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ELVIS MONTH Day 22 Spinout (1966)

Year:  1966

Age:  31

Movie:  22nd

In the titles you even get a section called “The Girls”, well I suppose most Elvis movies could have one of these sections for convenience.  It starts with Mike racing through the country side and being passed by, another Elvis movie regular…Shelley Fabares.  Unfortunately their relationship gets off to a rocky start, when she runs him of the road.

The music in this one is starting to change…I don’t know how to describe it…maybe a bit more rockin.  The Stop, Look and Listen number is pretty awesome.  Man that green guitar he has is just fantastic.  Adam and Evil is next up, good stuff.  This movie is so easy to watch, the rest of the cast are fun and are a strong back up to the main character.  My particular favourite is Deborah Walley who plays the drummer Les.

Rich Howard Foxhugh wants Mike to sing at his daughter’s birthday party and is refused.  He promises that Mike will indeed be playing at his daughter’s birthday party.

The group leave for their next gig, followed closely by Diana St Clair, Mikes resident stalker.  Mike starts romancing his stalker and Les is a bit pissed because she, of course, is in love with Mike too.  He sings All That I Am to Diana.  It’s such a lovely ballad, it’s not just one of those Elvis movie songs, it is really worth a listen if you aren’t that familiar with it.

Never Say Yes…the guitar budget for this one was fairly good, with lots of different funky guitars making cameo appearances.  Elvis sings Am I Ready at Foxhugh’s daughter’s birthday who happens to be Shelley Fabares, finishes the song, then bails out…but before that he makes Shelley (Cynthia) cry.  However a kiss makes it all better, while kissing Cynthia Mike hears wedding bells then makes a run for it.  Mr Foxhugh calls the police in an attempt to keep Mike in the area, by ordering them out of town, and Les and the officer seem to bond over food.  The whole band manages to move in next door to Mr Foxhugh and Cynthia.  As the band are about to go back inside the house Les and Mike have a cute moment between friends.

Cue the poolside party full of many bikini clad girls and about 3 guys.  After all that kissing is done, they’re off to the race track to get Mike to drive the Fox 5.  Foxy informs Mike that he can drive the car but he isn’t allowed to marry his daughter.  Well, it’s just a challenge now!

The boys in the band are very at home in this movie, they all seem to be a really good combo, probably because they have all worked together before Curly (Jack Mullaney, Tickle Me) and Larry (Jimmy Hawkins from Girl Happy, as was Shelley Fabares) and Officer Tracey will be in Clambake shortly…OMG Rita Wilson is in this movie…she plays a bit part and she is about 10 years old at the time…but I didn’t see her…does that mean I have to watch it again…NO NOT THIS MONTH I’M NOT!

Diana lays her eyes on Foxy and changes direction.  Les is falling for Officer Tracey and Elvis is singing Smorgasboard…Okay I know it sounds like a dumb name for a song, but it’s a pretty good song.

Cynthia is involved in a car race, well at least her stunt double is.  The car the Mike hi-jacks is being pushed by Red West and Joe Esposito.  Well this is another one of those funny movie car races with lots of skidding sounds and lots of sliding into hay bales and dare I say it they all Spin Out at one time or another.  There seems to a bit of vision that is used more than once as is a few of the corners.  They also use the same bridge that Cynthia and Mike had an altercation at in the first scene of the movie.

Red and Joe
Red and Joe

And Mikes marries them all…Les to Tracey, Cynthia to Phillip, Diana to Howard.  A really great movie, very entertaining and watchable, great songs, great fashions and a really nice bunch of people to watch on screen.

Co Stars Alive:  Shelley Fabares  YEP

                                  Deborah Walley  NOPE

                                  Diane McBain  YEP

My Favourite Song:   All That I Am

Most Popular Song:   Spinout

Stay tuned for Day 23 of ELVIS MONTH

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