Beyond Recognition


The call of my people.

Decided to try a new recipe tonight, cause God knows I’ve had it up to here (I just pictured my Mum doing the action)  of making the same 20 things for the last 6981 days. Time for something new, I thought. So off to Pinterest I went, found a lovely recipe for garlic Parmesan chicken and, miracle or all miracles…I had all the ingredients. 

The recipe called for half a cup of mayo to spread over the chicken boobs…really?! Mayo, is that a hing people do? Put mayo on chicken and bake?  Well I was going to have a hard enough time trying to sell this to the kids anyway without the mayo part, so I substituted for natural yogurt. Everything else was pretty normal. Mixed in the cheese, and garlic powder (I think that can go in the bin, just looks weird and I always have fresh anyway) salt and pepper, spread it on the chook and chucked it in the oven.  Both kids expressed their doubt at this dish, at which I wittily remarked “just give chicken piece a chance!” Followed by the usual “get it, give peace a chance, chicken peace…pieces, get it”. No Dad jokes in our house, just pure gold from Mum. 

So after I finished explaining my joke it was time. My son was judging from the other end of the kitchen, which means he was next to me, we have a teeny tiny kitchen. I cut a small piece, smelt like crap, was not looking forward to this, took a bite, chewed, looked away from my son and indicated just how wonderful it was…then spat it in the bin. Crap. Mitch giggled as he got me a glass of water to wash out the taste. “So what’s for dinner Mum? ” By this stage they were getting something out of a box from the freezer, Bad Mother. Ah look, spring rolls and mini dim sims…into the oven with you guys. 

While I was waiting for these culinary delights to cook, I thought I would answer an Etsy inquiry. There’s a PC in the dining room so I could look after the, loosely termed, dinner. Typing away, bit more typing and send. Check dinner…open oven..”Oh for fuck sake, really!? Are you kidding me?” The dinner now consisted of little black nuggets, burnt beyond recognition.  Mitch came out to investigate and had a good laugh and well I couldn’t stop giggling, 2 dinners in one night! Are you kidding?  So Mitch called his sister for dinner and she had a laugh, we all laughed then went to McDonalds. 

Two hours later my husband got home and laughed also. 

Night 6982: Meat and three vege. 

Three Lessons in Life

  1. STOP:  Sometimes you just gotta stop.  Stop doing that. Stop saying that.  Stop putting that off etc.
  2. COLLABORATE:  team up, get together, come together, band together, work together, work jointly.
  3. LISTEN:  Just listen.  Sometimes the answers are given to you but you just aren’t listening.  Listen.

The answers of life are found in a Vanilla Ice song? Yep.  Sure is.

lessons in life

Where Is All Your Money Going?

Well, I have been MIA from my blog lately.  Had a little break.  I didn’t go anywhere, but just wanted a little break from spending so much time online, you know what I mean?

I spent a fair bit of time lately getting my house, therefore my life, under control.  The difference in just great.  I did the usual clean out of the linen press, donated some things and threw out other things, just generally purged the linen closet.  I was just amazed at how much room was actually in there, and let me tell you it is quite small.  It is very easy to clean out and purge things out of your life, you just always have to remember NOT to fill it back up again.  You are not making room for more shit in your life.  While I was cleaning out the linen press I was thinking, thinking, thinking…all about how much money we waste in our lives.  I have said for years that every time I leave the house it costs me $100, which is almost true.  Go up to the shop for one thing, come back with a whole lotta stuff you really only wanted because the store set it up that way.  The first port of call for saving money in our house was electricity, unfortunately you do have to spend money to save money, so we bought an energy reader thingy.  It tells you to the cent how much your electricity is costing you.  I had suspected, for a while now, that our old fridge and freezer were the main culprits in our house, so that’s where we started…sad face…I was right…sooo much waste…such old technology, we actually calculated that they were costing around $1200 a year to run !!

Where is all your money going?  You'll be amazed where it is all going!

So…need…to…buy…a…new…fridge/freezer…wa wa waa. We shopped around (which we would never do before) got the best deal online, so we went to the local retail store and negotiated, yes I negotiated and scored $50 less than the online price (which also happened to be more than $1500 off the recommended retail price).  So it can be done, I used to be the one that saw the price on the price card and go “here’s my money, I’m buying it!”.  Well not anymore dude.  That’s my money and we work damn hard for it too.  So we picked up the fridge/freezer and laughed a little watching my husband and my son and my sons mate trying to get it up 13 steps and into the house…a big fridge it certainly is!

Well I thought I was on a roll, in the saving money dept.  And I had a giant fridge/freezer to fill, because most of the food in the old fridge was only mildly coolish, I am actually surprised we are all still alive, because the difference in temp between the old one and the new one is astonishing.  Anyway, back to filling the fridge.  Went to the shops, kids were at school and Uni, so I could take my time, and did the shopping.  I created 2 rules for that shopping trip:

  1. Don’t buy unless I really need it
  2. Don’t buy unless it is reduced and I need it, or it is essential

Where is all your money going?  You'll be amazed where it is all going!

Finished shopping and looked at the docket, due to my expert shopping, I saved $101.  I also got a years worth of laundry detergent (on special at $9 off) a months worth of cat food ($30 cents off) and a few other things I can’t remember.

