My Top 10 Blogs.

I have nominated these 10 blogs for the Epically Awesome Award Of Epic Awesomeness, because I enjoy their blogs regularly.  So head on over and have a look around.

  1.  Elizabeth Thomas Photography Of Cape Cod:  Love the photography of Elizabeth.  Such beautiful subjects, photography and blog (pics  available for purchase).
  2. Eldin Smille:  Art and Stuff…Just finished filming his first movie.  Congratulations! Follow his blog to keep up to date on the progress of his future work.
  3. Write Meg:  Books books books, loves anything to do with stationery and has a few columes as well.  Busy gal.  Nice blog.
  4. 1000 Hearts:  The title says everything.  I look forward to seeing every heart.  Just lovely work.  Follow this blog and enjoy a thousand hearts. ❤
  5. An Owl A Day Keeps Burnout Away…Right?  Again the title…An owl a day, who doesn’t love owls?  Any who wouldn’t like to see one everyday?  Follow for an owl.
  6. 2 Me 4 Art:  Lots of great pics of nature and other great stuff.  Head over to Amy’s blog and have a look, cool!
  7. Mummyshymz: Really nice blog about family life and life in general.
  8. Jess Finds Vintage:  Guess what this blog is about 🙂  Lots of really nice vintage finds.  Worth a visit!
  9. Doron Art:  Self taught artist, love the art love the blog.
  10. A Thing Created:  Just fantastic blog with a heap of fantastic artwork.  Illustrating fashion and pretty things 🙂


4 thoughts on “My Top 10 Blogs.”

  1. Nice one, there are some good ones here. Meanwhile, Charro! is on TV right now: I’ve spotted bearded Elvis!

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