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Write A List, Check It Thrice Or More.

I have a little business starting to kick off, a little, on Etsy.  Finally.  So much work goes into these little things.  Many hours and lots of money too.  But finally, finally starting to reap the rewards.  I was starting to get so busy a week ago that I couldn’t sleep due to all the crap my brain kept trying to organize (at 3am).  So at 3 am last Sunday night I got so sick of thinking I grabbed my laptop and started writing a list…which was titled 47 Steps To Success.  Which I immediately regretted the number of steps, 47 is a hell of a lot!

I wrote little things and big things, from organizing the paper work to picking a font for the business.  It was really freeing too.  When I finished I immediately fell asleep.  It has given me direction and enabled me to treat the Etsy shop like a real shop, because it is.  I have set actual work hours and days off, goals for sales etc etc (and 42 other etc’s).

Since I wrote this list, sales have increased by 200%.  Evidence my friends.

Sometimes if you can’t sleep you just need to get all the shit out of your head.  Write a list.  It works a treat for me, could work for you too, you never know!

You could write me a little something :) Just down there ▼

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