon which the movie is based.

ELVIS MONTH Day 5 G.I. Blues (1960)

Year:  1960

Age:  25

Movie: 5th

Oh yeah.  G.I. Blues!  In fine colour in a fine uniform.  What a treat.  They are all colour from here on.  And we also get the fabulous Juliette Prowse.  Just love her.  Juliette and Ann Margaret are the top 2 without a doubt.  Elvis is 25 years old here and has been in the army so Tom Parker being the oportunist that he was thought they better do an army movie.  The difference between this Elvis and the Love Me Tender Elvis is amazing.  He has grown up a hell of a lot.  He is super confident and the voice has matured a little too.  The script is not serious at all but just fun.  It is the start of the, just for fun, Elvis movies.  Corny songs and corny scripts.  Girls, fights, love, songs…doesn’t sound much different than the first 4 really, but it is.  And at this point I am beginning to think that Edith Head just does the costumes for all movies full stop.

We start off with…”Home James and err, through the park” , but first a shower!!!  (sings a bit of What She Really Like).

And then off to the little restaurant for a little performance.  Warning to the patrons of this restaurant…there is a juke box, so there is bound to be a fight.  Haha the way the bar girl looks at Tulsa (Elvis).  Title song G.I. Blues is sung in the first 10 mins at the restaurant.

G.I Blues.

Doin’ The Best I Can

Then, wouldn’t you know it, Wayne (Character name is Mac in this one…Kenneth Becker) from Loving You shows up and puts Blue Suede Shoes on the juke box, fight ensues…MP’s turn up and poor Papa gets his glass door broken.  The boys then place bets of Tulsa being able to “spend the night” with the famous Chilly Lili.  Question: Why is Turks uniform a different colour?

And, they’re off to Frankfurt.  On the Frankfurt Special…always one of my favourite songs, so much fun.  That’s a hell of a big train interior too.  And I wouldn’t have expected those girls to be on the army train, but I haven’t been on an army train so it could be completely normal.  Hehe and another magical guitar, making sounds it can’t really make.   My parents went to Frankfort on a train and all I said to them is “Did you sing it?” they sure did! Cause my parents are awesome.

Frankfort Special

All of the scenes that were filmed in Germany were filmed using standins, and sometimes it’s more obvious than other times.

The boys are off to Cafe Europa to see Lili in her awesome outfit and to get Tulsa a date…And the boys get him to sing at the Cafe to impress Lili, it’s just a bit cute.

Shoppin Around

The scene after leaving the Cafe has a strange background and could have been filmed a little better.

Tonight Is So Right For Love  is the next song after Tulsa is again volounteered to perform.

They do make a cute couple on screen and off screen as well.

Tulsa gets a day off and spends it with Lili, sightseeing in “Germany”.  Some of the other boys hop on a bus, not just an ordinary bus, but a beautiful retro (now it’s retro, was probably new then) sleek, wonderful, bus.

Wooden Heart a huge favourite.  The old pupeteer, when the grammafunkin is kaput, needs someone to help sing…I know someone who is willing to help…take it away Tulsa.  Quite funny too.


A Pocketful Of Rainbows is one of the more memorable songs in this movie.  Lili (but not Lili) sings with Tulsa in the cable car.  A happy feel good song.

It seems that Elvis is just randomly gate crashing every place in Germany and singing for no reason, but hey, I’m not complaining.

Love the black shiny cape that Lili is wearing in her dressing room.  She certainly can dance.

Tulsa gets roped into baby sitting while his parents have run off to get married and all hell breaks loose (and so do the baby’s bottles).  There is only one gal to help poor old Tulsa, and that’s Lili.  Of course the baby needs a song and that song is the song I used to sing to my kids…

Big Boots.

Lili rescues Tulsa  and it’s almost the end…Tulsa proposes and Lili accepts (I don’t know if this is wise, she has an established career in Germany and he is in the Army and lives in the US, and they only really went out twice).

Didja Ever

Tulsa looks at the screen and asks Didja Eva?  Corny, I know.  But good bit of entertainment and great songs and sexy co-star, what could go wrong?  Watch it on a Sunday afternoon with a nice glass of red wine and enjoy the music and movie with a bit of volume!

King and Queen of Thailand visiting the set.

King and Queen of Thailand visiting the set.

