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It’s Now 3.30am I Should Be Asleep!

Sometimes I think there are just too many things in the world to do.  I look at Pinterest and pin a billion things to the craft board, each one I am certain I will make today, oh and then something else, and then more.  Curse you Pinterest! No I didn’t mean that, sorry Pinterest I still love thee.  It’s the sleepiness talking.  It’s 330 am and I suppose I should be going to sleep but OMG I have been trying for 3 hours already.  A teeny weeny bit frustrating I have to say.  So I gave up, it’s school holidays here for another week so I’ll sleep tomorrow or today or sometime in the future.

Yep exactly like that.

So sometime this week, I am hoping for Tues or Weds, I will be the proud new owner of a Silhouette Cameo machine.  I just hope I don’t get caught on the Pinterest merry-go-round when I go there for some ideas.  We decided to purchase this beast after no research at all, cause that’s how we roll at our place…well we bought it so I could actually sell some shit on Etsy…hopefully! I think the fact that I only have one sale is a bit off-putting as well.  So it’s time to diversify…diversify or die… I have always been a huge fan of cut outs and having seen birth announcements and marriage invitations done by these machines I was sold.

So many possiblities…I can’t wait to get stuck into a few practice projects, I just have to break it to my husband that I also really need a new laser printer…truly I do honey.  🙂

I hope Maria and Paulos had a wonderful day! xx

Before I spent 2 hours trying to get to sleep I watched the final episode of Breaking Bad.  I was happy with the ending, so many final episodes are infuriating…Seinfeld!  I was kind of expecting Jesse to be the only one to make it through, but the way he was driving makes me think that a few kilometres down the road he wrapped that car around a telegraph pole (do we still call them telegraph poles? hmm something to ponder when I try to get to sleep again).  I was happy that they got to find Hank too, why did Hank have to die…?  Why? Liked me a bit of Hank I did.  So that’s the end…but I can’t dwell on that because… Scandal is back on this week! Now it took me a very long time to forgive Tony Goldwyn for having Patrick Swayze killed (confused? don’t be…he had Patrick Swayze killed in Ghost)(Holy crap I just googled Ghost…wait for it..1990… !!!!!).  I could not watch him in anything, but I love this show, and I love the casting as well, probably the only thing that bothers me would be Huck’s fake beard and fake long hair, but I can live with that.


I can’t really think of anything to dribble on about so I’ll see ya.

Ruby xx♥


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