Ok now that sounds great doesn’t it…yep, until you have to put all the shit away in your teeny tiny pantry 😦 Okay so next thing to do was to clean out the pantry and organise everything so I can see everything so I know what I have and don’t have.  I had a hell of a lot of miss matched containers and half empty packets.  So, going from shelf to shelf, I took everything out and placed it on the bench, and wondered what to do with it all.  I couldn’t just reorganise it and shove it back in, because clearly that isn’t working for me.  So, off to spend more money to save money.  (This takes place over 3 days, I am not a miracle worker you know).  I did the rest of the groceries sticking to the two rules mostly (had to be realistic) and also bought 2 trays of mason jars (24).  I just gotta say I love mason jars, and it is not really a thing in Australia, but let me tell you it should be, pretty and functional too.  So anyway, groceries are done, so many bargains, oh so many. And now for the crappy part…organising it all.  Crap.  What have I started.  So I took my time, thought about placement of items and got stuck into it.

I have 50% more items in the pantry and have 25% more free space than before and have eaten 50% more healthy food, just because I am organised.

Okay, realistically, I know that everyone can’t just go out and buy a new fridge just cause the old one is crap, I really know that.  The fridge was at least 25 years old and the freezer was 16 years old, so let me tell you I have put up with crap. The real point of this article (can I call it an article?) is this: know where your money is going, you earned your money, keep a hold of as much as you can. Think about how much it cost you to run the dryer, when you could just hang it out, think about how much it costs to run the washing machine again, because you forgot about the clothes for the third time, it all adds up.

For example:

I have started buying 3lt of milk on a Friday from Woolies, 3lt of milk is $3, because when we ran out over the weekend (which happened 4 weeks in a row, yeah we are real quick to act in our family) we would buy the milk from the convenience store which is conveniently (as the name would suggest) place 200 metres from our house.  When buying the milk from the corner store, it would cost $6 and then there is a $10 minimum at that store as well, so already we spend $7 more than we should and of course the extra items wouldn’t always come out at $10 so we spent up to $20 to get milk and all the other stuff we don’t need.  Over 4 weeks that was between $60 and $80, and that is crap.  Let’s look at that again my 3 lt milk just cost $60 when I should have spent $12…what an idiot.

So sit back and have a bit of a think about your money…YOUR MONEY…IT’S YOUR MONEY.


PICARD says it's your money, so find out where it is all going for heavan sake.

Some quick tips:

  • Turn off the lights when no one is in the room (yeah obvious and easy)
  • Make lunches
  • Take water with you when you leave to go shopping
  • Get a banking app on your phone and check it every day, from home, not while you are out
  • Get the local supermarkets app on your phone, check for super specials every Wednesday
  • Go over your junk mail and know your prices
  • Treat your pantry like an organised mini supermarket, including checking used by dates
  • Any coins go in a jar, or in our case, a vase.  It can add up over the year
  • If you see a significant super special try to get a years worth
  • Keep an eye on the local paper for free activities for adults and children alike
  • Try and do all your shopping in one day and try to keep away from the shops
  • Buy magazines from second-hand book shops.  Can start at 10 cents for a recent magazine
  • When cooking try to turn off the cooker just before the items are cook, it will continue to cook and you won’t waste your gas or electricity
  • Know your finances, do not leave it to one partner to do
  • Shop around and negotiate
  • If you have bought something from a supermarket and it is not satisfactory take it back. I bought a kilo of bacon from Woolies and it had no taste, so instead of throwing it away I took it back, I got a refund and a replacement pack.  How’s that?  🙂
  • Try and understand that not everyone you know needs a Birthday present every year
  • Have a special dinner at home
  • Make extra for dinner and have for lunch, saves money and time
  • Know when the sales are on and wait for them
  • Write lists, grocery lists, things to do lists, people to call lists, bills to pay lists ect
  • Always try to eat at home or eat home made…kinda like some other points but it is important
  • Remember cheaper is not always better
  • Do maintenance checks on cars, appliances etc
  • Before you need to buy things post a request for the item on your Facebook page, maybe a friend would like to get rid of it, you never know until you ask
  • Buy yourself a pressure cooker, I prefer these over a slow cooker any day, fast means less electricity (well in my mind it does)
  • Follow rules, sound weird doesn’t it…don’t speed, don’t park in the wrong place, don’t pay bill late, these all cost money, and sometimes they cost a lot of money…follow the damn rules!

So if you want to add to the list or have anything else to say, feel free to comment or like or share 🙂

Thanks for staying until the end,

Ruby C xx

Mouthful Of Oil Anyone?

Okeydoke, here we go.  Sitting here typing away.  Two cats sitting on the floor looking at me like, well they are looking kind of concerned.  I have bulging cheeks. And there is a strange noise coming from my mouth.

I am oil pulling.

Soooo, have you ever heard of oil pulling (not that kind, out of the gutter people!).  Until last week I had never heard of it either.  I haven’t told any of my friends, I told my husband and he kind of went “alrighty then” (the general rule in our house is: happy wife happy life, I did not make this rule, but it seems to work).  Anyway back to oil pulling…oh God just typing this makes my stomach turn…When I was pregnant (keep reading it’s only a short little story) with my second baby, I didn’t want to go over the due day by 2 weeks like the previous child.  So I took a spoonful of castor oil (oil pulling does not use castor oil, so don’t panic) and threw up, holy crap that shit is disgusting (and I must have swallowed some of it, cause I went straight into labour within 1 hour), even now I know where that stuff is kept on the shelf at Woolies and I can not look at it, cause I dry reach and it is a little embarrassing in public. So the though of a spoonful of oil in my mouth was yukky.