Elvis during a 1960 shoot of G.I. Blues as he meets with princesses Margrethe of Denmark (left), Astrid of Norway (center), and Margaretha of Sweden

Elvis during a 1960 shoot of G.I. Blues as he meets with princesses Margrethe of Denmark (left), Astrid of Norway (center), and Margaretha of Sweden

Co Stars Alive?   Juliet Prowse  NOPE

                                 James Douglas  YEP

                                 Robert Ivers  NOPE

My Favourite Song:     Pocketful Of Rainbows/Frankfurt Special

Most Popular Song:    G.I Blues

Stay tuned for Day 6 of ELVIS MONTH.

ELVIS MONTH Day 4 King Creole (1958)

Year:  1958

Age:  23

Movie: 4th

Beautiful opening scene with the wet streets of New Orleans and songs about gumbo, which apparently is good enough to be in songs.  Must find out what gumbo is…did find out what gumbo is and it looks pretty good.  click on the above link for a recipe.

Edith Head doing the costumes, I always look forward to that.  Col Tom Parker is, again, the technical advisor…and the director is Michael Curtiz, the director of Casablanca.

First song the fantastic and little heard, Crawfish.  Danny Fisher (Elvis) accompanied by the beautiful voice of Kitty White.  Elvis is leaning on the balcony (at 1018 Royal Street 2nd floor apartment) singing with Kitty who is in the street.

Danny works at Max’s (Bad guy) {Walter Matthau) and Ronnie (Max’s gal)(and Morticia in another life time) {Carolyn Jones) is there.  This is where some creepy dudes demand he sings, and he sings his school song… Steadfast, Loyal and True.

I feel a fight coming on, que the dramatic music, and a few broken bottles and he saves the day and the girl without throwing one punch…see it can be done.  However, Danny gets into a  fight at school and then gets expelled.  Then the story begins… he joins the local gang lead by Shark (Vic Morrow), because he needs money to support his Father and Sister.  The guys are your standard, cookie cutter, Hollywood thugs.  In order to divert attention Danny sings in a store so the gang can steal things, old trick but it works.

Lover Doll

And so we meet up with Delores Hart again (Loving You) as Nellie.  She works at the store looking all sweet and innocent.

Walter Matthau as the abusive Max walks into his joint, hmm he looks real mean too.  Ronnie mentions the bus boy, Danny, can sing, so we get the song Trouble, which he also sings in the 68 Comeback Special.  Sings it real mean too.


The dresses that Nellie wears are just beautiful.  And Danny is trying very hard to get one of those dresses off her…when he gets a room for a party and she follows him to the party (which, of course, does not exist) poor sweet, innocent Nellie.

Danny gets a job at Big Bad Max’s rival club.  Which causes even more tension between the owners.  He launches into the song Dixieland Rock, including a little wiggle action.  It’s quite funny how the audience really “dig” that tune.  Overly enthusiastic extras.

Dixieland Rock.

Then Young Dreams

The expressions when he sings Young Dreams are borderline hilarious…but I think it’s just really cute.  He looks a little uncomfortable with an extended close up.

After the meeting with Max we head off to the King Creole night club and at the entrance of the club is the promotional pictures of Danny tacked to the wall, looks like they just got a few of Elvis’s studio pictures and whacked them on the wall.  Some very well known pictures too.  Then Danny performs New Orleans.

New Orleans

Unfortunately we only hear a few seconds of Hard Headed Woman, which is a great fasted paced rockin song.  The  video below is an edit of different shots from King Creole.

And then the fantastic title song King Creole (Leiber and Stoller).  I’m not sure that that guitar really makes that sound but it is a damn good song.

I always feel like there is disaster waiting around the corner with this movie.  It’s filmed dark, it feels dark and the story line is dark, but the music is just great.

Oh Ronnies floral dress is gorgeous.

Don’t Ask Me Why

So anyway, Danny beats up Max and then there is a weird knife fight (haven’t perfected the fighting thing yet). Danny has no where to go, all of New Orleans is after him…can’t see many more songs happening after this.  He wakes up in a house on the river.  Wow, what a great setting.  It just looks so peaceful.  A beautiful breeze on the water and no Max.  Yay.  I keep watching his cheeks during this scene with Ronnie on the wharf, have a look for yourself.

Max turns up.  Boo.An editing goof…the guy running behind Max…and then not…whoops.

And Danny is back at the King Creole and they all live happily ever after…no not really…but we get one last song…

As Long As I Have You.

Co Stars Alive?  Delores Hart YEP

                                Walter Matthau NOPE

                                Carolyn Jones NOPE

My Favourite Song:     Crawfish

Most Popular Song:    King Creole

Stay tuned for Day 5 of ELVIS MONTH.

