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Awesome Facts?


I have recently been nominiate for the “Epically Awesome Award Of Epic Awesomeness” try sayin that a few times.  I was nominated by the lovely Michelle at Many Cha Cha

So here are the guide lines:

1. Write ten awesome facts about yourself.
2. Nominate ten other bloggers that you think are awesome enough to win this award.
3. Inform the chosen they have won

I might start off with 10 awesome facts about myself, since it may take a while to think of something.

1.   My favourite poem is The Owl And The Pussycat. ❤

The Owl And The Pussycat by Edward Lear, artist unknown at this time.
The Owl And The Pussycat by Edward Lear, artist unknown at this time.

2.  I have three cats that I adore but I still, secretly, am a dog person.

Cat Brain

3.  I love going fishing but rarely go.  I love to catch the fish but I love to throw them back more.  When we were kids, (stop reading if I have already told you this story) my family would go camping every Easter.  One year, I remember my Dad got into a little bit of trouble from Mum because he spent so much money on his fancy ocean fishing rod but he went fishing while my Mum, my sister and I stayed back at the camp site.  Mum suggested (told) that we go and get Dad because there was a storm coming, so off we go.  We walked along the river that led to the ocean, and as we were walking there was a giant clap of thunder and then suddenly a whole school of fish beached themselves right infront of us.  My sister and I collected as many as we could carry, about 8 or 10 and went back to camp.  Then went and collected Dad and excitedly told him of our catch…we was not thrilled…not at all…his tally for the day = zero 😦  Mum thought it was pretty funny 🙂

4.  I once saw the Pope drive past in the Popemobile (well he didn’t drive past he was a passenger) I am not Catholic but it was pretty awesome.

The Popemobile.
The Popemobile.

5.  When I was 4 weeks old I had an operation for pyloricstenosis…the exit from my stomach closed and I would projectile vomit and coat the ceiling (nice!).  My Mum took me to the nurses and told them there was something wrong with me, they said there was nothing wrong and sent Mum and I home, my Mum argued with them (she does this at times) and said she would feed me right then and there…walls and ceiling coated and straight off to hospital for emergency surgery.  Note: I didn’t really notice the scar until I fell off a brick wall and scrapped my belly.  Other people noticed it when I was a kid and pointed.  Dicks.  I love my scar, it’s me. (Will Ferrell has the same scar, maybe we just needed more cowbell).

Pyloric Stenosis
Pyloric Stenosis

6.  When my son was in primary school and had to do the whole manditory learning of the recorder thing, I learned to play Darth Vader’s Death March so I could be way more awesome than the other Mums!

Darth Vader, behind the mask.  Available on Amazon as a print.
Darth Vader, behind the mask. Available on Amazon as a print.

7.  I still miss my Pop.  He died when I was 16 and I am almost 42 now.

by twistynoodle.com
by twistynoodle.com

8.  My favourite book is River God.  But I haven’t read it in a long time.  I used to be like my daughter is now, a reader.  Read all the time, Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys, mystery novels, I didn’t like Hemingway ( I should give the Old Man and the Sea another shot).  I feel guilty when I read now, or I just fall asleep.

River God by Wilbur Smith.
River God by Wilbur Smith.

9.  I love globes and I read maps really well, and if I go to a place once I can usually find my way back there years later.  I don’t know how this will help me in life, but…I just can.


10.  And the last “awesome fact” is my blood pressure has been the same since I was 15 years old!  115/70 yay!  The older I get the more awesome that fact becomes…to me anyway.

That was not easy.  I think finding blogs to nominate will be a lot easier.  Stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “Awesome Facts?”

  1. Ohhh that owl/cat image!! I adore it!

    I bought some globes trough the dutch ebay to alter, but once I got them, I loved them the way they were, so they are just sitting in my livingroom!hahhahaa….now I need to collect some more!!! 😉

  2. Thanks for sharing fact number 4 because I didn’t know theres a popemobile… 😀
    by the way, awesome facts indeed!

  3. Hahah, I love the Popemobile, but it just doesn’t scream “faith” to me, however, there are a lot of crazies out there.
    And thanks for the compliment, it was a bit of a struggle. 🙂

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