OMG Fantastic Paint Storage Idea!!!

Omg I can't believe I have never thought of this.  Just an amazing idea!  I was just having a quick look at Pinterest (said no one ever!) and saw this.  I just couldn't go to bed without sharing this little gem of an idea.  Now if you don't hear from me again it means I… Continue reading OMG Fantastic Paint Storage Idea!!!


Two Painted Ladies.

I did this one when I first started experimenting with painting.  I found that the best way to explore new techniques was to head on over to youtube (of course).  As you know it has everything you never knew you wanted to know and more.  I found a subject I was interested in, which was… Continue reading Two Painted Ladies.


Art In The Garden

Poppies, Fungi and Wattles. Poppy Spree:- I went on a poppy painting and sketching spree last year.  And I had a great time with it too.  By the end of the spree I was just using coloured pencils which I absolutely love at the moment. The top picture was on canvas paper and I had… Continue reading Art In The Garden