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Bird House Party Favours

Well school is ending here in Australia, for another year.  The grade 12 “kids” finished up a few weeks ago, the grade 11’s and 10’s finished yesterday and I think most of the other grades finish this week and next week.  This year has gone so fast, says everyone over 35.  It certainly has.

I have sold quite a few teacher related pieces lately.  Just a little something to say Thanks.  And I have also supplied these little bird house party favour boxes.  My neice is using these to give as gifts to her prep class this year, and I think her Mum might even throw in a few little chocolates as well.  So I thought I might just set these boxes up to be Christmas decorations for the tree or to hang on a door handle, they are way to cute to be disgarded.  They are available at the Etsy store for only $2.50 each and they come flat packed.  They take about 2 minutes to put together and you need no other supplies.  So why not have a look and grab some for your tree this year.

Hopefully since my kids are on holidays I can rope them into helping me fill this Etsy store a bit.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Ruby C xx

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