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Happy Birthday.

I made a wedding cake topper yesterday and had a few flowers left over and a few little bits of card as well.  Most of my off cuts go to the local Kindy but I really loved these colours together, so the local Kindy missed out this time around 😦 I was so happy with… Continue reading Happy Birthday.

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Happy Birthday E

Happy 79th Birthday. If you haven't been to this blog before and you are here because you like the Elvis photo, you might be interested in some previous posts.  Elvis month, August, I watched and reviewed all the movies and concerts, just for something to do.  Click here to view the first one.

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Happy Birthday Cupcake!

Happy Birthday, that is, if it happens to be your birthday, and if not, then you should probably follow my blog and refer back here when it is your birthday ❤  If it is your birthday; what did you get for your birthday?  Did you get pressies and cake? I really think that we should… Continue reading Happy Birthday Cupcake!