Thanks for reading and viewing.  If you have enjoyed these posts please hit “like” or drop me a comment.  Have a great day/night…RUBY. XXX.

ELVIS MONTH Day 3 Jailhouse Rock (1958)

Year: 1958

Age:  23

Movie:  3rd

Ah Vince Everett in trouble over a girl, who would have seen that coming.  And those juke boxes are great for catching Elvis fight victims.  So off to jail for you young man.  Which is really good for us, cause we get a few good songs and Vince gets a good dose of the whip.  Some good acting. And a bit of not so good acting.  Oh I do believe I may be biased in my views.  And we get to say good bye to those lovely locks of hair.  But he seems to pull it off.  Those lovely locks of hair reappear in the next scene or two.

The scene of Vince working in the yard with his shirt off makes me smile.  These days an actor would be in the gym for hours everyday just for a shirtless scene, but Elvis is out there shovelling, being all sweaty and dirty with very little muscle tone…it was a different time kids.

The first song is sung by Mickey Shaughnessy, One More Day, love it.

Next song is a bit of Young And Beautiful, which I absolutely love.  I remember listening to it on my little record player.  Slow and romantic, kinda the opposite of what you want to sing in jail.

Then, I Want To Be Free.  Seems like a very unpolished song, but I like it anyway.  It’s just raw…that’s the only word I could think of.

So Vince has served his time and is released, and he is a little cranky and a bit of an arse.  So he meets Judy Tyler at a bar and away they go.  This was Judy’s last movie, as she and her husband were killed in a car accident a few weeks after filming was completed.

Judy Tyler.  Car accident.

Judy Tyler. Car accident.

Don’t Leave Me Now…

Classic Line:   Peggy: How dare you think that such cheap tactics would work on me… Vince: They ain’t tactics honey, it’s just the beast in me.

Treat Me Nice, not really strict on the whole lip syncing thing back in those days.

And those fans of old Disney movies will recognise Dean Jones who plays the DJ.  He was in The Love Bug and Shaggy DA and a few hundred other classics.   You remember those classics don’t you??

You don’t hear too much sex talk in an Elvis movie, but there are a few in this one.

So quite possibly one of the most famous musical numbers is, of course, Jailhouse Rock,  completely awesome.  Choreography by Alex Romero and Elvis.  I have read somewhere that Gene Kelly actually watched the filming of this scene too.  This musical number has also been credited as being the prototype of the music video.  Having said that you probably shouldn’t blame Elvis for MTV.  Nobody could have seen that coming.  Lay it on me Daddyoooo…

Baby I Don’t Care, is the next song, a really cool song too.  Most of the songs from Jailhouse Rock are under 2 mins long, which is not really long at all.  Great outfit! So 50’s.

The scene with Vince sitting on the floor playing with those dogs, so cute.

Last song…You’re So Young and Beautiful…again 🙂

This movie is the iconic Elvis movie.  A little similar to Loving You, cranky man, nice girl, sings, fights, gets the girl.  The majority of people on this little planet recognise the clip and the outfit (Prisoner # 6240) and it’s full of great songs mostly provided by the team of Leiber and Stoller.  Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller had to be locked in a hotel room for four hours so they could actually get around to writing these songs.



Co Stars Alive?    Judy Tyler:  NOPE

                                  Mickey Shaughnessy:  NOPE

                                   Dean Jones:  YEP

My Favourite Song:     Young and Beautiful

Most Popular Song:    Jailhouse Rock

Stay tuned for Day 4 of ELVIS MONTH.

My Top 10 Blogs.

I have nominated these 10 blogs for the Epically Awesome Award Of Epic Awesomeness, because I enjoy their blogs regularly.  So head on over and have a look around.

