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Life Time Tolerance Of Cat Videos Reached…

One of the advantages of having a twenty year old son is the exposure to an abundance of cat videos.  Yay. <=== Sarcasm. (I do love my dear cats, all three of them, I love the purring, the welcoming parade that I encounter when I wake up, the daily cat races up the hall way and over the lounge, the fur balls from my long-haired lovely…description: looks like he turned inside out… mostly they are pretty great).

Found this beautiful print on Etsy a beautiful shop called Oh Dear Molly!, click here to take a look

Currently I am being tortured by a cat video done by engineers.  Cat yodeling.  Cat laser fight.  Which really has just proved to me that men never really grown up.  (No offence guys, but you know for however long you live you will still want to play with Lego’s and you will still like trains and will always want to look at boobies).

The cat yodeling was quite funny.
On relection I think there is still room for more cat videos.

Have a great day/night!!



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