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  • Chicken noodle soup…More specifically…Continental Chicken Noodle Soup.  Follow directions, when soup is almost ready, put some white bread in the toaster, toast, when toast pops, wack some butter on it, cut it into soldiers and put on a small plate.  Put soup in bowl, get soup spoon (no other spoon is acceptable), go to lounge room and sit on the floor…dunk yummy warm buttery toast into the soup and eat after every few spoons of soup, do this while watching a movie.  (Princess Bride is my recommendation).  Ensuring that you have one bite of toast still at the very end of the soup.  Lay on lounge, you will have already prepared your bed lounge with an over abundance of pillows and a snuggly blanket (blanket will be continuously in use…on too hot, off too cold, feet sticking out;  just right), tissues, don’t forget your tissues.  (My hubby went to Woolworths on Saturday {day one of my cold} to buy the luxury tissues, cause he is awesome, and apparently I looked like death).

    This is not packet soup, it just looks yummy.
    This is not packet soup, it just looks yummy.
  • Cuddle from a loved one.
  • Nice warm bath (or if you are me, really really hot shower).
  • Orange juice.  Liquids in general, probably doesn’t include scotch, but…no buts, Drs advise no alcohol:(
  • Gargle with Listerine, or salty water.
  • Hot lemon and honey drink (eek I hate this one…my Dad always suggested this one when I was little, when I was about 35ish I tried it out of desperation, it was disgusting, but it worked) .
  • I have read that you should wash your hands after you blow your nose, um I don’t really think that is practical if you are blowing your nose 4892 times a day.  Ain’t nobodys got time for that.  But wash your hands as much as is practical.
  • But you should use tissues over handkerchiefs (does anyone still use hankies anyway?)
  • Don’t go to work and give everyone else your germies…stay at home at spread it to the ones you love.  You have sick days for a reason, you are sick, stay at home.  REST.
  • Watch Game of Thrones.  All of it, that should get you through till the end 🙂

So, back to bed now.  Stay healthy people. (Just so you know…I am NOT a Doctor, these are not directions, if you are sick go to an actual Doctor and don’t get your advice from the internet 🙂


PS.  A big cyber hug to my very good friend Alona who lost her very good friend, her big furry baby, Caesar.  Just hate seeing my friends in so much pain, he wasn’t just a dog♥.  Thinking of you my friend xxxx.

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