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ELVIS MONTH Day 29 Charro (1969)

Year:  1969 Age:  34 Movie:  30th The armed stranger rides into town, and straight into your standard Mexican cantina.  Jess Wade is tricked into coming to the cantina by those no good Hackett boys.  Shots are exchanged and Jess takes cover behind you standard armoured card table.  Jess is also wearing those leather cuffs/watch from… Continue reading ELVIS MONTH Day 29 Charro (1969)

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Bearded Elvis.

Charro! Bearded Elvis... Charro! is a 1969 Western movie starring, wait for it...Elvis Presley, surprised weren't you?!  Ok, so no songs featured in this one, you just get the title song, but it's a good one.  A great 60's/early 70's cowboy ballad...I may or may not be biased in this opinion...And it's the only movie… Continue reading Bearded Elvis.