Chocolate Bilby for Easter?

Happy Easter to all of my wonderful family who I see all the time, and especially the ones I don’t see all the time.

And Happy Easter to you, that is if you believe in Easter…and if you don’t, have a happy and relaxing Sunday xxx

In Oz we have chocolate bilbies available for Easter.  Because the bilby is endangered, each sale of a chocolate bilby goes towards helping to save these little cuties.

Check out the wiki page for bilbies: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macrotis


2 thoughts on “Chocolate Bilby for Easter?”

  1. Rather than a chocolate Bilby, think I would prefer to be allowed to own the real thing as a pet. Positive example shown by that picture of the two bilbies in the hat.

  2. Sure, I’ll put you down for one, or would you prefer a mating pair (which is a little hard to come by, sad face. )…and of course the hat is optional 🙂

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