Oil pulling is…um…basically using oil instead of toothpaste.  Keep reading and stop rolling your eyes.  So you put a teaspoon (or whatever suits you) of raw coconut oil in your mouth and you swish it about for twenty whole minutes.  Eye rolling yet? Yes twenty minutes.  Who has the time to do that you ask?  I do.  I work from home and have a few things to do during the day, so after school drop off yesterday I tried oil pulling for the first time.  I didn’t throw up, BONUS! I put a teaspoon of raw coconut oil into my mouth and swished and swished and did a few things and after twenty minutes of swishing I spat it into the bin (not the sink).  It feels good so far.

Now why you ask?  Apparently it whitens your teeth and it removes the bacteria blah blah.  I have heard it cures (yes cures!) cavities…I don’t understand that bit really?  How the hell that works I don’t know.

Anyway it is just a little experiment and I can’t see the harm.  I would just like whiter teeth and that is really the only reason.  There is plenty of info floating around so google away people.  Just remember to take some information with a grain of salt.  And seriously I am not recommending you do or try anything.  Just letting you know what I am doing.

Eye Spy

What I see when I look out my window:

  • Brown grass that crunches under foot (could do with some rain)
  • weeds (could do with a gardener!)
  • beautiful wrens (these beautiful wrens are fascinated by seeing themselves in the mirror of my car, this explains the poop in the side of my car…)

  • double bar finches
  • Lol a chicken egg (we have a ghost chicken…we have never seen it but we get about 3 eggs a week, just randomly placed in the garden…as you do)

  • Roma tomato plant
  • cherry tomato plant (both tomato plants have grown randomly, I suspect the seeds were washed down the sink…at this rate I will be able to make a chicken caesar salad complete with poached egg and chicken, just from stuff I find in the front yard)
  • gum trees

  • palm trees
  • wattle trees

  • a bus shelter
  • the park
  • walking track (I lied, it is really just a path to the local shops, but walking track sounds so much better)
  • jet fighters (RAAF base)

Short and sweet post.  What do you see when you peek outside?



Extra Extra Read All About It!

I kinda miss the days of clipping cool articles…I suppose that is what Pinterest is all about these days…that sounds really old doesn’t it?!

Remember clipping magazine photos and articles.  I remember I had a large scrapbook and I seem to remember I clipped a photo of the couples from ABBA.  The I cut a zig zag between each couple (because they split) and wrote something very very lame above the pictures.  Looked pretty weird.  Weirdo.

Life Time Tolerance Of Cat Videos Reached…

One of the advantages of having a twenty year old son is the exposure to an abundance of cat videos.  Yay. <=== Sarcasm. (I do love my dear cats, all three of them, I love the purring, the welcoming parade that I encounter when I wake up, the daily cat races up the hall way and over the lounge, the fur balls from my long-haired lovely…description: looks like he turned inside out… mostly they are pretty great).

Found this beautiful print on Etsy a beautiful shop called Oh Dear Molly!, click here to take a look

Currently I am being tortured by a cat video done by engineers.  Cat yodeling.  Cat laser fight.  Which really has just proved to me that men never really grown up.  (No offence guys, but you know for however long you live you will still want to play with Lego’s and you will still like trains and will always want to look at boobies).

The cat yodeling was quite funny.
On relection I think there is still room for more cat videos.

Have a great day/night!!



I Feel (Chicken) Cooped Up!

I think I am a farm girl at heart.  I love animals.  Pretty much all animals.  And when you live in suburbia dreaming about farm life, the life you might hope to have one day, you inevitably end up on Pinterest.  Okay so what I mean is everyday I end up on Pinterest.  And what do you find on Pinterest?  Chicken coops!  You just knew I was going to say that didn’t you?  Even in suburbia you can have chicken coops you know…just go easy on the roosters if you do!  No one likes a rooster in suburbia.

Chicken coops come in all shapes and sizes.  The most amazing one I have seen is one on a blog call The Fancy Farm Girl, a chicken coop from heaven…very special.  So that one is top of the wish list, but I have also found others that are pretty cool as well.

The Fancy Farm Girl...Go and visit this lovely page :)

The Fancy Farm Girl…Go and visit this lovely page 🙂

Oh, and if you are thinking of buying chickens cause it looks like fun, please think again.  As in all animal purchases they are living beings and require and deserve care.  So if you can not provide adequate shelter or feed or all those other things required for survival, don’t purchase.  I don’t have chickens because I can’t provide for them as needed.  And I would be one of those crazy people who would bring them into the house, in the AC, when it is stinking hot…and lately they would be inside a fair bit.

Made from pallets and recycled wood!  I’m pretty sure you can get used pallets for less than $5 and the other bits and pieces needed can be purchased from a second-hand shop I suppose.  And don’t forget about Ebay for some of these sorts of things.

Who would have thought about an old car body for chickens?  Not me…nice to know though.

Even on the inside, you can recycle .  Buckets! Awesome.

Okay, so this is ridiculous!  How amazing is that.  A tin roof made from cans!!  Who thinks of doing this kind of thing?  This person, clearly!  I think the pictures demonstrate how to make them.  Probably should wear gloves and I think making this roof would be a little challenging but worth the effort.  Luv it!  (after much searching I have found this on

Don’t forget your chicken sky light!

❤ ❤ ❤ Leadlight windows ❤ ❤ ❤

Maybe one day.  The dream is to move to Tasmania, where it is nice and cold, and buy myself a farm…nice dream to have too.

I even have a picture, taped to the back of my front door, of 3 white chickens in a rustic kitchen, inside a renovated church…it’s all about goals!

Have an eggcelent day!

I crack me up…sorry.

