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Close Encounter…

Body building boy kangaroo

Woke up late this morning, watched the news while having breakfast.  My daughter got ready for school and I go and wait in the car.  Suddenly remember that I didn’t make lunch for her…go and make a quick lunch, lacking in nutrition 😦 Get back in the car.  Well that wasn’t too bad.  8.15 am and on the road, off to school.  Travelling past the local military base where the kangaroos hang out every morning.  Doing around 100 kph, give or take 10 kph…a giant roo decides she will test my brakes out…I presume it was a she as she was big but not body building big as the boys can get…so…she just jumps full hop in the middle of the road, my brain goes bananas…do you know how many calculations your brain can do in one second, “is this real?’ “kangaroo jumping in front of car, apply brakes” “but not a ridiculous amount of brakes” “was there someone behind me?” and I answer no, “is there any on coming cars?” and I answer no, “is my daughter crapping herself?” “is anyone screaming?” no…braking, more braking…stop…and a slight noise…the car hit the roo on the tail… “wow that roo was as tall as the car” “omg, I am so glad I was paying attention”…so…we are all good…my girl, myself and the kangaroo, all good! 100 to zero in a few metres, not something I want to do everyday.

I drive on and my daughter and I start to laugh and I have a little scream and I love my car, and I love my new tyres and I am so glad it all turned out okay.  And now I was awake.  Anyway that was my morning trip to school, I hope not to do that again.  And that was my morning.  xxx

Cute girl kangaroos.
Cute girl kangaroos.


Note:  Do NOT ever swerve to miss an animal, many people have died doing this.  It can cause you to lose control of your vehicle.  Kangaroos are most active at dawn and dusk.  I was a little unlucky as it was very over cast this morning and the area that the kangaroos inhabit every morning had just had all the grass mowed.

6 thoughts on “Close Encounter…”

  1. Sheesh! Thanks for sharing! I’ve been doing some mini day-trips to avoid stir-craziness with toddlers and have seen heaps of wildlife lately… all in the gutter, sadly. Wombats and possums, mostly, but it makes me very cautious of who might jump out in front of the car. (I’m so glad you are all OK and that it wasn’t that big fella in the picture that gave you the fright!).

  2. OMG I could imagine hitting a wombat, Michelle (Many Cha Cha), it would be like running over a big lump of concrete…I think we forget just what we could encounter on a daily basis…could be worse though, at least we don’t have elephants!
    And some days you just have to through everyone in the car, put on the Wiggles (do kids still listen to the Wiggles?) and drive and sing and have a nice day out! Hope it helps with the stir-craziness! xxx 🙂

  3. It was a little close…but all good and had a little giggle about it this morning on the way to school… Have a great day/night mummyshymz. 🙂

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