Sent With A Loving Kiss…

Just listed on my Etsy store…Air Mail mini envelopes…with buttons and a few stamps and ribbons and stickers…and da daaa I give you a cute little bunch of gift tags!  I personally am going to use them as Christmas decorations on my Chrissy tree but you can really use them any time of the year as gift tags and whatever else you think of!

If you would like to have a peak at the other new additions to the Etsy store just hit this

Delivery to Oz only, sorry rest of the world 😦 but the prints will magically turn into digital downloads over the weekend and they are available to all 🙂

Have a great night/day

Love and Kisses

Miss Ruby Canoe. xxx

Tag You’re It…

Just listed a pack of 10 gift tags in my Etsy store.  I have decided to try a few new things in the store, and they should all be listed by Sunday, hhmm that’s if I don’t get the flu that is bouncing of every human in my house at the moment!

Unfortunately these are only available to be delivered in Australia.  However, I do have some good news for the people of planet Earth…I am converting all the prints in my Etsy store, over to digital downloads.  Previously they were only available as a Giclee print but as I want to actually make some money before I die I have decided to make it so much easier for all of us.

So try and contain yourselves until about Sunday and then you can buy them all…okay?? Okay!!??  Oh and I have never converted anything to a digital download so I could very well break the internet…apologies 🙂

Take it easy and have a great day/night!

Oh Click Here so I can get my Etsy stats up…I kinda get excited when more than 2 people a week have a look at my Etsy store.  Can’t blame a gal for tryin’.

❤ Rubes!!  xx

No Milk In These Milk Bottles

Remember the days of the glass milk bottles?  Clearly this week I have a thing for glass milk bottles…see yesterday’s post.

I remember the sound of the milko delivering the milk in the wee early hours of the morning,  the sound of the bottles clunking together, waking me up…

Just recently a local company has started selling milk in 750ml glass bottles, and it’s awesome. It costs a bit more but, as the cookie monster suggests, it’s not an everyday purchase.  The milk also comes straight from the farm, bottled on site, onto a truck, and into the store, you can’t ask for better than that.

^^^^^Measuring cups!!!!!!!!^^^^^OMG!!!!^^^^♥♥♥♥

Tag You’re It…

Well I had a wee bit of spare time yesterday and decided to work on a few things to add to my Etsy store.  So for the next week or two I am going to be working on a heap of paper products like the cute little birdie gift tags, my first attempt at a dress gift tag, a heap of Christmas tree decorations , simple cake toppers and paper boat banners.  I have also decided to offer the current illustrations and new illustrations as a digital download.  So you pick the one you want, pay for it, and download it!  Too simple!  It should only take a few weeks to have all of the above up and running.  Looking forward to something new.

While I was out getting a few basic supplies from my local store, I was so excited to find printed duct tape…it’s just behind the little Eiffel tower in the picture above ❤ so many great designs for duct tape these days.

A pic of the wide variety of duck tape available and so many different patterns available in duct tape as well. Duck and duct, there is a difference…

So that’s what I’m up to at the moment, chuck me a like if you would like, and a comment or two.  Have a great night, I think I might go and put the air con on in preperation for tomorrows stinker…jeez winter only just finished and we are set for about 33 tomorrow…

Stay cool…RUBY XX