Ruby xx



Really in love with the chalkboard effect of recent years.  It used to be all hand drawn and now most of it is digital.  Which makes it way more accessible I suppose.  You can get your own things done, invitations, announcements and everything in between.  These are ones are available from Donna at Bubba Beanz Photography.  These items ship to anywhere in the world.  So just pop on over to Bubba Beanz and have a good look at the beautiful chalkboards.  Prices available via the link.CLICK HERE TO VISIT BUBBA BEANZ PHOTOGRAPHY

Write A List, Check It Thrice Or More.

I have a little business starting to kick off, a little, on Etsy.  Finally.  So much work goes into these little things.  Many hours and lots of money too.  But finally, finally starting to reap the rewards.  I was starting to get so busy a week ago that I couldn’t sleep due to all the crap my brain kept trying to organize (at 3am).  So at 3 am last Sunday night I got so sick of thinking I grabbed my laptop and started writing a list…which was titled 47 Steps To Success.  Which I immediately regretted the number of steps, 47 is a hell of a lot!

I wrote little things and big things, from organizing the paper work to picking a font for the business.  It was really freeing too.  When I finished I immediately fell asleep.  It has given me direction and enabled me to treat the Etsy shop like a real shop, because it is.  I have set actual work hours and days off, goals for sales etc etc (and 42 other etc’s).

Since I wrote this list, sales have increased by 200%.  Evidence my friends.

Sometimes if you can’t sleep you just need to get all the shit out of your head.  Write a list.  It works a treat for me, could work for you too, you never know!

Early Start

Well, I have been out and about since about 6.30 this morning.  Busy busy busy.  It is such a beautiful day today.  Hopefully the hottest days of summer are over.  The skies are clear and there was a very slight chill in the air at 6ish.  Welcomed relief.

Went for a short walk with the kids, enjoyed the surroundings and took in the view. Just such a nice time of the morning, and I am so not a morning person.  I was thinking, while driving to school this morning, about how lucky I am to live where I live.  I started recalling all the animals I have seen just this morning.  Yeah it’s a long drive to school, and there was nothing on the radio.

I have seen :

  • One hoppy plover
  • One Slobbery Welsh Corgie
  • 3 Blue Heelers
  • One Border Collie
  • One Hawk
  • 50 odd Bouncy Kangaroos
  • 7 Goats
  • 1 Shetland Pony
  • 8 Horses
  • 3 Llamas
  • 4 Sheep

The kangaroos were really cute just bouncing through the paddock next to the road.  Love that…the part where they are in the paddock and not on the road.  On the road-bad.  In the paddock-good.

So I have just received a heap of orders via Etsy, which is awesome and keeping me very busy.  I am doing some beautiful birdhouse boxes for a wedding and a birdhouse wedding cake topper.  I really can’t wait to see the photos from the wedding.  Anyway, gonna have a nice cup of coffee and get started.  Have a nice day!

Blast From The Past…

Well yesterday I found an old old old diary that I had written when my kids where little…from the beginning of the year 2000!  Have you ever written something down and re read it years later and then you realize how lame you actually were/are?  Well I am super lame…apparently, just in case the previous posts didn’t give that secret away.  I was going through a poetry stage, when I say poetry this is a very loose term!.  And the subjects were my wee little kids.  So at the risk of appearing more lame than usual…here is one of them:


My Kids:

Why can’t I?

Why can’t she?

Why can’t he

Why does it do that?

Why is it called that?

Why do I have to?

Why did you do that?

Why does the world turn?

Why can you see the moon at day time?

Why do things fall when you drop them?

Why do people do bad things?

Why has that man got a bunch of flowers?

Why can’t we fly?

Why is that dog wagging his tail?

Why are we here?

Why do we have to go to school?

Why does Dad snore?

Why do we have Christmas?

Why do I have to eat vegetables?

Why did my toy break?

Mum:  Because.

Kids:  Why because?

Mum:  Just because.

Kids:  Why just because.

Mum:  .

And that my friends is just how lame I was…am 🙂

Join me in my lameness and post your own ridiculous poetry for all the world to see…go on do it! (My prediction is no one is going to post any poetry…but that’s cool, I am quite comfortable in my lameness, luckily)

Have a great day.

Ruby C! xx

Challenge For The Week: Stay On Target!

The challenge for the week is to stay focused.  Very difficult.  Me trying to stay  This is what is going on at the moment:

(And yes I secretly say this to myself sometimes, in the voice too)

         I am using my laptop on the lounge, TV is on and a Friends episode is on…but it is muted, my son is making himself pizza for breakfast, he is listening to some swing music by Caravan Palace (if you haven’t heard them before they are really worth a listen), he is asking me where things are in the fridge (have a Mum look !!) then there’s no ham, can I use bacon?? Yep you can!  Do I cut the fat off?  Yep you can!  I just throw that in the bin right?  Yep you can!  You aren’t going to make something out of it are you? (I am on a recycling kick at the moment and we are all about using everything)  However I feel he was being a little facetious there.  Then the complaints about fatty bacon, and then the cats decide it’s time to run up and down the hall way, which ends when one lands on the lounge and the other sits and looks at the victor for 27 seconds and then walks away, presumably to have a nap, cause they are cats, and after running for 3 whole minutes they need their 20 hours sleep.  On the upside, it gave me something to write about!

So being focused is difficult as it is in any household.  But being a Mum helps, you tend to block things out when you’re a Mum, until things get quiet that is, or until there is blood.  So happily there is no blood, and plenty of noise…

So that’s my first post of the week.

Have a great day all!

