Australia is Melting…

   Well it just hit 45 degrees celcius…for those of you that don’t use celcius, that would be 113!!  Ouch.  The roads are literally melting too.  I had to take a trip to the shops earlier and there are some wacky clouds forming on the range (Great Dividing Range)  hopefully no more hail though.  And, of course, I just finished typing that sentence and heard the first thunder clap.  Here we go again!

Stay safe 🙂


Ironically the above sculpture is titled: Hot With A Chance Of A Late Storm!

Gotta Love A Butterfly <3

Recently I decided to try my hand at cake toppers, and when I say hand I mean machine.  I have already received quite a few enquiries about the wedding cake toppers.  It seems that people like to spend a lot more money on weddings than I did when I got married.  But even if you haven’t got much to spend I have priced these quite reasonably.  I have tried to create some unique wedding cake toppers and hope that this is just a start.   🙂

Anyway…So I have only been doing this work-from-home thing this year, and I must say it does take up a hell of a lot of time, but it really is worth it.  Although some days it does feel like you are talking to yourself or it feels like you are beating your head against a brick wall, but mostly it’s pretty good.  I say perseverance is my friend 🙂

Next year will, in fact, be my year.  Or our year 🙂 Let’s make the most of it eh?

Have a great weedend.  Ruby.  xx.

30 Ideas For Your Unachievable New Year’s Resolution

Well I can’t believe the year is almost over again.  It really sneaks up on you doesn’t?  So many things can happen in a year.  Births, deaths and marriages and all that goes in between.

And every year a few of us leave it until the first of the year to change something about ourselves we don’t like….or something we really really like but shouldn’t.  Why do we leave it until then?  Why can’t we change things on the first of a month or a Monday (not as if Monday’s have enough things against it), or even when you wake up.  It’s never too early or late I suppose.

Some things we might want to change or to do:

  1. Diet
  2. Stop smoking
  3. Be more organised
  4. Change jobs
  5. Get a better job
  6. Be more daring
  7. Make new friends
  8. Get rid of crappy friends
  9. Learn a language
  10. Improve your education
  11. Travel more
  12. Travel less
  13. Be more caring
  14. Sleep more
  15. Sleep less
  16. Declutter
  17. Drink less alcohol
  18. Be more frugal
  19. Stop wasting money
  20. Start a hobby
  21. Buy from small businesses more…like Ruby Canoe 🙂
  22. More time in the garden
  23. Less time on the computer
  24. Call family more
  25. Tell someone special how you feel about them
  26. Learn to the entire Thriller dance
  27. Donate blankets at winter (to homeless humans and RSPCA)
  28. Donate food
  29. Go one month without buying fast food (including drinks)
  30. Do something you have never done before

Chances are we won’t check off many things on our own resolution list, but maybe we can do just one.

Best of luck!

Ruby.  xx.

Define: “Food Drunk”

(copy and pasted from Wiki, because…well..the title says it all really, hope you had a lovely Christmas and got totally food drunk)

Historical meaning

The use of “drunk” to mean overcome by substances other than alcohol is long-established, e.g. drunk with opium (1585), or with tobacco (1698).[2]

In October 1905 Thomas Edison (then 58 years old) declared that “the country is food drunk…. the people eat too much and sleep too much, and don’t work enough”.[3]

The phrase was echoed by Dr J E Rullfson of Toledo after fasting for sixty days from January 5, 1907. He holds that the entire human race is food drunk, saying “the dinner eaten by Napoleon just before the battle of Leipsic proved so indigestible that the monarch’s brain was clouded and as a result the battle was lost and a pie which King Philip failed to digest caused the revolt of the Netherlands.”[5]

The state of being food drunken

When people overeat, their bodies have the tendency to chemically change including metabolic shifts. There are also electrolyte imbalances due to the process of digestion that occur once the massive amounts of food have entered the body. This can also cause a feeling of depression, emotional attachment to food, fatigue, and even boredom.[6]

Bird House Party Favours

Well school is ending here in Australia, for another year.  The grade 12 “kids” finished up a few weeks ago, the grade 11’s and 10’s finished yesterday and I think most of the other grades finish this week and next week.  This year has gone so fast, says everyone over 35.  It certainly has.

I have sold quite a few teacher related pieces lately.  Just a little something to say Thanks.  And I have also supplied these little bird house party favour boxes.  My neice is using these to give as gifts to her prep class this year, and I think her Mum might even throw in a few little chocolates as well.  So I thought I might just set these boxes up to be Christmas decorations for the tree or to hang on a door handle, they are way to cute to be disgarded.  They are available at the Etsy store for only $2.50 each and they come flat packed.  They take about 2 minutes to put together and you need no other supplies.  So why not have a look and grab some for your tree this year.

Hopefully since my kids are on holidays I can rope them into helping me fill this Etsy store a bit.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Ruby C xx