Kaisercraft Paper American Craft Paper

Ruby Canoe Design mostly uses Kaisercraft paper, which I love.  I have a huge stock of them in the studio and, maybe once a month, buy a bit more of the colours I need…until last week!  I was a little (a lot) horrified to find my local supplier is no longer stocking Kaisercraft and is replacing it with American Craft paper.  A little bit of panic set in.  That is until I did about 30 seconds of research and, judging by the packaging of American Craft paper packs, it looks like they may well be the same product with different names.

After banging out a few panicky emails to my supplier they are getting new stocks in about 2 months time…ain’t no body got time for that!  😦  But they did send me a colour conversion chart and here it is for anyone that also needs it.

Kaisercraft American Craft

Bird House Party Favours

Well school is ending here in Australia, for another year.  The grade 12 “kids” finished up a few weeks ago, the grade 11’s and 10’s finished yesterday and I think most of the other grades finish this week and next week.  This year has gone so fast, says everyone over 35.  It certainly has.

I have sold quite a few teacher related pieces lately.  Just a little something to say Thanks.  And I have also supplied these little bird house party favour boxes.  My neice is using these to give as gifts to her prep class this year, and I think her Mum might even throw in a few little chocolates as well.  So I thought I might just set these boxes up to be Christmas decorations for the tree or to hang on a door handle, they are way to cute to be disgarded.  They are available at the Etsy store for only $2.50 each and they come flat packed.  They take about 2 minutes to put together and you need no other supplies.  So why not have a look and grab some for your tree this year.

Hopefully since my kids are on holidays I can rope them into helping me fill this Etsy store a bit.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Ruby C xx

Ferris Wheel Fun

Spent a fair bit of time on this and I love it.   The carriages are little bird houses tied with red ribbon. Just posted it on my facebook page, I just wish that I could have taken some outside shots of this but mother nature had some other ideas.  We have just had a very wild storm pass through here with loads of lightning and thunder and even reports of a tornado nearby.  Luckily we missed out on most of it and we didn’t lose power either.  Hope everyone is okay though.

Using My Silhouette To Cut Transparencies

Well, I took the plunge a few hours ago and finally used the OHP transparencies I had bought last week.  I was terrified that the transparencies would ruin my laser printer…my new laser printer at that too.  So I hummed and harred (is that really a  word?) for about an hour, loaded the feed with the transparent film twice, and then backed away.  I told my family I was about to do this, and my husband say “here, let me have a look”.  All I thought was, “thank God I have someone to blame when it bursts into flames”.  Then he had a bit of a look and hit the print button and …  no flames!

I printed the pink butterflies first and loved the result.  I just sat there and looked at them for a little while.  Really nice.  If you have a laser printer you have to make sure that the film that you put into it is for laser printers and not not not for ink jet printers.  Okay! You no load inkjet stuff into laser printer.  No.

So anyway, I am using the print and cut feature on my Silhouette Cameo machine.  I have the design software and I don’t really know if you need that software to use the print and cut or if you can print and cut without it.  If you haven’t used the print and cut on your Cameo before you probably should start with a print and cut image that you get from the Silhouette Store.  And when you have practised on that then you should go to You Tube and watch some tutorials on how to make you own print and cut files.  It really is very easy.  That is one thing I would say about the software for the Silhouette Cameo…it is easy to learn, I am serious, I am certainly not good at these types of things but I have picked this up very quickly.

So I created a print and cut file of the butterfly and printed it onto the transparency and cut…well it almost cut, so before I unloaded it I sent it through the machine again to get a better cut and shouldn’t have, because the cutting mat I had it on was not very tacky and the plastic butterflies came off the mat and got stuck in my machine.  It didn’t take much to get them out but I did panic a tiny bit.  I was thinking about how I could fix this as my mats aren’t very sticky, and then it came to me…my very first cutting mat…the mat that I tried to fix by painting repositionable glue on, the mat that became so super sticky that nothing would lift off that bloody thing, nothing…so it would be perfect for this little project.

I ran the next set of butterflies through the printer then placed them on my super sticky cutting mat and it did not move at all.  I am so glad I didn’t through it away, it came in very handy.  So moral to this story…don’t throw out the mat you stuffed up when you were trying to save it…you might just need it one day.

Well, the butterflies became something very pretty.  I cut a notch in the butterfly and attached each butterfly to a tea bag.  They sit magically on the side of a cup of tea and just look super sweet.  And of course they needed a cute little box to put them in, so the butterflies now reside in a cute little pillow box awaiting new homes.  They have been on my Facebook page for an hour so far, and I’ve got three orders for them.  Yay!  Most of my sales come from my Facebook page click here, but I have also put them in my Etsy store too, if you would like to have a look just click here.  Items are made to order, and dispatch in 1 – 2 business days.

Feel free to tell me what you think by comments or message on Facebook as well.  I am thinking about a give away on my Facebook page soon, the give away will be anything from the Etsy store, so hit like and don’t miss out!

Thanks guys.  Don’t forget to like and share and comment.  I am just a Mum trying to make some money here and there 🙂

Have a great week.  Ruby Canoe.

Teacher Owl Gift

A special gift for a special Prep teacher.  To be delivered this week.  You can find it in my Etsy Store.  Australian school will all be finishing in the next 4 weeks and these Teacher Thank You Gifts are selling like hot cakes…I love hot cakes! And I love to sell things on Facebook and Etsy!  Recently I have been sending the Teacher Thank You’s all over Australia, nothing like a beautiful handmade gift instead of one you pick up from Target…right?

Anyway, gotta fly! Ruby xx

A Teacher’s Pressie For Chrissie!

I haven’t stuck any of the pieces down yet, but I love this!  I will put it up for sale in my Etsy store today for those of you living in Australia…be quick school finishes shortly.  I already have 8 of these to do just via my facebook page…just wanted to share…gotta fly!  Have an outstanding day!

Ruby xx

Gone Fishin’

Have I told you lately that I love you..oh Silhouette Cameo machine how I love thee.

Can’t wait to see what this looks like in a frame. This reminds me of sitting on the banks of a river with willow tree branches hanging down behind me.  ❤

Enjoy your life, it ends too quickly…even when you don’t expect it.

And a big shout out to my NSW cousins…stay cool and stay safe!

Ruby Canoe xx

A Few Little Goodies…

Just a few little goodies I’ve been working on during the week!  Sold a few of each…well apart from the red heart, which I have done anything with yet, but it is just beautiful and I love it.  I was thinking of just mounting it simply on some thick white card cut in the shape of the heart, but just slightly bigger, and frame it.  Pretty stuff.  The reindeer tags and the black dress gift bag are both available through my Etsy Store or through my Facebook page. 

And if you happen to hit the Facebook link, why not give a girl a “like” on facebook, I would just love it!  Thanks! Ruby xx