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What To Draw and How To Draw It.


A little discovery I made on This is a small selection of the book, What To Draw And How To Draw It by E.G Lutz.  I think these illustrations are just fantastic.  If you have kids, these illustrations would be great for them to follow.  I remember those “easy” to follow “how to” instructions, you know the ones, the ones with all the bloody circles.  I’m sure they were great for most people but I found them very confusing.

So give these little beauties a shot.  Just love the hummingbirds and the owls!


So cute!


Just love the tails on all of these bird illustrations!

whattodrawhowtod00lutz_0040 whattodrawhowtod00lutz_0041 whattodrawhowtod00lutz_0042 whattodrawhowtod00lutz_0043

Things just don’t really change much, do they?  Even a hundred years ago, people liked to draw owls.  Ya can’t go wrong with owls, right?

whattodrawhowtod00lutz_0044 whattodrawhowtod00lutz_0045

Whereever you are in the world, have a great day/night.

(Tuesday morning for me.)

♥Ruby RubyRuby♥


5 thoughts on “What To Draw and How To Draw It.”

  1. Hi ruby! Absolutely love your account😄 You’ve helped me so much!! I love the drawings of the bird especially xxx

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