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Extra Extra Read All About It!

I kinda miss the days of clipping cool articles...I suppose that is what Pinterest is all about these days...that sounds really old doesn't it?! Remember clipping magazine photos and articles.  I remember I had a large scrapbook and I seem to remember I clipped a photo of the couples from ABBA.  The I cut a… Continue reading Extra Extra Read All About It!

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Not aloud to laugh…

However grammar is no laughing matter... The words 'aloud' and 'allowed' sound similar and are sometimes confused. Aloud The adverb 'aloud' means 'out loud' and refers to sound (almost always speech). Examples: Please do not read aloud. You're disturbing everyone else in the library. The public are not keen on lip-syncing; therefore, medal hopefuls must… Continue reading Not aloud to laugh…


Hump Day Funny…

Now, this is a great life lesson people.  Always wear undies, and you get bonus points for clean ones.  I really can't confirm if this is a true story but is bloody hilarious.  I must say, what a lovely, caring wife she was...was...I don't think, even if her husbands bits have neon arrows and a… Continue reading Hump Day Funny…

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A Giggleworthy List From A Mother’s Dictionary:

Having been a parent for quite some time now, I know exactly what I am doing...not at all.  Because with each passing month something changes.  You hit a new and unusual problem.  Stages aren't just for the little ones...IT NEVER CHANGES...STAGES...EVERY YEAR... UNTIL...THEY... MOVE OUT.  Sorry if I've burst anyones bubble there.  Anyway, these stages… Continue reading A Giggleworthy List From A Mother’s Dictionary:

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Segal Visits Putin!!?? Huh?

I don't watch the news very often.  For good reason.  I really find it difficult to sit through the news.  A little bit of death and destruction with breakfast anyone? I just don't find it a great way to start or end my day.  I don't feel any smarter having watched the news, didn't learn… Continue reading Segal Visits Putin!!?? Huh?