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Fashion Sketches From The 20’s and 80’s.



Oh I had to laugh the other day, going through some old school stuff and found my sketches from the subject loosely titled “Fashion”.  I’m guessing it is aprox 1985.  I’m sure we could probably guess just by looking at these two pics.


This one is my favourite.  I was a little put out by the comments of the teacher.  The comment “Swatches/texture?”…didn’t you see my note at the top left hand corner in black texta felt pen and the word “gold” underlined in gold…I explained that I couldn’t find any black and gold mesh…well who could back then, it was all being used to make hand bags and to cloth models on game shows….ah we all remember the great mesh shortage of 1985 don’t we?  Hmmm those were tough times indeed.

I must say, I think I captured the expression, of a model, perfectly.

♥ Ruby.

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