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ELVIS MONTH Day 2 Loving You (1957)

Year: 1957 Age:  22 Movie: 2nd Elvis gets his first on screen kiss. Second movie and the first one in colour.  Beautiful, wonderous, 1957 colour.  Just brings out the costumes, those Edith Head costumes. It doesn't take long to meet young Deke Rivers (Jimmy Thompkins) (Elvis) at the 5 min 30 mark he comes rockin… Continue reading ELVIS MONTH Day 2 Loving You (1957)

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ELVIS MONTH Day 1 Love Me Tender (1956)

Year: 1956 Age: 21 Movie: 1st Love Me Tender is the only Elvis movie where he was not top billing. So this is Elvis' first movie.  I just happen to love love love westerns, and love black and white movies too.  1956 was such a long time ago.  15 years before I was born, (having… Continue reading ELVIS MONTH Day 1 Love Me Tender (1956)

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Bearded Elvis.

Charro! Bearded Elvis... Charro! is a 1969 Western movie starring, wait for it...Elvis Presley, surprised weren't you?!  Ok, so no songs featured in this one, you just get the title song, but it's a good one.  A great 60's/early 70's cowboy ballad...I may or may not be biased in this opinion...And it's the only movie… Continue reading Bearded Elvis.

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The Great Gatsby.

So excited to see The Great Gatsby.  I haven't read the book, haven't seen any screen version, so I don't know what to expect.  But if Baz did it I really need to see it.  That guy and his team are amazing.  Everything is just so intentional.  When I say intentional I mean, everything you… Continue reading The Great Gatsby.

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Hello Charlie. The Kid.  1921. Charles Chaplin and Jackie Coogan (Uncle Fester). Just thought I would share this movie great.  Love the locations and the acting, the cinematography, just a great movie.  Even though it is a silent movie you should have a look at this great movie.  I think this is the edited version.  Charlie… Continue reading Hello Charlie.

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Top 3 Pin Up Gals

Top 3 Pin Up Gals.   Betty Grable...Back when movie stars had a butt and hips and that was completely normal.  The number one pin up gal of World War 2 was Betty Grable.  Had her legs insured by the movie company for $1,000,000.00.  Had her body painted on countless war planes, had her poster… Continue reading Top 3 Pin Up Gals


The first 15 mins…

The Art of Hosting The Academy Awards... So I am just watching a replay of the Oscars with Seth...So far I am quite impressed, look Captain Kirk! I love Seth's voice, I love that song "We saw your boobs" so good.  Channing and Charlize dancing! and soft shoe.  Jeez I love it love it love… Continue reading The first 15 mins…


Alternative Movie Posters

Amelie, such a wonderful movie, beautifully filmed, fantastic acting, fantastic everything.  If you haven't watched this movie because of the subtitles, please do not deprive yourself of this movie.  My fav scene is walking the blind man across the road, keep an eye out for it.  This movie really just touches my heart. I went… Continue reading Alternative Movie Posters