Ruby Ruby Ruby (said in Cary Grant’s voice as in Judy Judy Judy which he didn’t say but you know…just go with it).  xx

Oh and on a really crappy note…I was genuinely upset to hear of the death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman.  I just keep shaking my head over that sad news.  A lot of people are going to see his photo on the news and say “oh that guy died”  but many many many other people knew what a fabulous actor he was.  Brilliant actor, and I don’t say that very often.  I have followed his career since it started and I am very sad and disappointed when I think of the many future roles and beautiful performances we have missed out on.  This news is just shit 😦

30 Ideas For Your Unachievable New Year’s Resolution

Well I can’t believe the year is almost over again.  It really sneaks up on you doesn’t?  So many things can happen in a year.  Births, deaths and marriages and all that goes in between.

And every year a few of us leave it until the first of the year to change something about ourselves we don’t like….or something we really really like but shouldn’t.  Why do we leave it until then?  Why can’t we change things on the first of a month or a Monday (not as if Monday’s have enough things against it), or even when you wake up.  It’s never too early or late I suppose.

Some things we might want to change or to do:

  1. Diet
  2. Stop smoking
  3. Be more organised
  4. Change jobs
  5. Get a better job
  6. Be more daring
  7. Make new friends
  8. Get rid of crappy friends
  9. Learn a language
  10. Improve your education
  11. Travel more
  12. Travel less
  13. Be more caring
  14. Sleep more
  15. Sleep less
  16. Declutter
  17. Drink less alcohol
  18. Be more frugal
  19. Stop wasting money
  20. Start a hobby
  21. Buy from small businesses more…like Ruby Canoe 🙂
  22. More time in the garden
  23. Less time on the computer
  24. Call family more
  25. Tell someone special how you feel about them
  26. Learn to the entire Thriller dance
  27. Donate blankets at winter (to homeless humans and RSPCA)
  28. Donate food
  29. Go one month without buying fast food (including drinks)
  30. Do something you have never done before

Chances are we won’t check off many things on our own resolution list, but maybe we can do just one.

Best of luck!

Ruby.  xx.

Define: “Food Drunk”

(copy and pasted from Wiki, because…well..the title says it all really, hope you had a lovely Christmas and got totally food drunk)

Historical meaning

The use of “drunk” to mean overcome by substances other than alcohol is long-established, e.g. drunk with opium (1585), or with tobacco (1698).[2]

In October 1905 Thomas Edison (then 58 years old) declared that “the country is food drunk…. the people eat too much and sleep too much, and don’t work enough”.[3]

The phrase was echoed by Dr J E Rullfson of Toledo after fasting for sixty days from January 5, 1907. He holds that the entire human race is food drunk, saying “the dinner eaten by Napoleon just before the battle of Leipsic proved so indigestible that the monarch’s brain was clouded and as a result the battle was lost and a pie which King Philip failed to digest caused the revolt of the Netherlands.”[5]

The state of being food drunken

When people overeat, their bodies have the tendency to chemically change including metabolic shifts. There are also electrolyte imbalances due to the process of digestion that occur once the massive amounts of food have entered the body. This can also cause a feeling of depression, emotional attachment to food, fatigue, and even boredom.[6]

It’s Now 3.30am I Should Be Asleep!

Sometimes I think there are just too many things in the world to do.  I look at Pinterest and pin a billion things to the craft board, each one I am certain I will make today, oh and then something else, and then more.  Curse you Pinterest! No I didn’t mean that, sorry Pinterest I still love thee.  It’s the sleepiness talking.  It’s 330 am and I suppose I should be going to sleep but OMG I have been trying for 3 hours already.  A teeny weeny bit frustrating I have to say.  So I gave up, it’s school holidays here for another week so I’ll sleep tomorrow or today or sometime in the future.

Yep exactly like that.

So sometime this week, I am hoping for Tues or Weds, I will be the proud new owner of a Silhouette Cameo machine.  I just hope I don’t get caught on the Pinterest merry-go-round when I go there for some ideas.  We decided to purchase this beast after no research at all, cause that’s how we roll at our place…well we bought it so I could actually sell some shit on Etsy…hopefully! I think the fact that I only have one sale is a bit off-putting as well.  So it’s time to diversify…diversify or die… I have always been a huge fan of cut outs and having seen birth announcements and marriage invitations done by these machines I was sold.

So many possiblities…I can’t wait to get stuck into a few practice projects, I just have to break it to my husband that I also really need a new laser printer…truly I do honey.  🙂

I hope Maria and Paulos had a wonderful day! xx

Before I spent 2 hours trying to get to sleep I watched the final episode of Breaking Bad.  I was happy with the ending, so many final episodes are infuriating…Seinfeld!  I was kind of expecting Jesse to be the only one to make it through, but the way he was driving makes me think that a few kilometres down the road he wrapped that car around a telegraph pole (do we still call them telegraph poles? hmm something to ponder when I try to get to sleep again).  I was happy that they got to find Hank too, why did Hank have to die…?  Why? Liked me a bit of Hank I did.  So that’s the end…but I can’t dwell on that because… Scandal is back on this week! Now it took me a very long time to forgive Tony Goldwyn for having Patrick Swayze killed (confused? don’t be…he had Patrick Swayze killed in Ghost)(Holy crap I just googled Ghost…wait for it..1990… !!!!!).  I could not watch him in anything, but I love this show, and I love the casting as well, probably the only thing that bothers me would be Huck’s fake beard and fake long hair, but I can live with that.


I can’t really think of anything to dribble on about so I’ll see ya.

Ruby xx♥


Warning: Sesame Street Will Make You Weep.

