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Happy Birthday Cupcake!

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Happy Birthday, that is, if it happens to be your birthday, and if not, then you should probably follow my blog and refer back here when it is your birthday ❤  If it is your birthday; what did you get for your birthday?  Did you get pressies and cake? I really think that we should take a page out of Alice in Wonderland…not literally, cause that would be bad…but maybe we should start celebrating our unbirthdays, that sounds like heaps more fun.  Maybe when we wake up every morning we should look in the mirror and smile to ourselves and say “well, Happy Unbirthday to me” and start celebrating each and every day.  Not really realistic because we all have crap to deal with but maybe having your unbirthday almost everyday of the year will make it a better year.  A better year for you and a better year for those who know you as well.  Maybe we should omit the cake everyday though, cause we all know that cake is not an everyday food.

Oh and by the way, the Happy (Un)Birthday cupcake will be available in the Etsy shop in a week or two, the print won’t have the black frame and professionally photographed and printed.

Hit like if you like, cause I am a little needy at times…just a little bit, lets face it, everyone likes to be liked…right?

With Love ♥Ruby xxxx

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Cupcake!”

  1. Whaahaha you are absolutely right!! Carpe Diem (seize the day) ! Yes lets celebrate our unbirthdays! You are so smart! Now bring on the cupcakes! This one looks delicious! 😉 xxx m

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