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ELVIS MONTH Day 29 Charro (1969)

Year:  1969

Age:  34

Movie:  30th

The armed stranger rides into town, and straight into your standard Mexican cantina.  Jess Wade is tricked into coming to the cantina by those no good Hackett boys.  Shots are exchanged and Jess takes cover behind you standard armoured card table.  Jess is also wearing those leather cuffs/watch from the 68 Comeback Special which look very manly I must say 🙂

The bad buys end up riding into the desert with Jess.  All because of a woman and a cannon a gold and silver cannon at that.  It turns out they have framed Jess for the theft of the cannon, jeez they really are bad guys.  God I hated this scene when I was a kid…the branding scene!  Ouchy.  Gets beaten up and left in the desert with a saddle and no horse.  He does manage to capture a wild horse and break it in, with Elvis actually sitting on a bucking horse, not the wild bucking scenes, cause you don’t want the star of the movie breaking his neck do you?

Ends up in a salloon in a little town, looking for a woman and naked woman… Crazy Billy Roy turns up and wants a bit of Marcy and shows her his gun (his actual gun) and on the holster is a big set of boobies! Boobs in an Elvis movie. what?  Crazy Billy Roy goes to directly to jail (no $200 for him).  Jess becomes a Deputy and all is well in the little town.

The bump on the head scene is short but funny.  Vince finds out Billy Roy is in jail and he’s a little pissed.  Oh and the Mexican army are in town looking for Jess and the cannon, confrontation imminant.  Things start blowing up in the town.

Jess takes Billy Roy to Vince and there is a gun/dynamite/cannon fight.  Ending in the runaway cannon squishing Crazy Billy Roy and Vince loosing his shit and gives up.  Towns people forgive Jess and he leaves town with the cannon and Vince headed for Mexico to right all the wrongs.  The End.  Really good movie, very underated.

There is a rumour of a cut nude scene.  When Tracey is in the bath and Jess walks into her room, apparently there is a scene of her getting out of the bath…and I just found the photos from that scene, I can’t find the screen version however.  EDIT: I FOUND THE CUT SCENE…AND THE CUT SONG:

Co Stars Alive:  Ina Balin  NOPE

                                  Victor French  NOPE

                                   Solomon Sturges  YEP

My Favourite Song:  Charro  (only song)

Most Popular Song:   Charro  (only song)

Stay tuned for Day 30 of ELVIS MONTH

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  2. Hi Daniel, thanks for commenting and I’m really glad you enjoyed it too. If you want to check out all the reviews from Elvis Month, (where I watched and review every single Elvis movie and official documentaries) just go to and go to the search bar at the right and enter Elvis and away you go! Thanks again. Xx

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