Well this week the Glee kid died.  Corey Monteith died.  That will happen with heroin I suppose.  Sometimes you just gotta wonder why, just selfish.  I’m sure there are a shit load of people devastated by his actions.  Soooo, anyway, I was stumbling the net the day after he died (I think) and found a blog post about the way shows cope with a main character dying.  Some shows had written the death into the show and I actually read the whole post.  It was quite interesting to see the other characters in the shows display real emotion.  I watched all of the clips, enjoyed them too, until I got to one about half way through.  At that point I regretted reading this bloody post.  It was terrible, just awful stuff.  It looked innocent enough, you know a giant yellow bird holding some pictures he had drawn, oh and by the way…he is a very good cartoonist.  So I clicked and started watching and it was all down hill from there, I can tell you.  I was watching ( the infamous) … wait for it…


Just really well done, it’s a great way to explain death.  So if you have a box of tissues handy, and you remember Mr Hooper (70’s kids) give it a go.

Gotta love big birds reaction, I think he was a little angry that Mr Hooper wasn’t coming back ever… Here it is.

DIY Pet Bed…Cheap and Easy.

The above picture is actually from a McCalls pattern.  I saw this picture on Pinterest and had a good look at it, sorted it out in my cluttered brain and then proceeded to make one pet bed complete with a top blanket…and I did it in about 15 mins for about $8.

I just know you wanna know how to do it…it is soooooo simple.  So I am going to show you how to make a cheap and easy, no sew, pet bed.

  1. Grab yourself 2 contrasting coloured fleece blankets, I got mine for about $4 each.
  2. Lay them on top of each other on the lounge room floor, making sure you haven’t attracted the attention of pets, because they WILL try it out by sitting right in the MIDDLE of your material.
  3. Cut an appropriate sized circle…mine was about a metre across (3 feet) I just sketched mine with a black marker.
  4. Now cut fringes all around the fleece circle.  Make sure they are about 4 cm (about 2 inches) wide and  I cut about 10cm (4 inch) in towards the edge.  Be sure to keep both pieces of material together, they pretty much stick together anyway, so I didn’t even pin them together.
  5. Now tie almost all of the fringes together, leave about ten untied.
  6. Find an old cheap pillow laying around and cut it open and stuff that stuff into the pet bed.
  7. Tie up the remaining fringes.
  8. I also added an extra bit of material on the top to act as a little blanket, cause it has been cold and I feel bad about them being cold.  So,  I cut a semi-circle from the left overs and gave it a fringe and tied that on too…I just have to lift up the little flap and Maat The Cat jumps on in.

Da daa, easy peasey!  Seriously it is so very easy to make.  This is something you could make with a very young child as well (supervision is essential, scissors: Ouchy mama).

I have also, previously, made a scarf with this tieing technique…so I suppose you could also make a reversible scarf with the two different colours tied together.

Anyway give it a shot and let us know how you did.

Sweet Cottage Cuteness.

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Tiny houses…easy to clean, quick to tidy, no clutter (cause there is no room), sounds dreamy to me…but idealy, I would love to have a big old cottage type of house with a tiny little cottage arts and crafts studio out the back of my non-existent house, over looking my non-existent rolling hills and my friendly and happy non-existent livestock.  Not too much to ask is it?  I have heaps more detail, to this non-existent life, floating around in my little head, but I might not share too much lest I appear totally crazy.  I will leave you with the impression that I am just a little crazy 🙂

Have a great day.


Jack, Union Jack.


This rug…swoon!


A fridge????? ❤

Watch an episode of Sherlock in this little beauty.

British, with some Aussie pillows.


The curtains look beautiful.


Must take a long and mysterious journey if using these trunks.


Hmm, only for PJ’s, I don’t know why…


Must be wearing an outfit from the 40’s if you use this, including hat!


Reading classic English novels or watching another episode of Sherlock.


HHmmm, some comfy living…parked the boat in the canal just out the door.


I just love the Union Jack,  partly because it appears on our flag as well, and partly because of the strong colours.  I always go for the antique, well worn Union Jack decorator pieces.  And to have a rug with the Union Jack on it would be devine.  One could only hope.

This room is the whole package...hhmm one can dream.  I think this room is bigger than my house!

This room is the whole package…hhmm one can dream. I think this room is bigger than my house!

Have a great Monday all, stay healthy…Ruby xx




  • Chicken noodle soup…More specifically…Continental Chicken Noodle Soup.  Follow directions, when soup is almost ready, put some white bread in the toaster, toast, when toast pops, wack some butter on it, cut it into soldiers and put on a small plate.  Put soup in bowl, get soup spoon (no other spoon is acceptable), go to lounge room and sit on the floor…dunk yummy warm buttery toast into the soup and eat after every few spoons of soup, do this while watching a movie.  (Princess Bride is my recommendation).  Ensuring that you have one bite of toast still at the very end of the soup.  Lay on lounge, you will have already prepared your bed lounge with an over abundance of pillows and a snuggly blanket (blanket will be continuously in use…on too hot, off too cold, feet sticking out;  just right), tissues, don’t forget your tissues.  (My hubby went to Woolworths on Saturday {day one of my cold} to buy the luxury tissues, cause he is awesome, and apparently I looked like death).

    This is not packet soup, it just looks yummy.

    This is not packet soup, it just looks yummy.

  • Cuddle from a loved one.


