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Now Where Are You Off To Little One?

So where is this little one off to? Off to Etsy to find a new owner? Just click and have a look around the Etsy shop. Please help to support small business by clicking, liking, commenting and sharing. Thanks All Love Ruby.

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One for the road.

Merry Christmas! A little early? Okay one last post.  Print of my illustration.  At my new Etsy Store    <-------Hit it, you know you want to. Night Night zzzzzzz been a long day Ruby xx


Ruby Canoe’s Ruby Canoe

Well here it is, the new banner! Yay, I really enjoyed this one, but I think I am going to have today off.  I have the lounge in my sights and a hot coffee and a Star Trek The Next Generation marathon (my sister just rolled her eyes). Have a great Wednesday. ❤ Ruby