Crazy Cats and A Beer Bus.

I sprayed the bathroom this morning with very diluted bleach, and then the cat attacks start.   Maaty (named, by my 10 year old son, after the Egyptian Cat God) attacks Tig (named by my 7 year old daughter after the other 4 billion cats called tiger), then Maat attacks the bath mat, which I am standing on, which leads to Maat attacking me.  I am then rescued by my son…bloody cat.  Then I walk into the lounge room to see Maaty attacking my Flip Flops (in Australia we call them thongs but I really didn’t want that thought burnt into your brains) (you’re welcome). So took a few shots of our baby.  She fell asleep a little after this,  because cats can only go bird shit crazy for a few minutes at a time.

Maaty Cat
Maaty Cat

After a tiny bit of housework this morning I went for a little drive to Rosewood.  Beautiful drive.  Everything is so green due to the cyclone, tornadoes, floods and extreme hot weather (just a normal January I suppose).  I went out to visit Alona from Blooming Mad About Flowers http://www.bloomingmadaboutflowers.com.au who had a stall set up in town, with a great display of flowers all ready for Valentines Day.   And an added bonus, the flowers are artificial (top quality) so they last forever and always look great.

Blooming Mad About Flowers
Blooming Mad About Flowers

So while I was out there fully armed with my camera, I got a shot of the XXXX Beer Bus which is great illustration inspiration for me.  Nothing I like more than old buses and caravans ❤

Fourex (XXXX) Beer Bus Rosewood, Queensland
Fourex (XXXX) Beer Bus Rosewood, Queensland
One of the Rosewood Pubs
One of the Rosewood Pubs

Unfortunately I took this from the otherside of the tracks, so to speak…

So that is Saturday so far, now I have to go and supervise the making of dinner with my usual helpers (red wine…only one glass, and Elvis) and then consume my dinner and maybe watch a movie or two.  Have a great night.

❤ Ruby Canoe.

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