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Weather Update:

Just an update on the extreme Brisbane weather, apparently we received 27000 lightning strikes over the 2 hour period until the storm moved out to sea late this afternoon.  There has been localized flooding and various storm damaged.  One person has survived being struck by lightning and is recovering in hospital, I hope all goes well for her.
This weather event seems to have cooled the city, which we desperately needed, as our state (and other states this week) have endured temps up to 49 degrees celsius.
Excerpt taken from a quote given by:
Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Dean Narramore said Amberley, Peel Island and Grantham bore the brunt of the extreme weather, as large storm cells “collapsed”.
Mr Narramore said the “collapsing storm cells” did not circulate air like tornadoes, but expelled huge amounts of wind, similar to tornadoes.  “When the core of the storm collapses you get this big push of air,” Mr Narramore said.  “A lot of storms in that part of the world showed this type of signature behaviour.  “That is part of the storm collapses, it kind of hits the ground and pushes out the air in front of it.  “And you get this really, really strong wind – you get this 20 or 30 seconds of really strong wind and then it just drops right back.”
The only advice I could give to anyone when you experience extreme weather, be it rain, hail, heat or snow (or whatever special extreme weather you have in your region) just listen to the warnings given, and follow instructions.  Also give a thought to your pets and/or native animals, sometimes they need a helping hand from us.  As you can see when they get desperate they don’t care who you are.  For our native animals during periods of extreme heat it would be great to leave out some shallow containers of water out (and away from your pets) so they can help themselves if needed.  (Be cautious as they are still wild animals, cute furry wild animals, but still wild).
So, it’s early (very early…3 am early) Tuesday morning…must remember to get the boys to put the bin out before 6am 🙂 …and I can hear the cicadas doing their thing outside, but the air is very still, and I don’t have the air conditioner on (for the first time in about 5 days).  It seems that the ferocious storms have cooled down everything and we can have a few normal days.  Yay.  Going back to sleep now 🙂  Night Night…Oh and they aren’t called koala bears…just koala’s, not bears 🙂

Ruby xx

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  1. Meanwhile in the USA, our schools are closed bc it’s too cold to go outside. We are freezing in the lowest recorded temps in history. What a crazy world we share!

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