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DIY Bed Skirt.

Something that has really annoyed me for the last 20 years or so is that whenever I walk into my room I can see under my bed.  And of course I store things like bags of clothes, photo albums, documents etc etc under my bed.  But I just had enough of looking at that shit every damn day!  So today I decided I would change it, and it only took half an hour or so.  And this is how I did it…

What you will need:

  • Staple gun
  • Staples
  • Flat sheet
  • Scissors
  • Iron

The bed that we have, has a wooden frame, which made this super easy.  All I did was get a spare flat sheet (I don’t actually use flat sheets, just the fitted sheets.  So I had a few to choose from) I measured from the top of the frame to the floor and added 5 cm.  Cut strips of material from the flat sheet. Ironed it and folded the bottom edge under and ironed it again.  I then moved the mattress and took the first strip and stapled it on, folding the corners nice and neat and kept going till it was all done.  Easy peasy!  No pinning and no sewing.

I snagged this picture from pinterest…it probably demonstates it alot better than I described it.  But hopefully you got the picture.  Having a bed skirt attached to the frame of the bed means it won’t move either, so no straightening all the time.

You can make it as fancy or as plain as you like.  You could add pleats or ruffles or massive amounts of yummy tulle. ↓

This would be a fancy bed skirt...OMG! Tulle!!! I suppose you could DIY this as well! Coolio!! Love!!!
This would be a fancy bed skirt…OMG! Tulle!!! I suppose you could DIY this as well!
Coolio!! Love!!!


2 thoughts on “DIY Bed Skirt.”

  1. I have been looking for the perfect comforter set for years now. And when I stumbled across your post I immediately said this is it! Could you please tell me what website you found this at ? It would be greatly appreciated.

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