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Luggage Juggling?


Haven’t we all felt like this at times, metaphor for life? Available at my Etsy store along with about 31 others…so far 🙂

I think next weeks task it to start creating some new pieces.  I was thinking about doing a series of bubble gum machines, or something similar.  And possibly doing a kids story to go along with the “The Houses of Wonky Way” illustration (blog post 21st Feb ).  Got some great ideas for that one! Also next week will be the week I look into promoting myself through Etsy, I guess I will have to research that one.  If anyone has any ideas that has work for them just let me know, it’s always nice to hear what people come up with.

All set for a great weekend with the family.  Both kids are having birthdays this week, I have had one request for a cheesecake and one for chocolate mud cake, really looking forward to the cheesecake.  Unless I can find a recipe for a low-fat and non carb cheesecake I don’t think I will be having too much though….sad face!

Have a great week-end!! Don’t get up to too much trouble and if you do, don’t get caught I suppose 🙂

Ruby Ruby Ruby



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