The Little Shop On The Corner.

Whatever happened to the corner shop, oh hang on, that’s right…it turned into Woolworths 😦 I remember a shop (not on a corner though) across the road from my primary school.  It was quite small.  Little wooden steps lead to a big solid wooden door, wooden uneven floors.  Boy did they have a great selection of lollies.  You could stand there and choose the lollies you wanted and the shop keeper would get the tongs out and put the chosen few into a little white paper bag.  Most of the lollies were half a cent each but the good ones were 2 cents each.

Being situated across the road from a primary school, that had over one thousand students, I bet they did a great trade before and after school.  I just miss these shops.  Sometimes you can stumble upon these little treasures on a drive well away from the cities.  So I guess I should go for a little drive in the future and have a nice cuppa out the front of a nice little store that has wooden floors.  And a lolly or two.




♥Sweet Ruby xxx



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