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ELVIS MONTH DAY 24 Double Trouble (1967)

Year:  1967

Age:  32

Movie:  23rd

(I’ve posted this one a little early…about 2 hours early, to sleepy to wait…I’m going to bed)

Set in London and  filmed in Hollywood.  I was looking forward to this as much as Elvis was.  I just find this movie has really missed the mark.  I love some of the songs in this one, particularly Long Legged Girl With The Short Dress On, all be it one of the shortest songs as well.  However it also possesses the song Old MacDonald, more on that later.

The scene back at Guys place is cute, she asks “do you have any biccies?” as in biscuits.  Elvis looks like he just doesn’t want to be there, can’t really blame him though.  Jill eventually leaves and after Guy gets changed there is a knock at the door, he opens it and gets punched in the face and dramatically and in a sped up scene falls onto the breakfast bar…dumb, then the man says something dumb too.

And they’re off to Brussels or Bruges.  On a very foggy boat.  With Crazy Jill in hot pursuit.  Guy launches into Long Legged Girl, I am not sure that the band has ever held any musical instruments in their lives.

Guy is encountering Double Trouble with those two crazies…hot lady in white and Crazy Jill.  And someone is trying to kill Guy.

This movie, in my personal opinion, is annoying the crap out of me.  There is diamonds hidden in a suitcase, Chips Rafferty following them shots fired, chickens on a pick up truck OMG  leads to, yep Old MacDonald Had A Farm, Oh God make it end.  Well I give Elvis a heap of credit, he sung it like it was fun.  Apparently he cracked the shits when given this song to sing yelling “It’s come to this?”  Yep it sure did come to this.  Crazy Jill is attacked and Guy rescues her with his impressive Karate moves.

There is always something on the walls to let you know just which city or town they’re in.  The three bumbling detectives are annoying and not at all entertaining.  I’m sorry I really can’t be bothered explaining any of the rest of it, rest assured that all works out in the end after some stuff happens.  The End, I’m done.  I am looking forward to the rest of the movies though (well, apart from Stay Away Joe)  , only 7 movies and 3 docos left.

Co Stars Alive:  Annette Day  YEP

                                   Yvonne Romain  YEP

                                   John Williams  NOPE

My Favourite Song:   Long Legged Girl With The Short Dress On

Most Popular Song:   Double Trouble

Stay tuned for Day 25 of ELVIS MONTH

3 thoughts on “ELVIS MONTH DAY 24 Double Trouble (1967)”

  1. “Long Legged Girl (with the Short Dress On)” is my favorite song in this movie too. I think it’s a fun rocker and Elvis sings it with a lot of energy and nice vocal touches. It’s reminiscent of his ’50s rockers. I don’t know why the single release of it only got up to 63 on Billboard, but almost all Elvis’s record sales in 1966-67 were low – I think he and his movies just weren’t paid much attention to in the late ’60s until his NBC-TV Special turned that around. Anyway, I enjoyed your page on “Double Trouble” and I imagine I’ll enjoy the rest of your site too!

  2. Thanks Bill! It was very interesting watching all the movies over a month and very interesting from a different point of view than the usual way I watched them. Xx

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