Warning: Sesame Street Will Make You Weep.

Well this week the Glee kid died.  Corey Monteith died.  That will happen with heroin I suppose.  Sometimes you just gotta wonder why, just selfish.  I’m sure there are a shit load of people devastated by his actions.  Soooo, anyway, I was stumbling the net the day after he died (I think) and found a blog post about the way shows cope with a main character dying.  Some shows had written the death into the show and I actually read the whole post.  It was quite interesting to see the other characters in the shows display real emotion.  I watched all of the clips, enjoyed them too, until I got to one about half way through.  At that point I regretted reading this bloody post.  It was terrible, just awful stuff.  It looked innocent enough, you know a giant yellow bird holding some pictures he had drawn, oh and by the way…he is a very good cartoonist.  So I clicked and started watching and it was all down hill from there, I can tell you.  I was watching ( the infamous) … wait for it…


Just really well done, it’s a great way to explain death.  So if you have a box of tissues handy, and you remember Mr Hooper (70’s kids) give it a go.

Gotta love big birds reaction, I think he was a little angry that Mr Hooper wasn’t coming back ever… Here it is.

Segal Visits Putin!!?? Huh?

I don’t watch the news very often.  For good reason.  I really find it difficult to sit through the news.  A little bit of death and destruction with breakfast anyone? I just don’t find it a great way to start or end my day.  I don’t feel any smarter having watched the news, didn’t learn anything of worth, sat through crappy ads that are always louder than the show I am watching, watch the news reader tell me all about this crappy person that killed that crappy person, or that crappy excuse for a husband killing his awesome and non-crappy wife, after the delivery of the latest death and destruction the news reader then instantly becomes happy and here comes the cheesy smile.  Yep. Seen it all before.

Having said all that.  I did catch some wonderful and uplifting news recently.  Seems some of the world leaders are deciding to be a little more sociable.  Just so cute seeing that nice young man Dennis Rodman hangin’ with his new homey, Kim Jong Un.   Half expecting Kim to show up to the next execution of a General with some awesome piercings and maybe 4 or 7 fabulous necklaces. Whatever did they talk about. Did Dennis have a quiet word about world peace or who is going to make it to the top ten in American Idol? OOOh I just got a vision of what North Korean Idol might be like, lol.  Well it is just nice to see these two hanging out being bros.  Maybe they are facebook friends now.  Wouldn’t that be cute.  Anyway they aren’t the only ones with a new bromance brewing.  Yes, I just saw it, Steven Segal and the shirtless one, Mr Vladimir Putin and he had a shirt on and he wasn’t on a horse when I saw him.  Just hanging with Segal.  Segal and Putin.  ( I am still a little attracted to Steven, yeah I don’t know why either) It is just weird.  Something about promoting health and fitness in Russia.  I wasn’t really that interested.  But it did get me thinking.  Maybe we (Australia) need to send one or two of our “stars” to meet the new Pope, before someone else gets in first. Here’s my list of people we should send to meet the new Pope…

Darryl and Ozzie…Maybe a game of Chook Lotto before dinner?

Daryl & Ozzie

John Jarrett? Send John Jarrett to Rome…man this guy is Stephen King scary! Wolf Creek anyone.  I feel an exorcism coming on.

Paul Hogan as Leo…To meet Pope!

Julia Gillard points during a press conference in Canberra on October 13, 2011.

Or we could send Julia Gillard bahahah…oh hang on,…. damn it, that will probably happen.

Bet Julia is already planning her trip, and us nice tax payers might even chip in.