  1.  Elizabeth Thomas Photography Of Cape Cod:  Love the photography of Elizabeth.  Such beautiful subjects, photography and blog (pics  available for purchase).
  2. Eldin Smille:  Art and Stuff…Just finished filming his first movie.  Congratulations! Follow his blog to keep up to date on the progress of his future work.
  3. Write Meg:  Books books books, loves anything to do with stationery and has a few columes as well.  Busy gal.  Nice blog.
  4. 1000 Hearts:  The title says everything.  I look forward to seeing every heart.  Just lovely work.  Follow this blog and enjoy a thousand hearts. ❤
  5. An Owl A Day Keeps Burnout Away…Right?  Again the title…An owl a day, who doesn’t love owls?  Any who wouldn’t like to see one everyday?  Follow for an owl.
  6. 2 Me 4 Art:  Lots of great pics of nature and other great stuff.  Head over to Amy’s blog and have a look, cool!
  7. Mummyshymz: Really nice blog about family life and life in general.
  8. Jess Finds Vintage:  Guess what this blog is about 🙂  Lots of really nice vintage finds.  Worth a visit!
  9. Doron Art:  Self taught artist, love the art love the blog.
  10. A Thing Created:  Just fantastic blog with a heap of fantastic artwork.  Illustrating fashion and pretty things 🙂


Top 10, Completely Sexy Pics Of Elvis.

1.  Blue shirt sexy Elvis.


2.  Oh Elvis, you silly.

3.  Oh those cheek bones!

4.  Bearded Elvis, oh my.  (Charro, movie)

5.  The King.

6.  Hearty laughing Elvis.

7. Candid Elvis

8.  Karate Chop Elvis.

9.  Action packed Elvis, rockin in my favourite…The Fringe Suit.

10.  Black leather Elvis.

My Elvis Board on Pinterest where you will find the other 2150 pins.  Completely addicted, I know, but not crazy addicted, huge difference.

And it’s my Birthday today…  🙂  42 today!


Chocolate Bilby for Easter?

Happy Easter to all of my wonderful family who I see all the time, and especially the ones I don’t see all the time.

And Happy Easter to you, that is if you believe in Easter…and if you don’t, have a happy and relaxing Sunday xxx

In Oz we have chocolate bilbies available for Easter.  Because the bilby is endangered, each sale of a chocolate bilby goes towards helping to save these little cuties.

Check out the wiki page for bilbies: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macrotis


Where The Wild Eggs Are!


The wild eggs are in my front yard.

We have rogue chickens.  Yep rogue chickens, not chickens that are nonconformists, or are livin off the grid, just chickens that turn up in our front yard and lay eggs.  Well I presume they’re chickens, because none of us have ever seen a chicken wandering our front yard, probably because we live in kinda suburbia (kinda suburbia would be: not living 10cm from the next house, but about 10 metres from the next house, and a fairly big backyard).

Things we have seen in or around our front yard:

  1. A turtle (We live about 700 metres from a creek, poor turtle must have been tired.)
  2. A peacock (scared the holy shit out of me when it honked as I walked passed)
  3. A huskie in the back yard (he was as unhappy as I was to see him in the yard, very cranky dog)
  4. A rottweiler under my house (open the door of the office and standing infront of me was a GIANT rottweiler, we look at each other and I close the door and waited half an hour, strange encounter)
  5. A kangaroo (my daughter was waiting for the bus in the bus shelter across the road, ear phones in, as teens do, looks up, kangaroo jumps by, weird!).  Us Aussie think that people from other countries think that we have kangaroos just jumping down the middle of our streets, well, to be honest, sometimes it does happen, but not often!
  6. Snakes (not many, about…5 in the front yard over 20 years, that’s enough,

On the up side maybe the snakes will get rid of the chicken problem 😮

The Little Shop On The Corner.

Whatever happened to the corner shop, oh hang on, that’s right…it turned into Woolworths 😦 I remember a shop (not on a corner though) across the road from my primary school.  It was quite small.  Little wooden steps lead to a big solid wooden door, wooden uneven floors.  Boy did they have a great selection of lollies.  You could stand there and choose the lollies you wanted and the shop keeper would get the tongs out and put the chosen few into a little white paper bag.  Most of the lollies were half a cent each but the good ones were 2 cents each.

Being situated across the road from a primary school, that had over one thousand students, I bet they did a great trade before and after school.  I just miss these shops.  Sometimes you can stumble upon these little treasures on a drive well away from the cities.  So I guess I should go for a little drive in the future and have a nice cuppa out the front of a nice little store that has wooden floors.  And a lolly or two.




♥Sweet Ruby xxx



Modern Art and a Chocolate Shop.


The World Turns byMichael Parekowhai:  Love this elephant. The artist’s proposal comprised of three separate life-sized sculptures cast in bronze: a massive elephant tipped on its head, a kuril  (below) the local native water rat (I did not know that) which looks the elephant directly in the eye and the third a chair …um I didn’t see a chair? But I wasn’t looking for one either, so I’d say it is actually there.  Approx 5.5 tonnes.  Oh and I bumped into the head curator’s parents and had a lovely chat.



