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One for the road.

Merry Christmas! A little early? Okay one last post.  Print of my illustration.  At my new Etsy Store    <-------Hit it, you know you want to. Night Night zzzzzzz been a long day Ruby xx

Art, Illustrations

9 Hours Till Launch…

So after many months of work, my Etsy store is almost ready to roll!!  I'm really excited to start this journey.  I'm also really excited to get back to creating and designing as I've devoted so much time to getting this up and going. 10 Things I Have Discovered In The Last Few Months: Good things… Continue reading 9 Hours Till Launch…


Ruby Canoe’s Ruby Canoe

Well here it is, the new banner! Yay, I really enjoyed this one, but I think I am going to have today off.  I have the lounge in my sights and a hot coffee and a Star Trek The Next Generation marathon (my sister just rolled her eyes). Have a great Wednesday. ❤ Ruby