  • Nice warm bath (or if you are me, really really hot shower).
  • Orange juice.  Liquids in general, probably doesn’t include scotch, but…no buts, Drs advise no alcohol:(
  • Gargle with Listerine, or salty water.
  • Hot lemon and honey drink (eek I hate this one…my Dad always suggested this one when I was little, when I was about 35ish I tried it out of desperation, it was disgusting, but it worked) .
  • I have read that you should wash your hands after you blow your nose, um I don’t really think that is practical if you are blowing your nose 4892 times a day.  Ain’t nobodys got time for that.  But wash your hands as much as is practical.
  • But you should use tissues over handkerchiefs (does anyone still use hankies anyway?)
  • Don’t go to work and give everyone else your germies…stay at home at spread it to the ones you love.  You have sick days for a reason, you are sick, stay at home.  REST.
  • Watch Game of Thrones.  All of it, that should get you through till the end 🙂

So, back to bed now.  Stay healthy people. (Just so you know…I am NOT a Doctor, these are not directions, if you are sick go to an actual Doctor and don’t get your advice from the internet 🙂


PS.  A big cyber hug to my very good friend Alona who lost her very good friend, her big furry baby, Caesar.  Just hate seeing my friends in so much pain, he wasn’t just a dog♥.  Thinking of you my friend xxxx.

Without kids, With kids…

Great graphic from

Great graphic from

Anyone that does not have children…this graphic will make you laugh.  But please believe me when I say real life is much much much worse.  To “complete” this housework, you will need at least 24 hours.  You may also be vacuuming at 2am in the morning cause the kids are awake anyway and there is no effing way they are going to sleep.  When you start cleaning and vacuuming the house, you are putting in lots of effort and try to make it fun…cut to 24 hours later…you have finished…look at you go girl, you are exhausted, hungry (cause everyone else has been fed, they don’t like the food you have made for them but they sure are interesting in your food, now you just have to share), your sleepy, but you are finished…awesome…just do not turn around.

One or two tips, tidy their rooms and throw out all broken toys when they are asleep or at kindy/daycare.  When you have to go out once or twice by yourself, buy a chocolate and eat all of it before you get home, dispose of wrapper in the bin before you go into the house.  Do not buy the kids anything cause you feel guilty, they will live through the experience.

For all that is good in this world…read to your kids…sing to your kids too, make them watch old black and white movies and musicals and operas and rock and roll, read poems, tell them about how wonderful the world is, full of many different awesome people, and be the parent you had or wish that you had.  Be the parent that leads by example.  Be the parent that educates themselves as well and their child.  Just be good.

and aveagoodweegend (and have a good week-end). xxx Ruby.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Some days it just all comes together.  And some days it just all turns to shit.  I had the first one today.  Yay for us.  I also bumped into a few (four) old and dear friends at the shops this afternoon.  That was really strange, but I was so happy to see them all.  It has been way too long.  I bet these people didn’t even know that I thought of them often.  How many people do you know that you think of often.  You should ring someone now, tell them you think of them.  Who is it going to be I wonder?


On the same sort of subject…I was in the kitchen the other day and had a really random thought…I must ring my Mum and tell her to invite her nephew to visit Mum and Dads farm?  Why? I don’t have a clue!  Must be for some strange reason.  So my Mum rang her nephew, as per instructed, and they had a great hour long chat.  I just found that really strange, but it was such a strong feeling, ah well, just go with it I suppose.


When I was growing up, I was always confused as to why our emergency number is “000”(in Australia only).  Imagine being in a great emergency and having to dial “000”.  It made no sense to my little brain.  Wouldn’t it be quicker as “111”?  Just sayin’.

tumblr_mgzepzqnf21ri8u0oo1_500red-telephone-box-urban-art sheep03telephone-sculpture-fil-de-fer

The Amazing Flowering Tea Balls.

This is a ball of tea, hand made. I think this one was jasmine tea.

Put boiling water into your teapot and add tea ball…do not leave…you will want to see it unfold.

And it starts to flower. And you start to smile 🙂

More flowering…more smiles 🙂

And it starts to float around the top, moving…

Then it starts to float to the bottom or is that sinks to the bottom?…let it steep for about ten minutes…or however you like your tea…I suppose you can try it every few minutes.

Insert artistic aerial shot here…I am not a professional, so you can’t book my photographic services, so try to control yourselves and refrain from begging me to take photos of your family…

A shot of the base of the teapot…complete with warming tea light. OMG is that why it is called a tea light? I think I am onto something here…
The teapot is an Avanti brand and it retails for about $50-$60 here in Australia. This includes the tea light stainless steel base. The flowering tea ball costs from about $2 and upwards. Google it, so pretty and very impressive!

Just a quick (not really quick) picture of a tower of teacups.

Flowering tea balls are usually served in containers made of glass so that the flowering effect can be seen. The flowering balls can usually be reused two or three times without the tea becoming bitter.  It is unknown if the tea balls are from modern China or much older.  So give it a try, you don’t have to buy a glass teapot, just put it in a glass bowl and see if you like it before investing $50, and if you like it go and get yourself one.  I am sure you could pick up a glass teapot for much cheaper as a bargin shop (um is it bad that my family calls these shops the shit shops?)

Enjoy a cuppa.

Ruby.  😀

Not aloud to laugh…

Oh how very true.  I have suffered badly from this one...

Oh how very true. I have suffered badly from this one…

However grammar is no laughing matter…

The words ‘aloud’ and ‘allowed’ sound similar and are sometimes confused.


The adverb ‘aloud’ means ‘out loud’ and refers to sound (almost always speech).


Please do not read aloud. You’re disturbing everyone else in the library.

The public are not keen on lip-syncing; therefore, medal hopefuls must all learn to sing the national anthem aloud.


‘Allowed’ is the past tense of the verb ‘to allow’, which means ‘to permit’.  ‘Allowed’ is synonymous with (the same as) ‘permitted’.


Small amounts of baby formula and breast milk are allowed in the aircraft cabin if a baby or small child is traveling.