Piece by Tiffany Chung. This white “table” consists of, what seems like, thousands of little glass animals.  When you walk into the room from the other darkened rooms, it is such a great feeling.  The light that is reflecting off the glass fills the room.  Just spectacular.25-DSC_0057


Close up (well as close as I could get with my camera) of the giraffes.


More elephants, many many elephants and more.


The Toy Room (That’s what I am calling it anyway) Just kicking myself.  I didn’t take a photo of the information on the (very patient) artist who completed this work.  This is quite a small room but it is completely full of these pvc piping and toys (trucks and cranes etc).  (The next 4 photo’s are from the same room).34-DSC_0066

In the next 2 photo’s you can see the pipes and the cranes and a very detailed art piece on the wall.  The second photo shows an enlarge portion of the first.


I love this wonderful room.


The table below looks as if there is little boxes drawn on it, but this is actually a very detailed floor plan.  It has many many rooms, with the doors added in; it has bathrooms, toilets, sinks, bedrooms, everything.  I would love to have a kitchen table with this on it.  It is just wonderful to see.



The Vertical Village: A piece by Nguyen Manh Hung.  Here he captured the humorous reality of people moving into huge high rises -what he calls “vertical village” – but living as if they are still in a rural environment.  (Not my words, taken from the information plaque).

This piece is very well presented in its own cave-like nook, surrounded by cloud.



Love the detail, the little wonky turquoise window shutters at the top and the white ladder leaning on the structure, and even the air conditioning units.  So much to see, a bit like a where’s wally? (or waldo) page, the more you look at it or into it, the more you can find.



Papua New Guinean carvings. (2 Pic)  So much detail and the vibrancy can not be properly appreciated without standing there yourself.  Such happy totem poles with their smiley faces…I am not sure that the happy faces are meant as a welcome (in the old days anyway…I am guessing it used to mean “hello, we are happy to have you for dinner”) …no disrespect intended        🙂 <— smiley face.

50-DSC_0082 52-DSC_0084

Male and Female Spires:  I just thought I might include the information plaque that describes the last picture.  Mainly because of the kids sections.  I like how they have thought about the kids and explained it, only slightly, differently.  It’s a nice idea and surely must be appreciated by parents that love to teach their kids about art and other cultures.



Oh and the chocolate shop part of the title…well my son met me when I finished at the gallery and we went to get sushi for lunch, which wasn’t too bad; then we went for a walk to Southbank (former sight of Expo 88).  Specifically because I wanted to have a bit of a look at the Max Brenner Chocolate Shop, and strangely enough my son didn’t complain about it either.  We walked in and the smell was amazzzzingggg!  Oh so yummy!  We had just had lunch so I didn’t feel like a hot chocolate just wanted to window shop from the inside.  But we were offered a taste test and it was very nice indeed, hhmmm yummm.  They had great chocolate accessories as well, my favourite is definitely the kangaroo cup…

The chocolate melts and goes into your coffee and see the spoon, one end to mix and the other to lick! https://shop.maxbrenner.com.au/p-114-kangaroo-cup.aspx

So in closing…if you’re in Brisbane (Brisvegas, Brissy) drop into one of the Art Gallery’s then go and get yourself a hot chocolate from Max Brenner and please don’t tell me how good it is, because I have never had a Max Brenner hot chocolate. 😦   <—sad face…

Well that was some of my Friday…it’s almost the weekend people…enjoy!

Ruby Canoe xxx



Crazy Cats and A Beer Bus.

I sprayed the bathroom this morning with very diluted bleach, and then the cat attacks start.   Maaty (named, by my 10 year old son, after the Egyptian Cat God) attacks Tig (named by my 7 year old daughter after the other 4 billion cats called tiger), then Maat attacks the bath mat, which I am standing on, which leads to Maat attacking me.  I am then rescued by my son…bloody cat.  Then I walk into the lounge room to see Maaty attacking my Flip Flops (in Australia we call them thongs but I really didn’t want that thought burnt into your brains) (you’re welcome). So took a few shots of our baby.  She fell asleep a little after this,  because cats can only go bird shit crazy for a few minutes at a time.

