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Hello Charlie.

The Kid.  1921. Charles Chaplin and Jackie Coogan (Uncle Fester). Just thought I would share this movie great.  Love the locations and the acting, the cinematography, just a great movie.  Even though it is a silent movie you should have a look at this great movie.  I think this is the edited version.  Charlie edited  the film in 1971, and he composed a new score for reissue .

The Kid.  Poster.
The Kid. Poster.
Chaplin and Coogan.  The Kid.  1921.
Chaplin and Coogan. The Kid. 1921.
Charlie and the kid.
Charlie and the kid.

This movie came about through unfortunate circumstances.  Charlie had married young Mildred Harris.  By all accounts the marriage was an unhappy one, despite this Mildred inevitably became pregnant.  Sadly the baby died just a few days after birth.  During this marriage Charlie was creatively stifled, however after the birth and the loss of their son, Charlie started to audition children for this masterpiece.  He was probably using this new project to keep his mind and body busy.  This is quite an emotional movie and really worth a peek.

Why not have a look at Charlie’s Wiki page and Jackie Coogan’s too.  Interesting characters they were.

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Movie from You Tube Channel of Yogesh Rao. 🙂

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