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9 Hours Till Launch…

So after many months of work, my Etsy store is almost ready to roll!!  I’m really excited to start this journey.  I’m also really excited to get back to creating and designing as I’ve devoted so much time to getting this up and going.

10 Things I Have Discovered In The Last Few Months:

  1. Good things take time (so do mediocre things, I suppose, but that is not the point).
  2. Crappy things take up more time.
  3. I have reached that age where I have to ask my kids for help with technology.
  4. My kids don’t mind helping me with Photoshop, but they do judge me when I ask how to use a USB stick (well I have never needed to use one before, seriously, never, what would I need a USB stick for?).
  5. Cats don’t care if I have spent 3 hours working on something on Photoshop, they still like to sleep on the keyboard.
  6. Cats eat my lunch if I don’t pay attention, especially if I am having tuna.
  7. Cats are funny after they have eaten some of my lunch, especially if I am attempting to eat sweet chilli tuna.
  8. It doesn’t matter how many channels I get, there is still nothing to watch.
  9. You meet some really nice people on Word Press, Facebook and Etsy.
  10. I have discovered that I can use my lap top, listen to YouTube and watch Medium and still expect to be in control of the remote.

^Zulu, my “baby”^

So 9 hours till Etsy launch, come on over and have a look (we all like stats) hit like or favourite on Etsy and please let me know how it looks (we all like encouragement).  It is listed as Ruby Canoe Design (Ruby Canoe Illustrations didn’t fit) and I will post a link after the shop has opened.

Thanks for visiting!

Ruby Canoe



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