Maaty Cat

Maaty Cat

After a tiny bit of housework this morning I went for a little drive to Rosewood.  Beautiful drive.  Everything is so green due to the cyclone, tornadoes, floods and extreme hot weather (just a normal January I suppose).  I went out to visit Alona from Blooming Mad About Flowers http://www.bloomingmadaboutflowers.com.au who had a stall set up in town, with a great display of flowers all ready for Valentines Day.   And an added bonus, the flowers are artificial (top quality) so they last forever and always look great.

Blooming Mad About Flowers

Blooming Mad About Flowers

So while I was out there fully armed with my camera, I got a shot of the XXXX Beer Bus which is great illustration inspiration for me.  Nothing I like more than old buses and caravans ❤

Fourex (XXXX) Beer Bus Rosewood, Queensland

Fourex (XXXX) Beer Bus Rosewood, Queensland

One of the Rosewood Pubs

One of the Rosewood Pubs

Unfortunately I took this from the otherside of the tracks, so to speak…

So that is Saturday so far, now I have to go and supervise the making of dinner with my usual helpers (red wine…only one glass, and Elvis) and then consume my dinner and maybe watch a movie or two.  Have a great night.

❤ Ruby Canoe.

“All water has a perfect memory and is forever trying to get back to where it was.” Toni Morrison


Three photos from the latest January floods of Queensland.  This is starting to become a regular thing.  Note to self…make no plans for next January and maybe learn some canning/survival techniques from Pinterest.

The first day of school was cancelled yesterday and moved to today.  Strange that my daughter was not in the least bit disappointed.  We had decided last night that we would get up a little earlier and leave a little earlier.  Sounds like a good plan.  We leave early. So far so good. We round the first corner…military police directing traffic (we live near an air base).  Ok, that was ok, now onto the highway, yay. And now we see why the MP’s were directing the traffic. My husband tells me the line of traffic went for about 5kms. Eeek! Went through town, turned around at flooded roads 5 times, sat in traffic for half an hour…blah blah blah, we get to school an hour later (which is actually only 10 kms away and takes 12 minutes usually)…rinse and repeat for the trip home.  In summary we left for school at 7.20am and I got home at 9.55 am.

The one thing that stood out in my mind was…I should always pee before leaving home.

Time To Create A Banner For Ruby Canoe


So being as this is a creative blog and I illustrate then I suppose I have to get cracking and develop a few banners for the blog.  My mission this week is to create a range of 5 or so banners.

I always find it so difficult to start a new project but as soon as the first one is penciled in I seem to have so many ideas pop into my head.  This is usually the way in which I have developed my style, in other words, completely by accident.  My son calls them happy accidents and I tend to agree.  At least when I’m drawing I can rub them out, which sometimes is a disadvantage to the creative process.  For instance; when I’m painting and I experience a “happy accident” I just go with the flow, in a direction that I had never intended to go.  Most of the time it works and on the odd occasion it is just a big load of crap.

So off to create..Stay tuned for new banners.

Ruby Canoe.

“If not now, when?”

Beautiful Koala (not a bear) Photographer S.Jardine

Beautiful Koala (not a bear) Photo S.Jardine.

So I don’t have any cute little toddlers to take photos of; I have found it quite difficult to get an 18 year old and a 15 year old to participate in cute finger painting photos for my blog. Really? Yes Really.

And I don’t have an abnormally fantastic and shabby chic kinda house; one day I will and it will be very shabby and very chic, however, I can’t really picture my husband sleeping in a very shabby chic bedroom, but then again he will have his eyes closed. He’ll be fine.  Happy wife happy life, he says.

And I don’t go on very original and bloggable holidays, (not including the trips to Mum and Dad’s farm in Tasmania) but I do have a bit of time on my hands and  I will get to show you life in Brisbane, Queensland Australia and all the fantastic and weird and wonderful things we have.

Posts will include:

  • Weekly illustrations
  • Stories of dodging kangaroos on the way to pick up my daughter from school
  • The weather, so much weather.  Hot, cold, fires, floods and that was just this week!
  • My terrible and incurable love (maybe it should be called a fetish?) for stationery.
  • Art, art supplies, drawing, painting, doodling et cetera, et cetera, et cetera (and of course you have to say that in the voice of Yul Brynner)
  • Top 10 Lists
  • Movie reviews
  • Recipes, just standard for most blog these days (blog standard maybe?) Not that there is anything wrong with that!
  • Tutorials
  • My attempt at a Pinterest project or two and the fantastic results (some haven’t been that fantastic).
  • And just some other funny and random stuff.

So stay tuned and please comment on as many things as you would like.  I will reply to every email or post.

Ruby Canoe