I am not aloud to go to the party on Saturday.
(should be allowed)


(I love copy and paste!) (thank you (And I do realise that my grammar is not perfect and this post is meant in good fun…) xxx R xxx

Close Encounter…

Body building boy kangaroo

Woke up late this morning, watched the news while having breakfast.  My daughter got ready for school and I go and wait in the car.  Suddenly remember that I didn’t make lunch for her…go and make a quick lunch, lacking in nutrition 😦 Get back in the car.  Well that wasn’t too bad.  8.15 am and on the road, off to school.  Travelling past the local military base where the kangaroos hang out every morning.  Doing around 100 kph, give or take 10 kph…a giant roo decides she will test my brakes out…I presume it was a she as she was big but not body building big as the boys can get…so…she just jumps full hop in the middle of the road, my brain goes bananas…do you know how many calculations your brain can do in one second, “is this real?’ “kangaroo jumping in front of car, apply brakes” “but not a ridiculous amount of brakes” “was there someone behind me?” and I answer no, “is there any on coming cars?” and I answer no, “is my daughter crapping herself?” “is anyone screaming?” no…braking, more braking…stop…and a slight noise…the car hit the roo on the tail… “wow that roo was as tall as the car” “omg, I am so glad I was paying attention”…so…we are all good…my girl, myself and the kangaroo, all good! 100 to zero in a few metres, not something I want to do everyday.

I drive on and my daughter and I start to laugh and I have a little scream and I love my car, and I love my new tyres and I am so glad it all turned out okay.  And now I was awake.  Anyway that was my morning trip to school, I hope not to do that again.  And that was my morning.  xxx

Cute girl kangaroos.

Cute girl kangaroos.


Note:  Do NOT ever swerve to miss an animal, many people have died doing this.  It can cause you to lose control of your vehicle.  Kangaroos are most active at dawn and dusk.  I was a little unlucky as it was very over cast this morning and the area that the kangaroos inhabit every morning had just had all the grass mowed.

100 Blog Post Ideas.



Blog post ideas???

  1. If you had superpowers what would they be and what would you do with it?
  2. Would being a billionaire be boring?
  3. What would you like to be buried with?
  4. Who loves you and you don’t even know about it?
  5. Why do you work so hard?
  6. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
  7. Where do you see yourself in 10 days?
  8. 10 obscure movies I have seen
  9. How to waste an hour
  10. What pisses me off about shopping.
  11. List the animals you see in one day
  12. Describe you environment.
  13. How cold or hot is it at your place?
  14. Cats.
  15. Reality TV…reality or a huge load of crap?
  16. How to make the best hot chocolate ever.
  17. Sharing old family recipes.
  18. How to go to the toilet uninterrupted, by humans and  animals…step by step guide.
  19. A list of driving to school music, with the kids and without.
  20. Strange things at the side of the road…(saw a TV today).
  21. Have a rant.
  22. Making chocolate custard (my husbands idea)
  23. The best places to find a bargain.
  24. The weirdest thing that ever happened to me.
  25. Favourite childhood memories.
  26. Worst childhood memories.
  27. Customer service stories.
  28. The thing you treasure most is…
  29. The person you miss most is…
  30. Colours, lots of photos of lots of your fav colours.
  31. Unique products you love.
  32. Unusual pictures of unusual things.
  33. Story of your life.
  34. List all the things you have to do today.
  35. List all the things you would do if there were no limits.
  36. Write a letter to your teenage self.
  37. Stuff you take for granted but others don’t see everyday.
  38. Funny shit your kids say.
  39. Stupid shit you spouse does.
  40. Selfish shit your cat thinks.
  41. Cute things.
  42. Funny things.
  43. Things your parents said.
  44. Movie review.
  45. Book review.
  46. Are you really living?
  47. If you knew when you would die, what would you do?
  48. When was the last time you did something for you?
  49. What do you need to get rid of?
  50. When was the last time you did something for the first time?
  51. Are you as nice to yourself as you should be?
  52. Why aren’t you changing/
  53. What have you learnt in your current job?
  54. How much more shit can you take?
  55. What goal do you want to achieve before the end of the month?
  56. The lyrics to your favourite song.
  57. Places you want to go to.
  58. Places you have been to.
  59. Ask you parents or relatives about their parents.
  60. Where are you from?
  61. Where are you going?
  62. Simple crafts.
  63. Did up some old art work from school and post it.
  64. Get some pinsperation. Pinterest.
  65. You favourite things to do on a weekend.
  66. Do you have too much stuff?
  67. Home project.
  68. Your favourite quotes.
  69. People you admire.
  70. Antiques.
  71. Vintage anything.
  72. Retro furniture.
  73. Fashion from different eras.
  74. How to save money on purchases.
  75. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
  76. What do you want for your kids.
  77. What foreign country do you want to live in.
  78. Dogs.
  79. How to get motivated.
  80. Festive posts..Christmas, Easter, Mothers day etc.
  81. Favourite photos
  82. Favourite websites.
  83. Other blogs you love and read.
  84. What to wear.
  85. Where to go.
  86. What to do.
  87. Where to shop.
  88. How would your day go if you swapped with your spouse?
  89. What would you do differently if you had to go back to school?
  90. Take photos of your latest car trip.
  91. Diet tips.
  92. Random facts.
  93. Funky tattoos…
  94. I was alive before the internet!
  95. Your gardens progress.
  96. Any “how to” posts.
  97. Camping or travelling tips you use.
  98. How to survive the Zombie Apocalypse.
  99. How to be the master of your domain.
  100. How you stay happy.

Add your own in the comments section.