Hot Trailer Love <3.

Beautiful patterns and beautiful textures in my beautiful little trailers; “Princess Cupcake” and the well received “Pretty Blue and Pink Trailer”.  So nice to cruise through Pinterest and check out all the revamped trailers or caravans.  I am sure it takes so much love and so very much money.  And all the patience that I do not have but would love.


And this may very well be the only wine you are allowed to drink in my super fantastic, very retro caravan (of my mind).  By a Some Young Punks…Super cool and a little sexy.  Love the labels and the names are just as awesome.  Am I the only one who picks wine because the labels are awesome…surely not!  Me looking for a nice bottle of wine:  dum de dum…hmmm, merlot, (pretends to read label and pretends I care if it goes with meat or dessert) maybe a cab sav or …oh look pretty, a seahorse, oh look something retro, oh vintage, oh buy all the wine…   😀

Some Young Punks, it’s just fun:

  1. Drink & Stick…This bottle is provided with stick on clothes for the scantily clad young Bettie Page(ish) woman.
  2. Monsters, Monsters Attack…Picture is big monster, he step on little people and use lasers out of eyes to get the rest.
  3. Passion Has Red Lips…This is taken from a very old, lets say, sexy type of book.
  4. The Squids Fist…Reminiscent of 20,000 leagues under the sea (I always sing those last three words).
  5. The Fire In Her Eyes…It’s probably from the first four bottles of wine she had.
  6. Naked On Roller Skates…I have never been…
  7. Quickie…umm, we all love a quick glass of wine on the odd occasion.

Have a great Saturday/night.  Have a nice glass or red (or two or three).

Ruby “Red” Canoe

Let’s Go On A Little Vacation!

Luggage means travel.

When I see these old suitcases I just imagine the things they’ve seen and the places they’ve gone.  Who owned them so many years ago?  Who owns them now?  Would the original owners be happy we have discovered new ways to upcycle these little wonders, truth be known they probably couldn’t care less really.  It would be like some cool young chicky, 60 years in the future, upcycling your old Ipad into a piece of art that sits on a bio-mechanical frame,  in the middle of the kitchen and does the dishes on a whim.  (If this upcycled craft has hit Pinterest, I haven’t seen it yet, so please message me with a link).


    PHOTO: No source. Illustration :


 PHOTO:  No source. Illustration:




LADY & LUGGAGE:   Source unknown 😦






 YELLOW/PINK: Can’t find a source for these beauties!

Going On A Ghost Hunt Tonight…


So tonight we are off to the South Brisbane Cemetery Tour.  My sister and I and 6 of my sisters friends are attending with some poor unfortunate randoms.  Those poor people don’t know what they are in for.  To say that my sister and I have a reputation for being loud is an understatement, and then throw in 6 other loud funny women who have probably enjoy one or two glasses of wine with dinner before attending the tour, it’s gonna be a doozy.

If we do bump into a ghost we will be sure to rip off his numerous masks and reveal who he really is…the cranky old man from up the road….unfortunately we aren’t meddling teenagers anymore, but I expect we will all be acting like some.

Have an awesome Friday everyone, and I will see some of you at the tour tonight…can’t wait.

♥Ruby “Spooky” Canoe♥

There is nothing I find sexier than…

a big stack of old books.  Sometimes I look at pics of a room full of old dusty, smelly (to some) books and think…that’s what the inside of my head looks like.  My mind has an old roll top desk in the left hand corner with an old chair, that has rusty wheels, pushed up against it.  The chair is there merely to hold more books.  The desk is stacked high with thick volumes on subjects I don’t even care for, but I dearly want to read just because the outside looks awesome.  I am afraid I do judge a book by its cover (however, I do not judge people that way). On the other side of the room is an antique dress makers form (which I do own) and lots more books.  A cup of coffee that I forgot to drink because I got sidetracked, again.  A record player (my daughter, a toddler at the time, described it as; that thing that plays those giant black CD”s) and a wonderful display of my Elvis records, because, why would I need to listen to anything else really. In the back corner is a giant display of my Faber-Castell pencils, all of them, and old paint brushes and sketching pencils and paints and, well that kinda sums up my mind.  It sounds like I have put too much time in thinking about it, but I haven’t, that is just how it looks.

This week, I am hoping to take a drive into Brissy (Brisbane) to check out the Gallery Of Modern Art (GOMA) and have a coffee at the State Library.  Can’t wait. If I have time I’m going to indulge in a little sketching.

Sculpture byMichael Parekowhai

Sculpture by
Michael Parekowhai

From the Asian Collection

From the Asian Collection

Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso

If only the state library looked like any of these…but it’s still okay.

Go to:  for the original source of this picture.

Go to: for the original source of this picture. The entrance of the Duluth Public Library, Minnesota

For the original source go to:

For the original source go to: Kansas City Library

For the original source go to:

For the original source go to:    Cafebreria El Pendulo, Mexico City, Mexico

For the original source go to:

For the original source go to:   Library of the Dutch Parliament, The Hague, conserving all ever said and written words in the parliament.

And a cat reading a book, just because.

So please check back during the week to see some shots from the Art Galleries and the State Library in Brisbane, Queensland, OZ.

Catch ya later.