Sherlocked and Loaded and Ready To Weep.

Yep, I am absolutely terrified.  Terrified of Sherlock spoilers.  Terrified it is all going to end.  Terrified that there will be no more.  I can’t read the news, I can’t trawl Pinterest, I can’t click on links in my Facebook news feed etc etc etc.

The masterpiece that is Sherlock has me completely hooked.  There is nothing about this classic television that I can pick on.  Oh apart from the fact that there will never be enough Sherlock.  I’ve finished watching the first two episodes of the most recent season, and just one to go.  Sad face.  My prediction for the season ending will be tears and plenty of them.  (Oh God will it be the series finale??)(Do not tell me!)

Is it the end?

You could write me a little something :) Just down there ▼

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