Pin Up Girls

I was on Pinterest the other day (shocker I know) and I was looking for pin up girl pics, not that difficult to find really.  I was specifically looking for a good pic for my business cards.  It was really quite weird when I found a very lovely pic, she was fully dressed, everything covered, no boobage what-so-ever…but there was a few comments attached to it.  One person, who is completely entitled to her own opinion (even if it is wrong) totally lost it over this pic.  Ranting about how disgusting it was and indecent and blah blah blah.  I just find it strange that people with these kind of attitudes find it necessary to tell everyone about it.  And in order to comment on a Pinterest picture you actually have to click on it and make it much bigger, if you are so offended by such a picture why click on it?  Really!  I have seen some pictures on Pinterest that I was a little unimpressed with, but I just kept on scrolling.  Problem solved.  If you don’t like something on TV, turn it off.  If you don’t like something or someone on Facebook, block them.  Don’t like a website, don’t go there.  A friend is causing you stress, don’t be friends.  Someone pisses you off on the roads, turn up the music and smile and remember you aren’t the dickhead in this situation (hopefully, and if you are the dickhead, stop being a dickhead).

Having said all that my beautiful business cards are on their way.  I got them from Zazzle, and really hope they turned out well, they should arrive early next week.  (Another item checked off my list,…remember the post from a few days ago?) I ended up using one of their many templates, the one with a Vargas girl on the front.  Love me a Vargas Gal.  Alberto Vargas was just brilliant.

Boobs^ if it offends just keep scrolling…

This is the picture I’ve picked to put on my business cards. So pretty!

Have a great day! xx

Top 3 Pin Up Gals

Top 3 Pin Up Gals.

  Betty Grable…Back when movie stars had a butt and hips and that was completely normal.  The number one pin up gal of World War 2 was Betty Grable.  Had her legs insured by the movie company for $1,000,000.00.  Had her body painted on countless war planes, had her poster pinned up in hundred of thousands of lockers.  Miss Betty Grable, she just looks like a funny gal.  Someone you could hang with.  For me, the most famous of her movies is How To Marry A Millionaire with the equally as fabulous Miss Lauren Bacall, (and of course MM) these gals had spunk.  Take in a few of her movies, it will be well worth it and something a little different from a few of the choices we have at the moment.


  Miss Sophia Loren, wow, that gal is all woman.  Only an accent would make her sexier, oh hang on…okay she is just perfect, right?  The old saying is she would look good in a potato sack applies here.  This woman is a strong, take no bullshit kinda woman.  There should be more of it I say.  What happened? Where did these kind of woman go and how did we end up with “actresses” like, lets say the Lindsey Lohan?  (and is Lindsey just famous for being a giant twat now?)  Sophia is getting on a bit now (78) and she is still awesome.  Love to watch her act, love her in interviews, just love her.


  The fabulous; Gene Tierney.  Absolutely in love with her.  She starred in two of my favourite movies.  The first being The Ghost and Mrs Muir, which was beautifully filmed and acted, this movie is still very watchable today.  Also starred Rex Harrison as the Captain (the ghost).  Very sexy Rexy I must say.  Gene plays the part of Mrs Muir, a widow and up and coming author, with a little help from the Captain.  Of course they fall in love, which is heart breaking.  It really pulls at the heart strings.  The final scene always makes me sob like a baby, always, every time, I try not to but, every time.   So if you need a good cry watch it.   The second movie is Leave Her To Heaven, what a bitch in this one.  Love the scene on the beach only because I love the swimmers she is wearing.  What a beautiful fabulous woman she was, but always looks sad even when she’s smiling.

Foot Note: Whilst researching this topic I discovered that there is such a thing as Wikifeet…I am not judging!

So do yourself a favour, go and watch these gals shake their things or just watch any old black and white movie.   They’re pretty damn good.

Ruby xx ❤

The Art of The Pin Up.


Who doesn’t love a pin up?  They’ve been around for more than a century, in some form or another.  Originally starting as a type of business card for performers, actresses, models etc.  And clearly, with the name pin up, the pictures were intended to be pinned to a wall.  And holy hell what a wall you can make.

The pin ups that I do remember I actually only saw in old movies (and I saw a lot of old movies).  Boy oh boy the pin ups that I didn’t see are just amazing.  The wonderful works of Al Moore, Alberto Vargas and Gil Elvgrens are what symbolizes a pin up for me.


Alberto Vargas…those eye.  Such a wonderful piece of art.

4586401703Alberto Vargas


Al Moore


Gil Elvgren


Gil Elvgren,


I really don’t think pin ups are ever going to lose their appeal.  Fanny’s Cupcakes (fanny means something completely different in Australia) have designed this wonderful and sexy pin up to brand their product.   Really well done Fanny!

Other more successful companies have also used the pin up in advertisements…



And now we have moved onto the funky rockabilly pin ups that have made their way to cyberspace, and thank God for that cause they are just fantastic…here is a small selection:


Oh my God, click up there ^ have a look at the awesome photos of pin ups and hot rods and all the other photos, just candy for your eyes!  Do it!


Check out Scarlett Peacock as well, since your in a clicky mood…great shots!


Fun quirky stuff, you’ll love it.  He seems to have a great sense of humour.


Unfortunately I couldn’t find a source for this picture, 😦

I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed doing it.  Hit like, add a comment (all comments will be replied to) or follow along, and have a great week.  Hope to see you back here soon.

♥Rockin Ruby♥