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ELVIS MONTH Day 28 Live A Little, Love A Little (1968)

Year: 1968

Age:  33

Movie:  28th

Wow, a very different feel straight away.  We are heading into the 70’s here.  Elvis plays Greg Nolan, a newspaper photographer, and the first scene is Greg driving along the road and then the beach in his dune buggy.  Hair all messed up, not something you see in many movies.

In this one his co-star is Michele Carey, a more mature co-star, and a little wacky.  She really suits this movie.  No teeny boppers in this one.  But we do get a great dane by the name of Albert.  The story is that it was Elvis’s dog Brutus…but, Priscilla says it wasn’t, and I think she would know wouldn’t she?

Michele Carey plays Bernice, and Alice, and Betty, and Susan and whatever else she feels like being called.  She is very beautiful and a natural in front of the camera, and seems to be my husbands favourite co-star so far.

Albert chases Greg into the ocean and he gets a fever.  Bernice gives Greg a magical tablet that knocks him out for four days, he wakes needing a shave and still looking very sexy.  Dick Sargent (do I really need to tell you…Darren from Bewitched) shows up and Bernice kisses him too.  Greg can’t wait to get away from the crazy gal.

So, being as a person can’t go missing for four days, he goes to work, loses his job and has a fight in the newspaper room…with Red West and Joe Esposito and a few other guys.  Well, Greg goes home and Bernice has moved him out of his apartment and into her house.

He stays at her place in Albert’s room, and then a dream sequence.  One of my top 5 best songs ever…Edge Of Reality complete with Albert the talking dog.  Watch it! It’s an awesome song.

Greg is off to look for a job at an advertising agency manned by girls in bunny outfits.  There’s one big cardboard bunny as he gets of the elevator, close up of the name of the magazine and then the long shot, but it doesn’t have the name of the magazine displayed that we just saw 2 seconds ago.  He meets with Mr Lansdown and gets a job offer…in the sauna, as you do.  Starts tomorrow, “if your late your fired”.  Greg then proceeds to another floor and gets a job there as well, and he starts tomorrow…same time.

Greg drives over to Bernice’s place, stops forgets to put the hand brake on then remembers and is “persuaded” to take Albert for a drive to his new home.  Which contains Harry and Bernice.

Greg’s first day at work, would be every guys ideal first day, (I’ve never seen a topless girl in an Elvis movie before…almost topless) well for a while anyway.  He spends the day going from floor to floor changing clothes in between floors, to attend both jobs.

Greg goes to a very cool party and bumps into Bernice, who he is desperately trying to get rid of, and he sings the newly famous song “A Little Less Conversation”.  Even the lyrics of the songs in this movie reflects the different more mature direction this movie is taking.  I would have like to see more movies in style of this one.

The shower scene is amusing and both stars look like they enjoyed it too.

Greg has two outdoor shoots to film and rushes to the second one, with a police escort.  Makes it to the shoot and who do I see in the back ground sitting at the table…Vernon Presley.

Almost In Love, last song, and a beautiful one at that.  One difference is that the leading lady is playing the guitar.

Greg gets busted doing both jobs, and then gets fired and resigns and gets his salary doubled??  He goes back to his apartment where he sleeps with Bernice and then poor Greg wakes up and she’s gone back to the beach.  Which is where the movie ends…in the ocean, kissing, with Albert growling at the camera.  Great movie.  Really enjoyable and nothing stupid at all.  Perfect co-stars, made this movie even more enjoyable.  Highly recommended.

Co Stars Alive:  Michele Carey  YEP

                             Dick Sargent  NOPE

My Favourite Song:  Edge Of Reality

 Most Popular Song:   A Little Less Conversation

Stay tuned for Day 29 of ELVIS MONTH

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