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A Change Is As Good As A Holiday.

Well, last night I was a little bored, not that I didn’t have anything to do, just didn’t want to do it…so I gave the blog a bit of a face lift.  I hope I haven’t confused too many people.  I’d really like to know what you think about the change.  I think this format is a little bit user friendly and a bit prettier.  And I love the colours.  If you love colours you should check out Design Seeds, if you haven’t already, it is yum yum yummy!


After the blog lift I finished my picture of the paper boat girl.  I like most of it, I just think she looks a little masculine.  Well, they’re not all winners.  I’ll do another with the paper boat hat, cause I love that part of it.  I’ve posted a heap of this piece recently as I was wanting to show the progress of it.


It’s Saturday afternoon here and my daughter is watching the last few episodes of Santuary (she is bitterly disapointed) and I’m just having a cup of coffee, the breeze is beautiful and cool, I can hear the sweet little birdies in the trees by the front door.  The cats are watching the wrens from the safety of my bedroom (safe for the birds) and all is well at the moment.

So now I ask myself the eternal question…what to make for dinner???  If only there was something at my finger tips to tell me what to make for dinner…the oracle…the google…hmmm why do I always have to ask myself that question???? You would think that we would have no excuses with the internet to help with dinner…and even worse we just did the groceries and I have so much to choose from.  When we were shopping I thought I would make prawn wonton soup with Singapore noodles, but I just need to have a sit down and ggrrrr…or make another coffee and pull my finger out and help make a nice dinner and maybe have a nice glass of wine and blast some rockin music and have a great night…

And I would just like to send a big cyber hug from Australia to The Netherlands as my very good friend, Maaike, has just lost her Mother. 

For Maaike ♥

3 thoughts on “A Change Is As Good As A Holiday.”

  1. The colours are lovely and the new layout is easy to read, it looks great.

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