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Antique Birdhouse Plans

Some cut little birdhouse plans.  I am pretty sure that if you print these you could just add a few tabs when you are cutting these out and have yourself some little paper birdhouses.  Or you could print them out and make yourself some wooden birdhouses.There are quite a few patterns for birdhouses floating around the internet, but I will always be drawn to the old original drawings.  These would even look lovely framed.

A few years ago I found an old birdhouse in a 2nd hand shop, for $2.  Score!  I glued scrapbooking paper around the outside walls and gave it a Little Golden Book roof.  Pretty cute!  I really would like to do that again one day, but this time it will Little Golden Books all around and on top.  Give it a try, little or large birdhouses.  Which one?

3 thoughts on “Antique Birdhouse Plans”

  1. Hi, would you happen to recall which book or site this was a part of? Thank you in advance!

  2. Hi Star, I found it on Pinterest. I searched antique birdhouse plans. I went back and had a look but I can not find an original source for you. Maybe look at the Good Luck

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