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ELVIS MONTH Day 5 G.I. Blues (1960)

Year:  1960

Age:  25

Movie: 5th

Oh yeah.  G.I. Blues!  In fine colour in a fine uniform.  What a treat.  They are all colour from here on.  And we also get the fabulous Juliette Prowse.  Just love her.  Juliette and Ann Margaret are the top 2 without a doubt.  Elvis is 25 years old here and has been in the army so Tom Parker being the oportunist that he was thought they better do an army movie.  The difference between this Elvis and the Love Me Tender Elvis is amazing.  He has grown up a hell of a lot.  He is super confident and the voice has matured a little too.  The script is not serious at all but just fun.  It is the start of the, just for fun, Elvis movies.  Corny songs and corny scripts.  Girls, fights, love, songs…doesn’t sound much different than the first 4 really, but it is.  And at this point I am beginning to think that Edith Head just does the costumes for all movies full stop.

We start off with…”Home James and err, through the park” , but first a shower!!!  (sings a bit of What She Really Like).

And then off to the little restaurant for a little performance.  Warning to the patrons of this restaurant…there is a juke box, so there is bound to be a fight.  Haha the way the bar girl looks at Tulsa (Elvis).  Title song G.I. Blues is sung in the first 10 mins at the restaurant.

G.I Blues.

Doin’ The Best I Can

Then, wouldn’t you know it, Wayne (Character name is Mac in this one…Kenneth Becker) from Loving You shows up and puts Blue Suede Shoes on the juke box, fight ensues…MP’s turn up and poor Papa gets his glass door broken.  The boys then place bets of Tulsa being able to “spend the night” with the famous Chilly Lili.  Question: Why is Turks uniform a different colour?

And, they’re off to Frankfurt.  On the Frankfurt Special…always one of my favourite songs, so much fun.  That’s a hell of a big train interior too.  And I wouldn’t have expected those girls to be on the army train, but I haven’t been on an army train so it could be completely normal.  Hehe and another magical guitar, making sounds it can’t really make.   My parents went to Frankfort on a train and all I said to them is “Did you sing it?” they sure did! Cause my parents are awesome.

Frankfort Special

All of the scenes that were filmed in Germany were filmed using standins, and sometimes it’s more obvious than other times.

The boys are off to Cafe Europa to see Lili in her awesome outfit and to get Tulsa a date…And the boys get him to sing at the Cafe to impress Lili, it’s just a bit cute.

Shoppin Around

The scene after leaving the Cafe has a strange background and could have been filmed a little better.

Tonight Is So Right For Love  is the next song after Tulsa is again volounteered to perform.

They do make a cute couple on screen and off screen as well.

Tulsa gets a day off and spends it with Lili, sightseeing in “Germany”.  Some of the other boys hop on a bus, not just an ordinary bus, but a beautiful retro (now it’s retro, was probably new then) sleek, wonderful, bus.

Wooden Heart a huge favourite.  The old pupeteer, when the grammafunkin is kaput, needs someone to help sing…I know someone who is willing to help…take it away Tulsa.  Quite funny too.


A Pocketful Of Rainbows is one of the more memorable songs in this movie.  Lili (but not Lili) sings with Tulsa in the cable car.  A happy feel good song.

It seems that Elvis is just randomly gate crashing every place in Germany and singing for no reason, but hey, I’m not complaining.

Love the black shiny cape that Lili is wearing in her dressing room.  She certainly can dance.

Tulsa gets roped into baby sitting while his parents have run off to get married and all hell breaks loose (and so do the baby’s bottles).  There is only one gal to help poor old Tulsa, and that’s Lili.  Of course the baby needs a song and that song is the song I used to sing to my kids…

Big Boots.

Lili rescues Tulsa  and it’s almost the end…Tulsa proposes and Lili accepts (I don’t know if this is wise, she has an established career in Germany and he is in the Army and lives in the US, and they only really went out twice).

Didja Ever

Tulsa looks at the screen and asks Didja Eva?  Corny, I know.  But good bit of entertainment and great songs and sexy co-star, what could go wrong?  Watch it on a Sunday afternoon with a nice glass of red wine and enjoy the music and movie with a bit of volume!

King and Queen of Thailand visiting the set.
King and Queen of Thailand visiting the set.
Elvis during a 1960 shoot of G.I. Blues as he meets with princesses Margrethe of Denmark (left), Astrid of Norway (center), and Margaretha of Sweden
Elvis during a 1960 shoot of G.I. Blues as he meets with princesses Margrethe of Denmark (left), Astrid of Norway (center), and Margaretha of Sweden

Co Stars Alive?   Juliet Prowse  NOPE

                                 James Douglas  YEP

                                 Robert Ivers  NOPE

My Favourite Song:     Pocketful Of Rainbows/Frankfurt Special

Most Popular Song:    G.I Blues

Stay tuned for Day 6 of ELVIS MONTH.

5 thoughts on “ELVIS MONTH Day 5 G.I. Blues (1960)”

  1. My family celebrates Elvis month too, watching all the films and concerts and going through the complete masters on audio. I found your blog searching for images of Yvonne Craigs dress in ‘Kissin Cousins’. ‘G.I. Blues’ is my favourite Elvis movie although I would say that King Creole’ is his best one. I sing my kids ‘Big Boots’ at bed time as well. I also sing them ‘Cotton Candy Land’ from ‘It Happened at the Worlds Fair’. I love the images you have selected for each film too. Great work!

  2. Thanks Andy!
    It was always great fun singing the kids Elvis songs. It was actually really very interesting watching all the movies from the reviewer prospective. I certainly did notice a lot of little things I had never noticed before!

  3. Love your 30 days of Elvis blog. I observe the
    16th of August as a day of mourning where all I do is watch Elvis movies. Great job on the reviews.

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