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I was on Pinterest the other day (shocker I know) and I was looking for pin up girl pics, not that difficult to find really.  I was specifically looking for a good pic for my business cards.  It was really quite weird when I found a very lovely pic, she was fully dressed, everything covered, no boobage what-so-ever…but there was a few comments attached to it.  One person, who is completely entitled to her own opinion (even if it is wrong) totally lost it over this pic.  Ranting about how disgusting it was and indecent and blah blah blah.  I just find it strange that people with these kind of attitudes find it necessary to tell everyone about it.  And in order to comment on a Pinterest picture you actually have to click on it and make it much bigger, if you are so offended by such a picture why click on it?  Really!  I have seen some pictures on Pinterest that I was a little unimpressed with, but I just kept on scrolling.  Problem solved.  If you don’t like something on TV, turn it off.  If you don’t like something or someone on Facebook, block them.  Don’t like a website, don’t go there.  A friend is causing you stress, don’t be friends.  Someone pisses you off on the roads, turn up the music and smile and remember you aren’t the dickhead in this situation (hopefully, and if you are the dickhead, stop being a dickhead).

Having said all that my beautiful business cards are on their way.  I got them from Zazzle, and really hope they turned out well, they should arrive early next week.  (Another item checked off my list,…remember the post from a few days ago?) I ended up using one of their many templates, the one with a Vargas girl on the front.  Love me a Vargas Gal.  Alberto Vargas was just brilliant.

Boobs^ if it offends just keep scrolling…

This is the picture I’ve picked to put on my business cards. So pretty!

Have a great day! xx

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