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Well I had a wee bit of spare time yesterday and decided to work on a few things to add to my Etsy store.  So for the next week or two I am going to be working on a heap of paper products like the cute little birdie gift tags, my first attempt at a dress gift tag, a heap of Christmas tree decorations , simple cake toppers and paper boat banners.  I have also decided to offer the current illustrations and new illustrations as a digital download.  So you pick the one you want, pay for it, and download it!  Too simple!  It should only take a few weeks to have all of the above up and running.  Looking forward to something new.

While I was out getting a few basic supplies from my local store, I was so excited to find printed duct tape…it’s just behind the little Eiffel tower in the picture above ❤ so many great designs for duct tape these days.

A pic of the wide variety of duck tape available and so many different patterns available in duct tape as well. Duck and duct, there is a difference…

So that’s what I’m up to at the moment, chuck me a like if you would like, and a comment or two.  Have a great night, I think I might go and put the air con on in preperation for tomorrows stinker…jeez winter only just finished and we are set for about 33 tomorrow…

Stay cool…RUBY XX

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