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Jack, Union Jack.

This rug…swoon!
A fridge????? ❤
Watch an episode of Sherlock in this little beauty.
British, with some Aussie pillows.
The curtains look beautiful.
Must take a long and mysterious journey if using these trunks.
Hmm, only for PJ’s, I don’t know why…
Must be wearing an outfit from the 40’s if you use this, including hat!
Reading classic English novels or watching another episode of Sherlock.
HHmmm, some comfy living…parked the boat in the canal just out the door.


I just love the Union Jack,  partly because it appears on our flag as well, and partly because of the strong colours.  I always go for the antique, well worn Union Jack decorator pieces.  And to have a rug with the Union Jack on it would be devine.  One could only hope.

This room is the whole package...hhmm one can dream.  I think this room is bigger than my house!
This room is the whole package…hhmm one can dream. I think this room is bigger than my house!

Have a great Monday all, stay healthy…Ruby xx


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