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Pin Up Girls

I was on Pinterest the other day (shocker I know) and I was looking for pin up girl pics, not that difficult to find really.  I was specifically looking for a good pic for my business cards.  It was really quite weird when I found a very lovely pic, she was fully dressed, everything covered,… Continue reading Pin Up Girls

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ELVIS MONTH Day 21 Paradise, Hawaiian Style (1966)

Aloha, Hawaii USA!  Love that song and I love this movie.  Elvis plays Rick a pilot this time.  He has been fired again, all because of a woman...what a shocker.  He is off to see he old buddy, Danny, and asks for a job, which he gets.  We then get to meet the fabulous Donna… Continue reading ELVIS MONTH Day 21 Paradise, Hawaiian Style (1966)

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You are not normal!

When I grew up I didn't think I was a normal girl.  But I believe all people must think that at one point or another or all the time. I could throw a base ball like a boy.  And almost take their heads off. I could hit a golf ball like a crazy person, straight up the… Continue reading You are not normal!