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Beyond Recognition

The call of my people.

Decided to try a new recipe tonight, cause God knows I’ve had it up to here (I just pictured my Mum doing the action)  of making the same 20 things for the last 6981 days. Time for something new, I thought. So off to Pinterest I went, found a lovely recipe for garlic Parmesan chicken and, miracle or all miracles…I had all the ingredients.

The recipe called for half a cup of mayo to spread over the chicken boobs…really?! Mayo, is that a hing people do? Put mayo on chicken and bake?  Well I was going to have a hard enough time trying to sell this to the kids anyway without the mayo part, so I substituted for natural yogurt. Everything else was pretty normal. Mixed in the cheese, and garlic powder (I think that can go in the bin, just looks weird and I always have fresh anyway) salt and pepper, spread it on the chook and chucked it in the oven.  Both kids expressed their doubt at this dish, at which I wittily remarked “just give chicken piece a chance!” Followed by the usual “get it, give peace a chance, chicken peace…pieces, get it”. No Dad jokes in our house, just pure gold from Mum.

So after I finished explaining my joke it was time. My son was judging from the other end of the kitchen, which means he was next to me, we have a teeny tiny kitchen. I cut a small piece, smelt like crap, was not looking forward to this, took a bite, chewed, looked away from my son and indicated just how wonderful it was…then spat it in the bin. Crap. Mitch giggled as he got me a glass of water to wash out the taste. “So what’s for dinner Mum? ” By this stage they were getting something out of a box from the freezer, Bad Mother. Ah look, spring rolls and mini dim sims…into the oven with you guys.

While I was waiting for these culinary delights to cook, I thought I would answer an Etsy inquiry. There’s a PC in the dining room so I could look after the, loosely termed, dinner. Typing away, bit more typing and send. Check dinner…open oven..”Oh for fuck sake, really!? Are you kidding me?” The dinner now consisted of little black nuggets, burnt beyond recognition.  Mitch came out to investigate and had a good laugh and well I couldn’t stop giggling, 2 dinners in one night! Are you kidding?  So Mitch called his sister for dinner and she had a laugh, we all laughed then went to McDonalds.

Two hours later my husband got home and laughed also.

Night 6982: Meat and three vege.

2 thoughts on “Beyond Recognition”

  1. You are FABULOUSLY funny! talented and precious. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start writing your blog again. It’s just marvelous and NO ONE should miss out on reading it! ;)) Got it, Chick A Dee! Please! Thank you!!! 😉

  2. You have funny timing Lisa. I was just trying to decide if I should start writing the blog again or just give it up. I was just a bit bored, so what better way to get UNBORED than to do a heap of different things at the same time. So back to the blog I guess. Thanks for your encouragement I hope to do my first new post within the week. Thanks again Lisa!!!! xxxx

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